Faizan Aslam Soofi: A Rising Star in Pakistan’s World of Literature

Faizan is currently a student of 7th grade at Aitchison College, Lahore and at the age of eight he started writing short stories and poems, some of which have been printed in the Dawn. This eventually led to his first novella Howl, which was published last year by Book Home Publishers. He got a positive feedback which became the impetus to write a novel Instrumental Queens. This was launched recently at a ceremony in Islamabad attended by numerous renowned personalities as well as many students and teachers.

This book is the first of five successive books that make up Faizan’s Quotos Instruments, a series set in an imaginary world. The second part Instrumental Kings will be published next year. He is a great fan of Harry Potter; Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson etc. which thereby are his source of inspiration.

He is also exploring different genres of writing, one of which is plays and has already written a few.