What’s the Future of Online Grocery Shopping

In the course of recent decades, there is more prominent change in the realm of retail which has changed the way the items are being sold and purchased. When it comes to E-commerce there’s no denying power of internet. Aside from electronic and different items there’s one noteworthy item that still lives in the physical world i.e. shopping for food. Modest bunch of endeavors are being made in Pakistan to digitize grocery shopping and transform its identity to digital grocery shopping.

QnE- a dream of a young entrepreneur Osama Qassim is all set on the pavement to success. Osama Qassim, CEO and founder of QnE online grocery store has made a tremendous attempt to revolutionize the paradigms and trends of grocery shopping ranging from long queues, crashing trolleys to an online grocery portal where grocery items are just one click away.

An event commemorated  the founding of exhilarating online grocery portal service by QnE. The highlights of the event includes briefing regarding the mission of the business venture which aims to innovate the e-commerce business and taking grocery shopping a notch above in Pakistan. At the launch event, CEO Osama Qasim shared his story of strong will, dedication and perseverance and how QnE intends to offer a sustainable and innovative solution in order to make the lives of consumer’s easy.

Hosted by Premier Group, the launch was held at Pearl Continental Karachi on October 3rd , 2015 at 15:00 hour. The event was graced with the presence of CEO of Premier Group, CEO of QnE and some valuable guest speakers.

The event formally began with the keynote speech by CEO of Premier group, Mr. Ebrahim Qassim.


Chairman Premier Group, Mr. Ebrahim Qassim honored to receive memento by Chairman National Foods. CEO QnE, Osama Qassim is also seen in the picture.

It was then followed by a terse introductory session by Mr. Qassim – the man behind this idea start-up where he discussed what is QnE? And what it aims to provide to its end users. In a short discussion with various media partners, bloggers and journalist he explained the current scenario of grocery shopping status, existing problems and how QnE offers solutions. Mr. Qassim discussed the goal of QnE startup in the expansion of e-commerce industry thus, reinventing online grocery business in Pakistan.

CEO QnE Osama Qassim discussing future prospects of QnE.


The launch event also had address from the honorable guest speakers of the food industry where they appreciated this entrepreneurial start-up which is going to revolutionize the food industry. The guest speakers in their address highlighted the promising prospects of the online portal for grocery shopping.

Abrar Hassan, CEO of the leading National Foods limited discussed his views at the launch event of QnE. His discussion revolved around the idea ‘Changing consumption habits and rise of digital media’. Throughout his discussion, he focused on various aspects of the industry which have undergone industrial revolution. He explained that selling products and services using technological tools is the best advancement to cope effectively with hectic and busy lifestyle. As stated by him, this innovative service is a great solution for many to avoid tedious and tiresome task of shopping grocery items.


CEO National Foods, Mr. Abrar Hasan honored to receive memento by Chairman National Foods. CEO QnE, Mr. Osama Qassim is also seen in the picture.

On the other hand, Dr Zeelaf, CEO and MD of English Biscuit Manufacturer also appreciated the innovative start-up of online grocery store. She supported the initiative by stating that this is an era of digital revolution, which has made our life easier by simplifying solutions. The future prospects of such products and services undertaken via technology is bright.

MD English Biscuits Manufacturing, Dr. Zeelaf honored to receive memento by Chairman National Foods. CEO QnE, Mr. Osama Qassim is also seen in the picture.


This new and easy shopping experience is an innovative solution for all those who are occupied in their busy hectic schedules. QnE is ready to accept all the challenges to bring an entire grocery store to an online market place. Make online grocery shopping easy with QnE.com.pk

Note: The article has been originally written by Iqra Pervaiz.