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The Pakistan Tech Summit, being held in Istanbul, Turkey, is going to be interesting with an amazing lineup of entrepreneurs joining in. 

It will be held on the 25th and 26th of October and is organized by EJAD Labs. The summit targets mentors, inventors, investors, and startups. They will showcase disruptive technologies and ideas from more than a hundred entrepreneurs, technology experts, and leaders. 

The summit aims to bridge collaboration between the Turkish and Pakistani technological ecosystems. EJAD Labs encourages women and people from all ethnicities, races, religions, gender, ages, and sexual orientation to participate, as they are offering a diversity scholarship of up to 50%.

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The event has been previously held in Silicon Valley, USA, and Oslo, Norway. This is an invite-only event, 

and tickets could be requested at:


The first of the successful summits by EJAD Labs was the annual Pakistan tech summit in Oslo – Silicon Valley. The summit took place on February 14, 2020. The major sponsors of the summit included The Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of IT and telecommunications, the National IT Board, and the Pakistan Software Export Board. 

This summit aimed to showcase Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs. Including EJAD Labs, the summit collaborated with NUSTIAN, Momentum Tech, and Pakistani Women in Computing. 

The delegation sent to Silicon Valley to represent Pakistan was a group of prestigious government and private sector leaders and entrepreneurs.

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At the end of the night, the CEO of Ejad Labs, Arzish Azam, stated: Pakistanis have reached tremendous success in their tech. Being based inside or outside of Pakistan does not matter, and acknowledged their potential, concepts, and technology. 

EJAD Labs’ chief goal is to build the future of Pakistan.