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Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is planning to launch the most advanced cellular network technology- 5G in 2022-23. It will accelerate download speeds to a whopping speed of 10 times higher than the current technology.

Pakistan has already prepared a detailed roadmap for the 5G technology readiness in the country. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority mentioned in its annual report, 2020 that they will be aiming at auctioning 5G services in the fiscal year 2023.

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The government has planned to increase IT exports to 5 billion in its tenure. The country is already progressing at a rapid pace in the fields of information technology and Artificial Intelligence. China has proven to be a helping hand with its ambitious PKR 92 billion cross-border fiber optic project under CPEC.

The pandemic has proven to be a blessing in disguise as the crisis has spurred the stakeholders and regulators to invest and improve the digital infrastructure.

The speed provided will be 10 times higher compared to the current 100 megabits/second on 4G technology.

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China’s smartphone company Realme confirmed the local assemblage of its smartphone in Pakistan after which the advanced 5G technology will be provided at an affordable price.

Syed Aminul Haque said that the government is working tirelessly to make sure to provide the technology to the consumers by the end of the year 2022. Haque made a video test call using 5G to China and said it was truly a wonderful experience. The voice was loud and clear and the video quality was exceptional, he added.