The number of unemployed people in Pakistan is considered to be one of the highest in the region as well as in the world. The unemployment rate is said to be in excess of five [5] percent. This of course has a direct relation with the number of people in the country looking for jobs.

Jobs in Pakistan is therefore such a hot topic of discussion that it stays young and fresh year round, each year! There is never a time that people are not looking for jobs in Pakistan and so that sums it up in one phrase.

Choice of Multi-National Companies vs Government Sector Jobs in Pakistan

As of today in Pakistan, there is a strong trend of people looking to work for Multi-National Companies [MNCs]. This is courtesy of the understanding amongst the masses that jobs in MNCs are highly paid relative to government jobs.

Relatively Less Chances Of Favoritism

In addition, it is perceived that there is less chance of favors as merit has a very strong say in the selection criteria. There are problems in every sector but relatively speaking, the application process for jobs in MNCs is much more transparent than government jobs, that’s true.

Active Career Growth

To add to this is the fact that MNCs offer a career growth that can help any individual be able to create an impressive portfolio for his skills and experiences. This is in stark contrast with government jobs in which promotions of many individuals are delayed for years, all because of the ineptness of the bureaucracy and the politics surrounding the fate of crucial government designations.

Remuneration and Work Environment

Higher remuneration and excellent working environment are additional factors that encourage people to apply for jobs in MNCs instead of looking elsewhere for good job opportunities.

Government jobs can never have as high a compensation or as good a working environment as jobs in MNCs do.

This is all the more reason for people looking for jobs in Pakistan to prefer to opt for MNCs instead of government jobs that do not offer them value for their hard work and efforts.

Therefore, in lieu of these and many other reasons, job seekers in Pakistan are more interested in seeking to work for MNCs.

The work style in MNCs is also better than the decade old work style of government officers, marred by red-tape left, right and center!

The Dreadful State Of Jobs in the Government Sector

A core issue that corrupts the Pakistani society is the undue favors that are granted to certain important individuals looking for jobs in Pakistan. This is done to help them succeed in their application for a government job vacancy through illegal means such as by bypassing the merit.

Sifarish Culture

References and sifarish have a big say when it comes to successfully landing a government job after having applied for it. People with a “strong sifarish” can get a job while many of those with merit alone are sidelined, a common yet detestable practice in the Pakistani society.

Auctioning Government Jobs

Shockingly, the new trend of awarding government jobs is that those in a position of power and authority “auction” the government jobs under their control to interested individuals.

For all those who approach these elected individuals to seek humanely help for acquiring jobs considering their position and authority, they are informed of the asking price for the designation. If they agree to pay the said amount, they are given the job in the particular government department and position desired.

This is the sorry state of affairs in the country that government jobs are sold like scapegoats to the highest bidder, in violation of all laws of the country and norms of ethics and morality set by Islam, the religion practiced by the majority of the people in Pakistan.

Hiring the Ineligible to Take Care of the Society

This is as stunning as can be because handing government jobs to the ineligible people for vested financial interests is one of the worst kind of corruption. Not only is a violation of the rights of those who come up to the merit but also a risk for the society.

This is because ineligible people are given the reins to managing the different affairs of a society. Resultantly, they can wreak havoc on what has already been accomplished by the people instead of taking them forward by improving on their current state of affairs. Nothing could be more unfair than entrusting the affairs of a country to those who lack the abilities to manage them appropriately.

Loss of Trust In Government Jobs

This is one reason why a large number of people have lost their trust in government sector jobs in Pakistan.  They have come to the conclusion that they would be unable to get a deserving post without paying a hefty sum of money as bribe to the officials concerned.

Many of them therefore choose not to apply for government jobs in the first place but instead to go for jobs advertised by MNCs.

References of the “Well-Connected”

References of the well-connected people is another very strong means of acquiring jobs in Pakistan. All those people who are already working can easily refer their siblings or friends to a job vacancy with a  high chance of them being selected. This is because references have a strong say in Pakistan in many sectors and companies.

Many people can therefore make good use of their acquaintances and get their near and dear ones hired on the job. For them, it is not much of a problem getting someone hired for a position of choice.

Many companies themselves ask for references from individuals at the time of them applying for jobs in Pakistan.

Advertisements in English and Urdu Daily Newspapers

Both the newspapers and their viewers benefit from the long listings of jobs published in Pakistani daily papers.

On their part, the English and Urdu daily newspapers earn a high amount of revenue as they charge each company a good sum of money for its job related advert to be printed in the daily.

From the readers’ perspective, they get to have a high number of job ads to view and apply to so that their chances of being successful are increased.

Also, for every company, a high number of views is what it gets for its job advert and therefore good value for money is what it realizes.

Therefore, it is a win-win situation for all the interested parties.

Daily DAWN Sunday Advertiser

DAWN Sunday Advertiser is a very popular place to look for jobs in Pakistan since it has a whole lot of advertisements for jobs published in it.

There is a whole list of job advertisements from reputed companies in the Sunday advertiser and that is why it creates interest and attention for all job seekers in Pakistan.

The DAWN Sunday Advertiser is known for posting ads for various MNCs, local companies, as well as vacant senior government positions in Pakistan.

If any of them are on the lookout for talented candidates, then you can be sure that their advert will make its presence in DAWN Advertiser. This might be because Daily DAWN is considered to be the premier English Language Daily in Pakistan. Therefore, the best companies like to advertise their ads for jobs in Pakistan in it so as to appeal to the educated and aware job seekers in the country.

The Popular Jobs Section in Daily Khabrain

Daily Khabrain is one of the leading Urdu language daily of Pakistan and it has a separate section for jobs in it. This section on jobs in Pakistan in Daily Khabrain is the subject of attention of a large number of people who are used to reading Urdu newspapers, particularly daily Khabrain.

There is a huge section for jobs in Daily Khabrain and it is resultantly very popular with job seekers for whom it is routine to check up with the jobs advertised in this section.

It is pretty definite that if you ask any person who reads Urdu newspapers regularly, about the best urdu-language daily to search for jobs, he would suggest the jobs section in Khabrain.

The newspaper obviously has a huge network which it uses to the benefit of the segment of its readership that is interested in looking for jobs in Pakistan. The huge number of jobs listed in the Urdu-language daily suggests that many companies are consistently in touch with Khabrain as they find the Khabrian platform idea for posting their advert and ensuring that it would be read by a large segment of the society.

It surely has to do with the high following that Khabrain commands in the social strata of Pakistan that many people looking for jobs in Pakistan make sure that they have not missed out the jobs section in Khabrain as part of their search exercise.

Daily Nawaiwaqt

Daily Nawaiwaqt is another popular Urdu-Language Daily circulating in Pakistan. Nawaiwaqt has a good following amongst the masses as well and is therefore read by many people in the country.

The daily has different sections in it including the section on jobs. Therefore, all people looking for jobs in Pakistan can also get suggestions for applying to jobs from the job advertisements published in Daily Nawaiwaqt.

The advertisements for most of the job postings are short and brief as they describe the job position succinctly and give details for contacting the employer for applying to the job.

Daily Express

Daily Express is an Urdu-Language newspaper in Pakistan which is quite popular. Daily Express lists jobs for interested individuals in its classified section. This section mostly has jobs listed for basic levels, so all those people interested in opting a job of this category can make very good use of these job ads that are printed in Daily Express.

However, there are adverts for other positions as well so that can also be helpful for individuals searching for jobs in Pakistan.

Online Job Portals for Jobs in Pakistan

In recent years, the advent of searching for jobs online over the World Wide Web has increased manifold. There are now a large number of Pakistani websites showcasing their job listings to those searching for jobs in Pakistan. They do so on a daily basis as jobs are sent to the subscribers via email every day, titled Today’s Jobs.

The job sites display job ads from many employers including the most prominent brands operating in the market on. Also, these jobs sites proudly display the brand names of all the popular companies on their websites so as to communicate to potential users the kind of jobs they can expect in their Daily Jobs List from them.

The process for making good use of these job sites is that all those interested individuals looking for jobs in Pakistan have to sign up for it. Signing up is absolutely free of charge and a unique username and password is assigned to every individual, just as in the case of signing-up for an email account.

Creating a Digital Resume

Once the registration process is complete, the next step in the process is for the individual to create his digital Resume. This means adding all his education and job experience as well as information about social service or other certificates of merit over his profile on the jobs site.

This is so that whenever any person applies for a job advertised by any company, his self-created Digital Resume can be sent to that company for review. Therefore, the Resume has to be exhaustive in terms of all the relevant information required for application to jobs.

In addition, after signing up, the individual starts receiving emails of Daily Jobs in his inbox. He is then free to review them and apply to whichever of the jobs he is interested in.

Easy To Apply Through

One big advantage of these job sites is that it is very easy to apply for the jobs as compared to applying for jobs advertised in newspapers for instance. All it takes is a few clicks before the application for any particular job is submitted to the company.

Unlimited Job Application Quota

In addition to that, there is no limit to the number of job applications an individual can make use of in a day or a week or a month’s time. There is no such thing as a job quota and so as many applications as desired can be applied for by job seekers.

The following is a list of some of the most prominent online job sites, offering job suggestions to individuals searching for jobs in Pakistan:

HR Recruitment Agencies

Then there are the various HR recruitment agencies working in Pakistan, particularly in the major cities of the country. These recruitment agencies are in touch with different companies and suggest jobs to applicants who reach out at their offices.

However, they charge an admission fee to all those interested in making use of their inside contacts with companies. Based on the skills and experiences of each and every candidate, they forward their Resumes to the company. Given that the subject candidates land their jobs successfully, they have to pay them a chunk of money from their first paycheck. This is in addition to the registration fee they may have to pay.

Applying to recruitment agencies is not very difficult either as the process is all but simple. A form with admission fee is what is required for submission and then the applicants have to wait for the interview call from the company, as simple as that.

Freelancing – Making Excellent Use of the World Wide Web

Freelancing is the newest and most interesting of all means to landing jobs in Pakistan. This is still a developing but much sought after field because of the independence that it comes with. Freelancing allows individuals seeking jobs in Pakistan to be able to work from home for multiple contractors at the same time.

This means that Freelancers can chalk up their own routine of the hours in which they would like to work whether during the day or at night. They are their own boss because they’re self-employed and so they can decide everything regarding their work routine all by themselves! They are not answerable to anyone and they do not have to abide by any strict company laws. This is a major reason why freelancing has mushroomed into a huge industry in Pakistan.

Plus it is very cost-effective because all that is required by job seeking individuals to able to start their career as Freelancers is a PC and an Internet connection, that’s it!

All this is why Pakistan ranks in the top 10 countries with the highest number of Freelance workers worldwide.

Freelancing can either be done on popular freelancing websites where workload can be taken up from contractors based in any part of the world. There are many such websites where users can register for free and start applying to jobs after creating their profiles online. The following is a list of some of the most sought after freelancing websites:

Freelancing has provided an opportunity to thousands of workers in Pakistan to display their skills and earn a good stream of income through it. It has allowed them to escape the never-ending problem of unemployment and unfair selection in jobs.

Pakistani freelancers can simply sit in the comfort of their homes or offices and keep earning from the skills they sell to contractors online.

In addition to that, Freelancing is a huge industry because the whole world is the market! It is not limited to any country or region. Any person from anywhere in the world can be a potential contractor who can pay Pakistani Freelancers for their work through these Freelancing websites. This means that there are huge opportunities for beginners who can expect to land a job soon if they are consistent and patient in their efforts.

This is against the concept of “saturation” that takes place in an industry in any country after a few years. Since online opportunities in the entire world are available for hire to any talented individual including Pakistanis, therefore there is a very high chance of them getting hired and getting paid. No wonder Pakistanis are amongst the top contributors to this industry as many of them realize its potential and are on it already!

From Buying and Selling Used Items to Winning Jobs Online

OLX is a unique marketplace which is increasingly becoming a household name in Pakistan wherever there is internet access.

After the skyrocketing success of OLX in selling used products which made it so popular, another innovative use of this platform is for advertisement of jobs in Pakistan. Yes! This is another very useful way to profit from OLX as it allows for employers and contractors to come in contact with each other instantly.

This happens because of the practice of displaying contact numbers in addition to emails for selling products, is replicated for purposes of jobs as well. So anyone can search for a job in his city and instantly call up the advertiser to show his willingness to work.

The terms of the contract can be agreed upon on call and work commenced in the shortest possible amount of time.

Most of the jobs advertised on OLX however relate to working online instead of working on-site but other kinds of jobs are advertised as well.

In addition, many of these jobs are helpful for those seeking a stream of income as soon as possible even if it is moderate in nature.

Data entry jobs are therefore one of the most advertised jobs on OLX as these kinds of jobs can be started almost right-away. Also, these jobs are very simple and therefore do not require a lot of explanation or discussion between the prospective employers and employees. Taking the Lead From OLX is another portal which is similar to OLX where new and used items are sold online over the internet. has probably taken the lead from OLX and has therefore also initiated the trend of allowing employers to post adverts for jobs on its website.

This is in lieu of the huge demand for job advertisements by the public in Pakistan that the website has decided to use its platform for head hunters and job hunters as well.

Social Media Hiring In Pakistan

One more means for the advertisement of jobs in Pakistan, albeit developing, is social media. Probably the major reason why social media has started becoming a hub for job hunters is the fact that recruiters have a good understanding of the time people spend socializing online. Since they do, then what better place to get the message across for vacancies other than the one place where so many people are all together?

Social Media is therefore definitely an excellent platform for marketing jobs to a large number of people.

This becomes especially more useful if jobs are posted in certain category in a group that has a lot of active members looking for jobs in a certain niche.


There are many such pages that are running on platforms such as Facebook which inform people about jobs in Pakistan. These pages, operated by different individuals or groups based in different parts of Pakistan display the latest jobs as and when they become available.

Many of these job openings maybe informal as they may not be advertised in the mainstream media. These jobs may only be posted formally on these social media pages so as to attract people to apply to them.

There are a number of such groups and pages that keep their followers up-to-date about the latest jobs in Pakistan. This is so that they can apply to them right-away and have a high chance of being selected for them.

More and more people are gradually invited to add to the page or group and then they start posting jobs on their own. This way the number of jobs posted in these pages increases and so does the probability of job seekers winning jobs in Pakistan through social media.


Linkedin is a social media platform which is dedicated to Professionals and so there is reason to believe that it can be helpful for people looking for jobs in Pakistan.

Linkedin brings together professionals who are working in different fields of work so they can take benefit from each other’s experience. Every user is required to create a profile of his own to display his work skills and experience to others in his contacts. This also allows for people to easily add other professionals in their group and take benefit of them.

For instance, people can add HR recruiters on Linkedin who are active there. Resultantly, they can convey to them their desire for landing a job and potentially get hired after going through the formal process of selection.

Individuals looking for jobs in Pakistan can therefore kick-start their efforts on Linkedin and expect to get hired with some effort by contacting head hunters who are already looking for talented individuals for hire. They can even search the right contacts in Linkedin directory and get to connect with them by sending them an invitation to add them to their network.

Once they accept, a private conversation can be started with the potential recruiters by sending them a message. This way, there is a huge chance that people looking for jobs in P Cakistan would be able to successfully land a job for their financial benefit!

Overtime, the frequency of people getting hired through social media platforms, particularly Facebook, is increasing as more and more people look for jobs on social media. This rate is expected to increase in the future as more and more people realize the benefit of applying for jobs over this platform.

A Word of Caution about Working Online

There is a word of caution for all those people based in Pakistan who are interested in working online courtesy of the World Wide Web. This is because there are many companies that are actually a scam and not real companies.

There have been many instances in which people have lost their money to online scammers instead of getting a proper job to work on.

How these scammers work is by advertising their company and its jobs offers aggressively online. In the attractive advertisements, they give detailed information to applicants searching for jobs in Pakistan about how they can earn hundreds of dollars in a single day by working online. They would even showcase the names of popular brands such as CNN, CNBC and other popular companies over their website.

Not only that but they would try their very best to convince customers by showing them proofs of payments received by others before them. This would be in the form of pictures of fake checks that show payments in the hundreds and thousands of dollars received by those people against the work done for the company.

Asking for Credit Card Details, Why?

The next thing they would do is ask people to sign up for the company. This might seem very innocuous but in-between the registration process, they would either ask for the individuals’ credit card details to them. This is while they would claim that money would not be charged to the card until it is approved by the user or something like that.

Demanding Registration Fee for a Job

Alternatively, they might ask interested individuals to submit a certain amount of money as “registration fee” for the job. This is also a sign that the company is a scam so applicants must be aware of this.

This is because there is no reason whatsoever why any employer should ask for a “fee” from potential applicants looking for jobs in Pakistan. What is the rationale for asking for money before a job is awarded? None at all! Therefore, all applicants must make sure that they do not fall for the trap and back-off from the company as soon as they get to know that the company is asking for a sum of money beforehand.

All such companies are scammers which might may pay the applicants initially but they go unresponsive sooner or later because they are simply not doing legitimate business. Therefore, it is never a wise idea to start working for a company that asks for cash at the time of application.

Remember that it is only wise and sensible to work only for companies or websites that offer free registration and therefore do not ask for any kind of payments from individuals during the entire registration process. It is NOT the responsibility of people looking for hire to pay such companies but instead, such money should be demanded from employers looking to hire people for a job, which is legitimate and fair.