With the state of the economy reaching disastrous levels two companies from different countries, ABHI and Unveel partnership can provide relief to employees. A tech firm by the name of ABHI from Pakistan and an advanced widget development API-based software agency, Unveel, have offered their assistance to ride-hailing and delivery drivers in UAE and Pakistan.

It’s a good sign for those employees who were once dependent on poorly managed salary cycles. 

ABHI and Unveel Partnershipabhi and unveel partnership, earned wage services, EWA

The tech-based firms have reassured employees that they’ll be providing a new means of financial service. It will allow them to access their wages. It will also provide them with actual cash at the moment of interaction. Instead of waiting on monthly cycles, this service provides a greater degree of control over both the financial and productive lives of workers. It aims to reduce both stress levels caused by overtime and ensure equal and honest earnings. 

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Workers are the Only Reason We Have What We Have

The vision of Unveel is that when someone earns even a small amount of monetary significance. They should be provided a means of access to it at the moment of achievement. Similarly, ABHI’s vision is that hard-working employees shouldn’t ever have to be scared, embarrassed, or downright ridiculed for demanding the fruits of their labor. Because they work day and night to ensure that they receive the essentials for survival.

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What is Earned Wage Access?

Undeniably, the earn wage access product is a revolutionary finance assistant. It provides workers with the means to manage, store, and cash in and out their daily wages. The process involves workers entering their information and it’ll keeps track of all their daily tasks. The data will be uploaded via a cloud service to the manager’s hub where each employee will be highlighted for his/her efforts. After the completion of daily tasks, the workers will receive a form of credits after their time chart. Workers can save these credits or use them just like real currency. This new marvel will provide an end to long overdue payment cycles and overtime stressful work environments.