Abiha Haider to Represent Pakistan in Russia Young Leaders Conference

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Abiha Haider is a young Pakistani woman who has been. selected to represent her country at the Russia Young Leaders Conference. Moreover this year’s conference will be. held in Sochi from October 14-19, and it is. expected to bring together over 200 participants from around the world.

Abiha Haider

Abiha Haider, Russia Young Leaders Conference, Pakistan

Consequently this is a huge accomplishment for Abiha and for Pakistan. Similarly she will be one of the youngest. delegates attending the conference and will be able to share her experiences. and insights with some of the world’s most influential leaders.

Abiha Haider

Pakistan’s Abiha Haider will represent. her country at the Russia Young Leaders Conference which is. scheduled to take place in Moscow from 9-12th of October. Furthermore, the conference, which is. organized by the Russian Presidential Administration, will bring together more than 350 young. leaders from around the world. Consequently Abiha is optimistic about the conference. and hopes to gain new insights and contacts that she can use when she begins her professional career.
Abiha Haider is a Pakistani-American journalist and author who has spent her. career covering terrorism and national security issues. Moreover she has written for outlets including The New York Times, Newsweek. Foreign Policy, and The Atlantic. Besides to her journalistic work, She has also.written two books about terrorism: The Enemy Within: An Insider’s. Account of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda’s Women Fighters.
Abiha is a recent graduate of the University of Utah. with a degree in business administration. She has worked in the finance and accounting fields for several years, and. is now looking to expand her horizons and become a business owner. Also she has a strong background in accounting and finance, which. give her a unique perspective on the running of a business. She is also experienced in marketing and customer service, which. she believes will be important skills for any successful business owner.
Abiha has authored two more books, one.on natural childbirth and another on postpartum depression.

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