Precise Introduction of Adnan Sami Khan

Adnan Sami is said to be a Canadian musician, actor, pianist, composer and singer of Indian and Pakistani origin. He has brilliant command on western and Indian semi classical or classical music, rock, jazz, fusion and pop. Khan’s birthplace is London in year 1969. He is the son of Arshad Sami Khan and Naureen Khan. The singer got education in United Kingdom and was brought up in aristocrat family. Sami studied in Rugby School situated in West Midlands, Rugby, UK. He opted to do his graduation in political science and journalism from London University. Sami earned a bachelor Degree along with L.L.B degree from esteemed Kings College located in London.

Sami’s Musical Education

Adnan started playing piano when he was only five and the first music piece that he played was at age of nine. Commendably, he learnt over thirty-five musical instruments. Sami took classed from the great Pandit Shivkumar Sharma during school vacations. The legendary Asha Bhosle recognized the wondrous talent in ten-year old Khan at R D Burman concert which was held in London. She strongly encouraged Khan to take music as his career. In his teens, while performing as a pianist in Stockholm at TV program, he grabbed attention of Keyboard Magazine who described him as the fastest person to play keyboard piano in the entire world.

Career of the Awe Inspiring Musician

In 1986, Adnan’s first release took place accompanied with English hit smash which stood first in first week on music charts. His voice was recorded for the song that he wrote for UNICEF and United Nations named “Run for his life.” That followed three more called “Hot summer Day”, “you’re my best kept secret” and “talk to me.” Khan’s first album was Indian classical on piano along with Zakir Hussain (table maestro) called “the one & only.” the first solo vocal album that he had been in 1991 titled as “Raag Time.” the song “Teri Yaad” gained an outstanding response in Pakistan. For the first time ever, Adnan composed music in 1994 for some film. Sargam, Pakistani film released in 1995, owned Adnan as the antagonist. Asha Bhosle, in 2000, teamed up with Khan for releasing a series of romantic love song namely Kabhi to Nazar Milao. Adnan was the composer of its music. According to the business week magazine, their album had sold about four million copies only in India.

Adnan’s Sprightly Appreciable Musical Journey

In no time, Sami turned out to be a sensation. Boney Kapoor (Hindi filmmaker), noticing his peculiar quality, invited him to compose music and songs for his movie. This can be taken as the start for his singing and composing in Indian films and topmost producers such as Subhash Ghai and Yash Chopra also had the same demands. Adnan Sami had the opportunity to give solo royal performance to royalties like King Hussein belonging to Jordon and King of Sweden. He also had the privilege to perform before head of government and state for instance President of UAE, PM of India, PM of Pakistan, PM of Kyrgyzstan, PM of Khazakhstan, and PM of Sweden. Sami wrote a song particularly to boast up Indian Cricket Team in 2003 during World Cup. In year 2011, Adnan was proudly made the judge on a singing show called “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’ll Champs” that immensely became famous all around the globe.

Personal Life of the Melodious Adnan Sami

Sami’s first marriage was with the heroine Zeba Bakhriar. They got married in 1993 and had one son named Azaan Sami Khan. After three years, the couple signed up for a divorce. Sami then married to Sabah Galadari in 2001. Their relationship also couldn’t work and a year later they got separation. Media once reported that Sabah preferred leaving him just because he was voluminous. Khan developed abscess in his knee and severely struggled with lymphoedema in 2005. He was admitted in the intensive care, went through a very risky operation and had to bed rest completely for at least three months in London at Cromwell Hospital. In 2006, Sami weighed 230 kgs and Adnan told once that he had only six months of survival. By will power, exercise and diet, Khan lost 145 kg in around 16 months. Khan suffered from the deepest setback of life at the time when his father died due to pancreatic cancer in 2009. The admirable singer’s father was extremely influential and supportive as he helped him in shaping as a good musician. In 2010, Adnan married an Afghani German girl named Roya Faryabi. Roya tells that she has always been into Sami and they were made for each other.

Accolades of the Honorable Musician

Khan won various international awards that included the Bolan Academy Award, Nigar Award and Graduate Award. He was exceptionally awarded by the UNICEF for writing and dedicating a song to famine hit Ethiopia and also earned a Peace Medal for writing and performing for Africa. MTV rewarded him as the breakthrough Artist of the year in 2001. In 2007, Adnan was honored to have a very unique Award from House of Commons (U.K. parliament) for outstandingly contributing to the sub continental music. He was blessed with a Naushad Music Award in Hyderabad in 2008. At UK Asian Music Awards, he won the best international act in 2008. Adnan was bestowed with Brand Laureate International Brand Personality reward by Dr KK Johan (President of Brand Laureate) in Malaysia. In 2015, he recently made a tour to North America where he was gifted with the status of being first Asian that became the Honorary Deputy Sheriff of Texas.