Pakistan is the land of life. People of Pakistan have active lifestyles and outgoing personalities. Life in every country can get boring due to repetitive schedules. But in Pakistan, the fun is never-ending. The travel and tourism of Pakistan are popular worldwide. We have destinations for all tastes. The country offers sites for photographers, foodies, art enthusiasts, and travelers. Hence, eliminating the chances of boredom and finding exciting activities in Pakistan to try out!

Activities in Pakistan to Cope With Boredom

Here are some new activities in Pakistan to explore when you’re bored;

Chai Wala, KarachiChai wala, Karachi

Chai wala is a hangout sport in Karachi, located in phase 6 of Defense Housing Authority. This destination is a favorite of young adults but families visit there as well. If you want to go out with your friends for a bit and grab chai, this is the place.

This place’s decoration has amazing Pakistani bus painting. It has the polite waiters and expert chefs. The place doesn’t only offer chai. They have iced tea, bun kebabs, fries, dips and most famous of all their flavored paratha. People come for their gourmet paratha which get served hot and contain seasonings.

Scream, Karachi

Scream , Karachi

Scream karachi is famous for their Nitrogen ice cream and their boba tea. Their franchies are all over Karachi in Malir Cantt, DHA and Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Their pleasant quaint stores make it feel homey and comfortable. It is a great place for a quick after dinner or breakfast visit with family or friends. The environment is kid friendly and so is their food.

They offer exciting activities in Pakistan through their flavourful snacks. Their famous boba is available in two kinds; tapioca and fruit flavoured popping (boba sized balls that pop in your mouth). Their boba is either water or milk based; along with boba they also have ice cream, waffles, cakes, shakes and wings!

Kohsar Market, Islamabad

Kohsar Market, Islamabad

Kohsar market is a semi-fancy food street located in the F-6 sector in Islamabad. Despite its gruesome history, the place has visitors of all ages; kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly. It had great food and an amazing ambiance. It has 4.5 out of 5 starts on google and visitors have many nice things to say about it.

Zeeshan Ahmed, a local tour guide, states it as being a well maintained and well planned commercial market. Though there are many cheap restaurants as well, the place is for the elites.

The restaurants available in the area include, Nom Nom Wok, Tuscany Courtyard, Table Talk, Street Burger, Mocca Cafe and more!

Boat basin, Karachi

Boat basin, Pakistan

Boat basin is a delicious food street located in Clifton block 6. It is open 24 hours, so if you and your people ever have a craving at 3am, this is where you want to go. The ambiance is very energetic and active, with the chefs working day and night to produce the most tasteful and amazing meals for you.

Their food is eastern but some of their meals such as filled paratha incorporate a bit of every culture. This food street has all sorts of dining; takhat, chairs, outdoor, indoor, in car and more. It is open for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Their restaurants include some of the most famous names in Karachi:

Dolmen Mall, Karachi Dolmen mall, Pakistan

Dolmen mall karachi is one of the best shopping mall franchises in Pakistan and offers various activities in Pakistan. It has three locations throughout Karachi; Clifton, Hyderi and Tariq road. They have shops in every price range: stalls, jewelry, clothing, fabrics, shoes, watches, and groceries. Its rating is 4.6 out of 5 and reviewers have stated it to be the best place for all shopping lovers. The fun doesn’t end there, they have food courtesy in the mall as well, where they have franchises from some of the most famous food outlets such as KFC, Mcdonalds, subway, hardees, broadway, mini melts, juices island and more!

This is a family friendly place but not recommended for introverts.

Port Grand, Karachi

Port Grand, Karachi

Port Grand Karachi is in a semi water landscape, meaning some part of it is on land but mostly it is on sea. It is on the West wharf, the street’s name is after the destination itself. Port grand is one the most unique and grand places to visit in Karachi for mixed teen crowds and families. It has all sorts of activities and entertainment; they offer a beautiful blend of cultures and ethnicities in their food as well. The area consists of 5 sectors; the rotatory which consists of the Festival Boulevard and Fun Gulee, The Promenade, Napier’s Tavern, Temple point and the Port house.

This place has it all, if you’re looking for a fun adventure, get your shoes on for Port Grand Karachi.

Hotspot, Islamabad

Hotspot, Islamabad

The Hotspot cafe located in F-7 Islamabad is an old bollywood, old hollywood themed cafe and it is a hot spot in Islamabad which offers many activities in Pakistan. They gained their fame with their ice cream but now they are open to many delicious possibilities such as coffee, crepes, sandwiches, pasta and more!

This area is frequent for young adults and teenagers all over islamabad. Though its location is in one of the most elite areas of islamabad the prices are reasonable. Their ambiance is what makes them special.

An outdoor cafe, lit with LED and fairy lights, decorated with plants and vintage movie posters, this is an amazing photography spot as well.

Arena, Karachi

Arena, Karachi, Karsaz area of Karachi

Arena is the one stop destination for all your recreational, sports, entertainment and hunger needs! Located in the Karsaz area of Karachi, arena is a family friendly destination to offer one of a kind joy sparking activities; ice skating, bowling, paintball fights, arcade, indoor cricket, rock climbing, pool, rodeo bull and more. They also host various events such as weddings and other celebrations. They offer memberships as well which give u access to their exclusive buffets , halls and gymnasium privileges.

The destination has 4.3 out of 5 stars in google reviews from over 9000 reviews. They offer guides and coaches for the activities as well so everyone can enjoy.

Bahria Amusement Park, Karachi

Bahria Amusement Park, Bahria Town, RailBlazer

Bahria Town amusement park is the first international standard theme park in Pakistan. Moreover, its location is in the sub city of Karachi known as Bahria Town.  It has activities for children and adults, as some of the rides have an age and height rule. The park offers different rides such as the power drop. In this ride, you get lifted to 42 meters in the air and dropped down. Furthermore, in the RailBlazer, you get the most intense activities in Pakistan. It is of the genre known as air coasters. It is a combination of steep drops and rises with sharp turns to get your thrill going.

The park offers various other rides. These include worm coasters, the claw, jiggly jellyfish, merry go round and more. Moreover, the ticket cost starts from 1500 PKR.

The theme park is a thrilling adventure for all ages!

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Strictly Social, Lahore

Strictly Social Lahore, karaoke, social bar

It’s a Karaoke and social bar located in Gulberg Lahore. Moreover, it is commonly visited by the teen and young adult crowds. They offer a stage to whoever is down to perform; karaoke, bands, singers, comedians, and more. The aim of this outlet is to exhibit the rising artists and talents of Pakistan and inspire more. The place has a very welcoming ambiance and is a good place to go with friends, meet new people, and support your friends.

They also offer good food that is easy to eat and various mocktails as well. Moreover, they have appetizers, wraps, tacos, chips and dips, and regular night-out foods. It is a fun way to spend your night with friends in Lahore.

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Packages, Lahore

Packages, Lahore, mall in Lahore

Packages mall is one of the safest malls in Pakistan, it is in Lahore and houses over 200 brands with stalls and events coming and going at all times. The mall is suitable for all ages and genders, families are most commonly seen here. Also, there are various facilities in the mall: dining, entertainment, supermarket, washrooms, prayer areas, play zones and shopping.

The destination has 4.6 stars out of 5 starts from over 53 thousand reviews,

The outside of the mall is beautiful and hip, which makes it the best place for a quick insta post. It doesn’t end there. Moreover, they care about their customers and visitor. Also, they prove this by offering facilities such as: free wifi, drivers lounge, ground floor parking, ATM machines, diaper stations, first aid and banks.

Emporium, Lahore Emporium, activities in Pakistan, Lahore mall

Visit Pakistan’s largest mall in johar town, lahore; The Emporium Mall. It is home to over 300 brands including international brands such as Splash and Giordano. Furthermore, the mall is a safe and active space for friends and families of all ages. The mall rises to 11 floors and covers an area of 2.7 million square feet. Also, it got opened in 2016 and is the world’s largest mall by gross leasable area.

It is not only for shopping but has about 100 food outlets, 9 cinema screening rooms and a fun factory (Play area). The shops range between cheap to elite price points, they also offer 5 star hotel facilities, eateries, banquet halls and more.

They are backed up with a solar power supply, which makes it the best, most cheap, and the safest adventure for you and your squad.

Ocean Mall, Karachi

Ocean Mall, Karachi, shopping place, shopping plaza

Located in Karachi, Ocean mall is a mutation between mall and a skyscraper, the building is 28 floors high! Ocean mall offers a scenic and peaceful adventure for your entire family. Moreover, the mall intends to provide their visitors with a comfortable environment. Here they can come to shop, eat and enjoy.

The various amenities offered by the mall include separate washrooms with designated prayer areas, mother rooms – rooms designed for moms to feed, change and cradle their baby, separate rooms for your drivers to relax while you enjoy, ATM machines on every floor, and various other facilities including car wash, wifi, female parking, differently-abled parking, currency exchange and more.

They truly live up to the promise of making the experience comfortable for you.

Kitab Ghar, Islamabad Kitab Ghar, activities in Pakistan, Sheher-e-Kitaab, Islamabad cafe

Kitab ghar or Sheher-e-Kitaab is a reader’s dream located in the F-7 Markaz of Islamabad. The idea of this public library and cafe was to promote reading amongst all ages. Sheher-e-Kitaab has around 30 different stalls. They offer diverse genres for all ages, children to the elderly. It is a frequent destination for students, professors, scholars and biblophiles. Students often come here for study groups and more.

The addition of a cafe to this landmark has amplified the comfort for whoever visits. The cafe offers light beverages such as tea, coffee and light snacks. It is good for the reader to maintain their energy as they delve into their book worlds.

Frere Hall, Karachi Frere Hall, travel Karachi, places in Karachi

Frere hall is one of the oldest buildings in Karachi known to be well preserved. It’s located in civil lines and intended to serve as karachi’s town hall. It got constructed during the British colonial era in 1865. Currently it serves as a library and an exhibition space. The location is famous among the photography society in Pakistan. This is due to its gothic architecture and blend with a touch of British technicalities. Also, the walls’ embellishment is with beautiful mosaics. Moreover, the entire hall has a theme of muted tones which are pleasing to look at.

They have a garden as well for functions and celebrations. Karachi eat of 2019 took place at this location. It is open for all on the weekdays and the weekends are saved for any exclusive events or taken as a day off. Also, the librarians and technicians work tirelessly to preserve the destination.

It is a beautiful and peaceful site to visit. You can explore the history and architecture of Pakistan.

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