Not all of us can afford to buy means to travel. If you are a working man and you need to travel a lot you definitely need to have transport. Many of us have spent our entire lives in public transport surviving scorching heat and continuous pushes. Buying vehicles is not an option but a luxury that comes at a huge expense. Luckily, if you do your research right; there are suitable cars for you that you can afford without emptying your bank.

Finding Alternatives to Personal VehiclesAlternatives

Those of us who cannot buy our own cars find alternatives to travel. Some of us use public transport while others use motorbikes to reach our destinations.

While these are feasible solutions, there are always consequences. The best of us can relate to reaching our workplace all soaked because of rain. We are using taxis and Uber to go to our relatives and if they live far away from us, it takes a heavy toll on our wallets.

Many of the students travel by taking rides from strangers on their way. We all have faced our fair share of struggles during our student life. Travelling was one of the major issues that we all had to bear in order to get education.\Times have changed. Now people are getting smarter and saving up to invest in valuable assets like cars. Though it is a long shot, you can still score a beautiful and comfortable ride without going bankrupt.

Buying Used CarsBuying Used Cars

Many people look into the old or used model of cars so they can save up on their budget. Old models in cars do come at a lower rate but you are not paying for it with money only.

Here is what you are dealing with when you are buying a second-hand vehicle:

Maintenance Now and Then

Used cars will need full service sooner than the new ones.  New cars, based on your usage, will need maintenance and service every two months. While the old ones will be a pain every ten days.

Fix a lot of Parts

You will have to fix a number of things in used cars before you will be able to use them. Your head bumpers can be in miserable condition. Rare lights might not function so well so you might have to change them as well. But the outer body parts will not hurt that bad as much as the interior will do.

Poor Engine Condition

The engine will exhaust as soon as you hit a kilometer or two. You will be visiting the garage more than you will visit any other destination.  Moreover, it costs a lot to repair an old engine.

Less Comfort More Hustle

Old models are not comfortable at all. Over time, automobile manufacturers have invested a great deal in buyer’s comfort. They have modernized new vehicles as per customer needs.  Nowadays, new vehicles feel different. You can just spend a night in your car if you are having issues at your home, *not really*.

More Fuel Less Mileage

One of the major drawbacks of an old vehicle is that they have already run thousands of kilometers. Up to this point, they can barely give you good mileage. You will be emptying your pockets all the time to feed fuel to your ride.

Top 5 Most Cost-Effective Cars in PakistanCost-Effective Cars

In Pakistan, most of the cars you like become super expensive after all the taxes. Even some factory prices are out of our range. Luckily, manufacturers in Pakistan have started to design cars that even middle-class people can buy. Now you do not have to buy old cars because you can buy new ones at affordable prices.

Here are some of the most cost-effective vehicles that you can afford to buy in Pakistan:

Suzuki AltoSuzuki Alto

Suzuki is a renowned company when it comes to vehicles. Over the years, Suzuki has manufactured some of the great makes and models and have always left its customers satisfied.

The new Suzuki Alto VX, VXR, and VXL are all the latest models of Suzuki. For many years, we have observed a particular design in Alto but this new model is different and Pakistanis are loving it.

This vehicle is a luxury car with comfortable seats. It comes in maroon, black, and white factory colors.

This car currently costs 1.1 million to 1.5 million depending upon the model you are buying. It comes with a 658 cc engine. The car has a great-looking design and comes with both manual and automatic transmission.

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United Auto Bravo HatchbackUnited Auto Bravo Hatchback

United has opened a gateway for Pakistani drivers in cars. The brand is already recognized in motorbikes. Two years back, the dealership registered for manufacturing cars and it turned out to be a great initiative for all of us.

United launched its first vehicle in 2019. The Auto Bravo Hatchback was the elephant in the room that everyone talked about. It has made many sales and its new model is still winning the hearts of drivers.

This car can cost you around 1 to 1.1 million only and can run up to 15 kilometers per liter.

Wagon RWagon R

If you are a frequent Uber or Careem user, you might have come across this vehicle many times.

Wagon R is a Suzuki’s design that is popular among drivers for its reasonable prices. The car is spacious, comfortable, and gives great mileage. This is the reason why this luxurious car is popular among Uber drivers as it is fuel-effective and gives great comfort.

Due to its massive sales, spare parts of this vehicle are easily available in the market.

One of the setbacks for this ride is that it is a bit pricey when you compare it to other low-cost vehicles. However, that does not stop people from buying it as it comes with a 1000 cc engine.

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Prince PearlPrince Pearl, vehicles

Regal Automobiles has launched many cars including SUVs, hatchbacks, and luxury cars. Regal manufacturers have revolutionized Pakistan Automobile Industry by designing fuel and cost-effective cars that even people with a lower budget can afford.

Prince Pearl, a hatchback car by Regal comes with an 800cc engine. The car has power windows and steering and it can run up to 15 kilometers per liter.

Suzuki MehranSuzuki Mehran, vehicles

Mehran is a name we all are familiar with. Though Suzuki has stopped manufacturing Mehran back in 2019, we have still included it in our top five list as people are still buying it.

The latest model in Mehran is still in demand. Compared to other makes of Suzuki, Mehran is still the lowest price-ranging car you can buy. The latest models of Mehran can cost you from five hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand.

Mehran comes with a four-gear transmission box with an 800 cc engine. Though seats are not very comfortable, it still does not hurt your back on long drives.

Future of Four Wheels in Pakistan

Pakistan without a doubt has great manufactures in the automobile industry. Honda, Toyota, Suzuki are just a few names, to begin with. There are other manufactures who have made an entrance into the market and are doing their best to beat the competition.

Modern Technology and buyer needs have provoked automobile companies to make competitive designs and that too with lesser cost. We are not talking about SUVs and trucks. Cars that most of us can afford to buy and we do not have to compromise on the quality. Paying less should not mean that we shouldn’t be getting less or no upgraded features at all.

Now we are seeing a great change in the market ever since electric cars were introduced. There are cars now that totally run on batteries and do not need fuel to take you places. Unfortunately, cars like these are way out of our price range now. Though we hope in the near future we will notice depreciation in the prices of electric cars so we all can get to ride it. Until then, good luck buying these affordable cars we have discussed.

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