In the golden years of television, Aftab Iqbal hosted a program known as “Khabarnak”. The show would air at a specific time on Geo News. Before his employment at Geo News, he worked for Dunya News in a segment known as Hasb-e-Haal.

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Aftab Iqbal’s Career, Education and Family Life

In the year 1986, he got employment at an English television network where he remained for an entire year.

During his new job, he was an advisor to the Pakistan Chief Minister from the year 1994 to 5. He continuously writes a column in the newspaper “The News International” and “Newsweek Pakistan”. As a professional anchor and writer, he has publications in a variety of categories. The most praised was “Nawa-i-Waqt”. 

Read more about the legend in this article.

Education and Universities Attended

Aftab iqbal, Education, Anchor

Aftab Iqbal completed his education at Convent, Lahore City. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s from Lahore Government University in the year of 1985. To enter the news business, he enrolled in a media program at San Jose University in California State. He graduated in 1986.

Meet The Family

Anchor, Family ,Aftab iqbal

Ayesha Noor is the manager of a private television network. She married Chaudhary Muneebulhaq, whose father was an MPA follower. Like her father, she also hosted several episodes on Khabarnak. His father Zafar Ahmed is not only an accomplished singer and music composer, but he’s also an established poet. His brother resigned from the Government of Punjab’s Islamabad University in 1985. Afterwards he traveled to LA California, to pursue his education in History.

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Hasb-e-Haal Featured on Dunya News

Hasb-e-Haal, Dunya News, Anchor person

This is a documentary about a book club called Nur Muhammad Badshah in Pakistan that has existed for quite a while. Pakistani writer, essayist, feature writer, and host of a political parody show host Aftab Iqbal is popular since the 1980s. His career as a Senior Reporter for Dawn began in 1985. He held the position of Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab from 1994 to 1995.

Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal

Khabardar , Geo News, Hasb-e-Haal

After working in Express News, Aftab Iqbal got an idea for two new segments dubbing them after his old career program “Khabardar” and” Himaqatain”. The new job was a lot different and demanding as he had to record the information in real-time and he took almost two shows a day.

Himaqatain was a weekly news segment that would air on Geo News every hour. The platform provided viewers a chance to present their skills in a series of trivia and games. These two segments were the main reason that flourished Aftab’s career.

In the show “Aaj Ki Raat”, Sohail Ahmed, and Najia Baig played the two famous personalities. He stayed at Dawn News from 2010 to 2009. Rumors began to spread about Sohail Ahmed getting into a heated disagreement with Dunya News management.

During his employment at Dawn News, he has hosted stand-up comedy in both Urdu and Punjabi Languages. Several distinguished media professionals, including Saleem Albela, Wajid Khan, Hassan Murad, Lucky Dear, Sherry Nanha, Abid Farooq, and Abid Iqbal have observed it.

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Khabardar to English Readers Means “Beware”

Aftab Iqbal, an Indian and Punjabi stand-up comedian, and Pakistani actor created and hosted a weekly show on Express News called Kh bouncer that showcased stand-up routines and sketches. The show premiered on September 10, 2015, at 11 03 pm. In July 2010, Iqbal left GEO Live to gather resources for Khabarnaak, premiering the first episode of the series.

His viewers soon began viewing and complementing his performance as a host after he moved into less-scripted formats such as Khabardar on Express News in August 2015. Iqbal often times involves in fun and adventures with fellow TV celebrities Agha Majid, Rubi Anam, and Honey Albela on the TV series Khabardaar. He additionally has a recurring role in the play Agha as Asim which airs on Express News.

What Was the Show About?

Khabardar , Geo News, Comedy show

Partway through the drama, Aftab Iqbal, Babbu Rana, and Asad Kaifi all talked about their professional career development. Throughout the series, these comedians talked about their careers, rejection, and internal struggles. The second half of the video continues to answer the questions. These are the queries the viewers have asked and additional questions added by the series.

As part two of “The Success Story” comes to a close, the first three parts can be translated as an introduction, the first half, and the second half. The entire play is then completed by the late Mr. Aftab Iqbal’s last introductory performance. In the background of the comics and celebrities who perform there are also Hollywood celebrities, like athletes or musicians.

Segments Performed by Aftab Iqbal


In this performance, Aftab Iqbal, the host, introduces the origin of numerous Urdu words, which had come to be different, the reason being an error made by the editor or publisher.

Naseer Bhai’s Challenge

There was a skit in which people from the audience used to give questions and challenges to a person named Naseer Bhai by singing a part of a famous song. After Naseer Bhai’s sudden death in June 2016, it is no longer part of the program. So, in that segment, Naseer Bhai was asked a trivia question: Who sang the song, which movie is it from, and who was the music composer? If the challenger could not discern the song playing, the champion won a prize.

This proved to be the case for both people and people during the live studio challenge. For the opportunity, the following requirements need to be met: All songs were broadcast country-wide from the 1950s to the 1980s

Mini Theaters

Khabardar , Geo News, Comedy show

The famous sketches of a comedy show often center on similar traditional social evils. The most popular sketches are those that expose social ills.

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Films, Books, and People

Another subcategory of the full course is “Films, Journals, and Individuals” Within this subcategory, the program resumes the history of some previous movies, the recording titles of those films, and the ideas, and viewpoints that motivated the writers to make the movie, along with the main actors and directors and criers of those projects. The movies or books which have been parodied on the show are “Blazing Saddles” or “The Wizard of Oz.”

Khabardar’s Tour of Canada

Khabardar team in November 2016 toured Canada, which has been enthusiastically received by many Pakistani and Indian community members. After finding the locations in which to run their shows, they decided to choose indoor as well as outdoor events and run them in Pakistani cities they’d toured.

Famous outdoor landscapes, such as parks, historical sites, and waterscapes, have also been utilized to tell the story of historical events. The frequent theatrical tours carried out by the troupe across the country are recorded and arranged into a “Travelogue” that Cirque du Soleil enthusiasts can delve into online in 2017. January 21 was the first release of the film’s first episode, which was continuously streamed. It’s called “‘Khabardar Canada Special’.”