Have you heard of Airbnb? It has become one of the most popular apps to book places for travelers. The app has made traveling easier. It has caused a boom in the industry. Airbnb also offers hosts a side income. It works in the best interests for both the traveler and the host. Today, we will tell you what the app is all about. Also, we would explain what airbnb services are being offered in Pakistan. This article would help you in getting the best out of this app.

What is AirBnB?AirBnB, Travel

AirBnB is a unique concept of hospitality and accommodation. It emerged in 2008. Two designers had a space to spare. So, they hosted three people who were seeking accommodation for their stay. This idea made the creators realize that people can offer their vacant spaces on rent. Above all, this can become an ideal scenario for travelers to the country. The hosts of Airbnb show a positive attitude towards their guests. They welcome them and offer them insights on which places are the best ones to visit. In such a way, airbnb becomes a community which gets created on the values of sharing and caring.

Visitors enjoy staying at a place which feels like home. Also, travelers feel safe when staying at an airbnb because they know a whole family is there to take care of them. Above all, airbnb is a trusted platform worldwide. The company makes sure to verify the hosts who post up ads for their homes. Also, they maintain a complete database of host profiles and relevant listings. In addition, the service also has a proper messaging system. This ensures regular communication between host and guest. A potential guest can comfortably talk with the host about the place and ask questions. They also have a proper system for conducting payments online. Also, guests can pay the hosts in advance once the deal gets finalized between the two of them.

The app of airbnb offers 24 hours support through its help center. Users can ask questions directly. They can know about which suitable places to stay. They can ask about how they can reserve a place for themselves. Also, they can even learn about previous guests’ experiences through the app as well. Not only this, Airbnb offers service in a variety of languages to the users. This helps in facilitating payments, accommodating rebooking and reimbursements.

The modern travelers tend to go for airbnbs instead of hotels. This is because they get a homely vibe. They gain cultural understanding through their homes and interactions. Another great benefit of airbnb is affordability. Airbnb offers accommodation at a much cheaper rate than hotel rooms. The app takes only 3 to 5 percent commision on each booking. This makes the booking within the traveler’s budget. All in all, airbnbs are a great option to go for when you are traveling to a newer country.

Airbnb is available in Pakistan too. People can offer their spare rooms for the purpose. There are some rules which they have to follow for becoming a host of airbnb. They have to provide their guests with basic essentials in the room. Also, this includes provision of soap, towel, toilet paper and pillows. A host needs to get a good rating on the app. So, for that, they expect to make the extra effort in hosting their present guests. The hosts are also expected to be responsive to the queries of their guests. Cancellations are not appreciated by the app. It is a serious concern. Thus, maintaining a high rating is necessary for being a good host on airbnb.

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Airbnb Services in Pakistan and How to Avail Them?Air bnb services

The app of airbnb has entered the Pakistani traveling industry and many people do not know it. Many foreigners visit the country and stay at these airbnbs to get a complete feel. The app has gained immense popularity in Pakistan. One downside is the app has had no official launch in Pakistan. This is why the prices of homes in the app get shown in US dollars currency.

An American national visited Karachi in 2018. He booked a home via Airbnb. He shared his experience and said that he saved a lot of money through the app. The atmosphere was comfortable for his stay. The room was clean, the air conditioning was good and the host was great too. All in all, he was very satisfied with the airbnb services offered to him during his stay in Pakistan.

Read the instructions on Airbnb website entirely before booking a room through Airbnb. After setting up your account, you may select the location where you want to book the room. Enter your dates for checking in and out. The site also asks for the number of guests staying. Once all details have been added, you need to click on search.

You will see an entire list of available accommodations. The list will explain how the place is. It will also tell you about the price per night. Along with that, you will be shown detailed pictures of the place. You can click on the option of reserve to book a place for the set time and dates. Once you have finalized a place, the app asks for payment method and billing address. Both debit/credit cards can be used to do the payment. After adding required payment information, users can click on the confirm option. This completes the booking.

Your reservation request will reach the host. They reserve the right to approve or disapprove your request. Before booking, you can talk to the host directly before reserving the room. This helps you know about the availability of the room.

What Areas Airbnb is Available in?places to visit

For doing your booking on Airbnb, you need to visit the link: https://www.airbnb.com/. On this link, you will be able to get sign up details. It will help you in making an account on the app. The sign up will need your name, location, email, password, number etc.

Airbnb services are available in all major cities of Pakistan. You can plan to stay in any one of them. Then, you can plan to visit the interior cities and villages surrounding that city. You can find good places to stay in the following cities:

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Islamabad
  4. Peshawar
  5. Quetta
  6. Murree
  7. Faisalabad
  8. Hyderabad
  9. Sargodha
  10. Sialkot
  11. Bahawalpur
  12. Sukkur

For example, if you are looking for a stay place in Karachi then it gives more than 300 places for that. The average price is 53 dollars per night. You can set your price and then match the required place according to your need. The space can vary. You can get one room. But, you can also rent an entire house. Besides, you can also book a rooftop or one floor. Loads of guest rooms and house options are available. For Lahore, more than 300 places are available too. The average price is 42 dollars per night. The options of renting the entire place, one room, or shared room are available.

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Pros and Cons of Air bnb in PakistanPros, Cons

In comparison with the world, the demand for Airbnb is less. One of the reasons is because the app has not been officially launched in Pakistan. Also, those who can book are supposed to be outside Pakistan and will be needing to book in dollars. Airbnb does not have a big competitor in Pakistan. Thus, this can be one of the reasons that its rate might be pricey for some.

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Safety MeasuresSafety Measures

When you are booking your stay with Airbnb, we recommend some safety measures to follow:

  1. Book a place after getting acquainted with the host. Make sure to contact them and have a talk with them. This will help you develop trust in their intentions.
  2. Read the reviews of the place before booking. The rating and review can help you know what other guests think about that place.
  3. See what safety features the place offers. It will help you know what to do in case of an emergency.
  4. Do a quick research on what the local travel conditions are. Check what warnings are being shared by the authorities. Thus, we suggest to keep those precautions in mind when planning your visit to the place.

We are hopeful that these tips and tricks will help you get a better idea of Airbnb. Also, it is getting popular gradually in Pakistan. The service is a great way for people to earn a revenue. It also paves way for tourism for the country. Lastly, travelers can use it and have a memorable experience during their stay. Let’s be hopeful that this trend will pick up more in the coming years ahead.

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