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World’s leading B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba has paved the way for Pakistani sellers to sell worldwide using the platform.

Alibaba is the world’s top B2B business platform and for Pakistani sellers, Alibaba is not merely a platform that connects sellers and buyers but an opportunity to expand the business to 200 countries worldwide from Pakistan. It has been reported that exports across the globe will likely increase by 8% in 2021 and the B2B market in Pakistan will reach a 28% mark in 3 years, making Pakistan one of the top exporting nations in the world.

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Alibaba has increased the number of sellers and buyers quite drastically. Alibaba currently has 30 million buyers registered on the platform and 100,000 sellers online. Alibaba is aiming to provide its third-party logistic services that will have the capacity of around a million units to transport.

“Daraz is Alibaba’s partner and has a huge number of sellers and buyers, a seller on Daraz was able to generate around 339 Billion Rupees in exports in October 2020, and the export industry insulting eCommerce have been improving quite rapidly ever since. Pakistan is a key country for Alibaba as we are aware that Pakistani sellers growth rate is more than 64% which is proof that Pakistan is a potential industry for exports.” Said Head of Alibaba, Stephan Kuo.

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