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Royal Visit to Pakistan: Exploring the Natural Beauty of the Country

It seems like being royalty is not just fun and jewels all the time. Apparently, there are many duties and responsibilities that befall you when you take charge. Duties like making important tours and conveying a message of peace between countries is all part of the regime. Following the footsteps of his mother Princess Diana, Prince William along with his gorgeous wife Princess Kate Middleton, recently made a five-day tour to Pakistan, as the ambassadors of peace and prosperity on behalf of the British government. 

During their short royal visit to Pakistan, the royal couple visited schools, hospitals and many stunning and historical architectures of Pakistan where they gathered the enrich culture of our country and socialized with its versatile people.  

With the aim of showcasing Pakistan as an inspirational, dynamic, peaceful and striving nation, this royal visit to Pakistan proved to be very beneficial for the country’s progress as far as the tourism culture is concerned. Starting from the mountainous lush green capital Islamabad of the country to the historically rich city of Lahore, to the beautiful northern areas, the royal couple visited the vital areas of Pakistan, spanning over 1000 Kms and engulfed themselves in the diverse social communities and vibrant landscapes of Pakistan.  

On October 14, 2019 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down at Pakistan Air Force Base Nur Khan and officially began their tour of the country.

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Their trip consisted of the following stops: 

Margalla Hills, National Park

On the next day right after their arrival, the royal couple had a meeting with the kids of three local schools where they learnt about the students’ efforts in making Pakistan meet its sustainable development goals. The meeting took place at Margalla Hills park which was established in the 1980s. It is a park which is known for its rich fauna that has around 600 different plant species, 38 mammal species, 13 reptile species and 250 bird species. This stop was definitely a very vibrant one which was close to the nature and also boosted the children to their fullest.  

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Residence 

On Tuesday, October 15th, 2019, the Duke and Duchess met the Pakistani prime Minister Imran Khan at his own home in Bani Gala, which is on the outskirts of Islamabad. The present Prime Minister was also a good friend of Lady Diana who also met with him during her visit back in 1997. In the previous summer, this place was reported to be turned into an educational institute but there hasn’t been any such move in action yet. The royal couple and the prime minister sat down and had an interesting conversation with each other regarding both the countries’ future and prosperity. The Duchess of Cambridge donned an elegant green coloured dress during the meeting, representing the colours of the Pakistani flag.  

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Pakistan National Monument 

On their next night in royal visit to Pakistan, the Prince and Princess were given a warm welcome at the National Monument which was hosted by the British High Commissioner. Riding in a decorative rickshaw which is the local transport of many areas in this country, the Duke and Duchess arrived wearing adorable green dresses to honour the Pakistani flag. At this ceremony, Prince William made a speech standing in front of Pakistan monument, shaped like four petals to represent the four provinces of Pakistan. This monument was constructed in 2005 and this amazing design was suggested by the talented Arif Masoud which shows strength, dedication and unity of this nation. In this historical building showcasing Mughal architecture, the event that followed was of great zeal and abundance which depicted the culture of our country in every aspect. 

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Chitral District 

Beginning their next day of the visit, the Prince and the Princess made their way to the northern areas of Pakistan which is a culturally rich place with wonderful landscapes and mountain views. The royal couple went to the ruins of Bumburet Village, more commonly known as Kalash Valley, located in Chitral District of Pakistan. In talk with a climate change expert, the gorgeous royal couple got to know about the adverse effects of climate change on the Chiatibo Glacier which is located nearby. Due to drastic effects of global warming which have caused the glacier to melt down, the villagers nearby are now facing major life issues. The duke and duchess both paid their sympathies on that subject and hoped for a better tomorrow for the people nearby. 

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Later that day, in the afternoon, the Bristish royalties paid a visit to the local Kalash settlement and learned about their traditions, culture and crafts, wearing the local Kalashi clothes. The Kalash settlement is the country’s smallest ethnoreligious group who ae multi-talented and super adorable. They were given a special warm welcome from the tribe by a beautiful performance in the stone theatre of the village. 

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National Cricket Academy 

The next day, the royal couple sparked up their energies and headed towards Cricket Academy where they both joined a cricket game enthusiastically. Previously recognized as Lahore Stadium, the massive Gaddafi Stadium was an awesome view to the playful activities. This particular building was constructed in 1959 and later renovated in 1996, in classic Mughal architecture. It is engrossed with red brickwork and carefully made arches that give it a beatific look. The Gaddafi Stadium is still the largest stadium of Pakistan.  

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Badshahi Mosque 

The next day of the royal visit to Pakistan found both Duke and the Duchess in adorable traditional and formal outfits. The couple visited the famous Badshahi Mosque of Pakistan, situated in Lahore. There they had a meeting with the religious scholars and witnessed the recitation of Quranic readings with utmost respect. 

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What sets the Badshahi mosque apart is its unique Mughal structure which was constructed in the 17th century by Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad. The mosque offers a massive shelter for around 10,00 worshippers and for some reasons, it was used for militant purposes during the case of a civil war in the old centuries by the Sikhs who used it as stables for horses. However, after the independence of Pakistan durig 1947, the mosque was restored to its religious zeal and respect and turned into a serene place for worship that many Muslims go to today. 

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Army Canine Centre 

The last day of their trip ended with a cute cuddly affair with the little dogs at the Army Canine Centre in Islamabad. The centre shows how animals are trained for the purposes of self-defence as in the U.K.  During the past one decade, the British and the Pakistani Army are in a close relationship of aiding the Pakistan Counter Improvised Explosive Device program to undertake the security challenges faced by the country. That training program also centres around training dogs in order to identify explosive devices.  

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Saying Goodbye 

After a serious thunderstorm on Thursday evening, unfortunately, the couple’s flight had to be rescheduled to a day later. Both the Duke and the Duchess were made comfortable after the bumpy ride and were sent back with full on security arrangements a day later.  

With the royal visit to Pakistan, the Prince and the Princess brought message of love and peace for the country and also met the expectations of the enormous audience worldwide who keeps up with their every move. They enriched Pakistan with their royal magic of glamour and style, giving us the biggest occasion of the year. The tour was designed to promote a healthy relationship between the two countries and to promote tourism. It was a signature move to show that Pakistan is over its dark days of military violence. Their tightly knit schedule was chaperoned with the utmost responsibility and the comfort of both the Duke and the Duchess was made top priority at every point. In this brief tour from the royals, it was made sure that when they go back, they take every aspect of the diverse and versatile culture of this country from north to south.  

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Outfits of the Royal Visit to Pakistan

Between these meetings and arrangements of royal visit to Pakistan, they managed to keep their wardrobe updated and in accordance with the culture. What set these wardrobe changes apart was that it was for the first time that a member of the British royal family stuck to the traditional culture of Pakistan, instead of giving preference to their own style, which says a lot about the amount of respect the royal couple showcased for the country. As for the Princess, she offered perfection in every dress that she chose to wore which was according to the event and showcased respect and glamour from the hairstyle to the shoes. It was also noted that Kate paid tribute to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana by wearing matching outfits and visiting the places that she visited during her time here.  

This royal trip has been greatly lauded globally and much cherished by the Pakistani citizens who wish to have more of these trips from the Royal family. As for the British royal couple, both were energized and refreshed after an enlightening trip to the country, leaving us all amid a clutter of thankyous and hopes for many more to come.  

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