Nescafe Basement: Girls Take Lead in the Upcoming Season

The upcoming season of Nescafe Basement hosts a wonderful ensemble of all girls band to chant with you on John Newman’s cover song “Love Me Again”.

The Success Story of Nescafe Basement

Nescafe Basement is famous for being the top most music platforms for all the young Pakistani musicians. Till date three seasons of this show have been aired and several new music artists and signers have been introduced through this platform. The very favorite bands of today like Bayyan and Soch were introduced through this surface. Over the years, the show has grabbed a massive fan following that continues to grow with every season making a few artists particularly stand out.

Even after the end of the season some of the participants continued to remain in the public’s eye because of having their own music videos released, performances on the top corporate and commercial gigs and were honored with international recognition and awards because of their impressive work.

What Season 4 of Nescafe Basement Has to Offer

The fourth season of Nescafe Basement was launched on February 12, 2016 with a grand opening ceremony. This was organized in a local restaurant and was very entertaining and well managed. Expanding the tradition of the music show, this season too introduced around 45 new musicians that is the sum of the number of artists the previous shows introduced on the whole. With the mentorship of the very well known musician Xulfi, Nescafe Basement has gained recognition and fame along with the country’s music buffs.

Nescafe Basement: Introducing an All Girls Band for the First Time

For the very first time, Nescafe Basement is introducing an all girls band consisting of female table player, drummer, pianist, guitarist, violinist and signer to spin their magic all together. They will be singing the cover song “Love Me Again” by John Newman. The music will be produced by Xulfi. Following is the list of participants of the band:

Ukulele: Jannat Sohail
Vocals: Anna Salman
Tabla: Sumaira Waris

Vocals and Bass Guitars: Sanya Shahzad
Piano: Maham Riaz
Violin: Amal Nadeem
Vocals and Acoustic Guitars: Kristin Kinaria
Sitar: Arfa Chaudhary
Drums: Mishal Faheem
Vocals and Electric Guitar: Maria Fatima

This initiative calls for an applause to the man who is behind the magical creation of this show, Zulfiqar Babar (Xulfi) who has always surprised the fans with his outstanding classy initiatives. This particular performance is a true depiction of diversity and speaks out loud for cultural freedom. It is an international sensation presented in a traditional style.

Nescafe Basement Season 4 will be on aired on different channels across Pakistan soon and is all set to beat the previous seasons.