In 2012, Artisan Links, a socially-conscious business, began its mission to empower hundreds of women in Afghanistan through a local clothing factory. Their focus was to find and support local craftspeople who would provide them with high quality, handcrafted clothing.

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The group of young women in Pakistan founded Artisan Links to provide employment opportunities for impoverished women in Afghanistan. These women are living in extreme poverty in Afghanistan and many are victims of war and violence. In order to combat this tragedy, Artisan Links has partnered with local artisans in Afghanistan. And it is also empowering hundreds of Afghan women by providing them with meaningful jobs.

There team is a group of designers and entrepreneurs who work together to bring you high quality products at affordable prices. We are based in Karachi, Pakistan, and aim to help the community in any way possible.

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The idea behind the Artisan Links initiative is to allow Afghan women the opportunity to work with the same standards as their male counterparts.

Women in Pakistan and Afghanistan have historically been denied many opportunities. But this is not the case in the countries where Artisan Links is based. Because women in those countries are able to participate in the workforce and hold professional positions in their local communities. It is not just about empowering women, however. It is also about supporting a culture.

They found two women who were interested in learning more about fashion and the production of garments. And were able to support them and provide them with the resources to create their own factory, opening the doors to Artisan Links.

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Artisan Links now employs over 400 women in the Garment Factory in Pakistan. Also it continues to help other entrepreneurs like them open their own businesses and create their own jobs.