Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world. It has extraordinary natural beauty, scenic views, decor, cleanliness, and a serene ambiance. The city welcomes visitors with beautiful sightseeing spots. It has lush green parks, clean and up-to-date hotels. Also, it has modern-style restaurants and cafes and many other attractive things.

The capital of Pakistan has a huge variety of beautiful places to visit. Islamabad is famous for its luxurious living standards, safety, and rich greenery. This metropolitan has beautiful developments. Every angle of the city reflects beauty. The cleanliness, fresh nature, scenic views, and environment of the city are perfect. These aspects made it ranked second in the list of most beautiful capitals in the world.

Astonishing Places in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the most up-to-date, urbanized, and modern cities in Pakistan. It’s a very well-maintained and hygienic city. It lets you capture the beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan. It’s a very well-ordered city that is divided into different zones, sectors, and streets. This helps a lot in finding different places without any hustle or fear of getting lost.

In this article, we’ll let you explore Islamabad through our words and will give you a list of astonishing places in Islamabad that you must visit.

Lok VirsaLok Virsa, Islamabad

Lok Virsa showcases the history and different cultures of Pakistan. Inaugurated in 1947, this museum is a tribute to the traditions and cultures of Pakistan. It is one of the biggest museums in Pakistan which covers a vast area of around 60,000 square feet. It can accommodate up to three thousand visitors at a time.

Lok Virsa consists of many indoor buildings and also an outdoor museum. It has many exhibition halls featuring different cultures in the form of statues, pottery, music, and textile work of various ethnic groups of Pakistan.

You’ll also find a resource library in Lok Virsa which has a huge collection of books on culture, traditions, history, ethnicities, and folklore. It also hosts exhibitions that showcase bone work, woodwork, metalwork, block printing, embroidered dresses, and jewelry items. It also has a sales center, where you can find classical items for sale.

Saidpur VillageSaidpur Village

Saidpur village is in the valley of Margalla hills from the Mughal era. This ancient village is a place with a rich history which was a Hindu village. Even today when you visit you’ll find some of their worship places that aren’t functional now.

This village has several historical buildings which attract tourists. The government has renovated this village to promote tourism in the country by providing a variety of posh restaurants and cafes. There are many good restaurants and cafes here where you can enjoy Pakistani meals.

You should definitely visit this place if you’re looking to spend a good day surrounded by good food, scenic views, and a cultural environment.

Caves of Shah Allah DittaCaves of Shah Allah Ditta

Around 16 kilometers away from Faisal Mosque, you will find another historical place which is Shah Allah Ditta Caves. This place is after the famous Sufi saint Shah Allah Ditta. In this historical place, you’ll find seven hundred years old trees and caves. These caves are next to the shrine and tomb of Shah Allah Ditta. Its location is on the route leading towards Khanpur.

This is a very old village at the foothills of the Margalla Hills. The village is around 700  years old. Alexander and Sher Shah Suri took this as a journey path. They traveled here from Kabul to Gandharan City of Taxila at the time of Mughal emperors.

You’ll also be able to see the leftovers of Buddhists along with some old trees with old amulets.

With beautiful landscapes and caves, you will also find here many cafes, restaurants and live music. After visiting the mesmerizing caves you can stop to enjoy some tea and snacks in a cafe.

National MonumentNational Monument

The monument is another beautiful place in Islamabad. Located at Shakar Parian hills, it is visible due to its design and elevation. Mughal architecture is its source of inspiration. The design consists of seven petals in which four large petals showcase each culture of Pakistan. It includes Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Pakhtun. The other three petals show Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Federal Administered Areas.

Monument is just a five-minute drive away from Lok Virsa. It is located very near to Lok Virsa that you can actually visit both these places in one day.

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Faisal MosqueFaisal Mosque

One of the most famous places to visit in Islamabad is the Faisal Mosque. It lies at the foot of Margalla hills. This mosque is the epitome of contemporary Islamic architecture. It has a beautiful infrastructure of art and magnificent design.

Faisal Mosque was a gift to Pakistan by the King of Saudi Arabia, King Shah Faisal. It is the third-largest mosque in the world. It has four beautiful tall minarets. The main hall of the mosque can accommodate ten thousand worshippers at a time.

Margalla TrailMargalla Trail, Islamabad

There are few capital cities in the world that are as close to nature as Islamabad. There are 8 hiking trails. They start from different locations in the forest of Margalla Hills. It is completely covered with green trees and plants.

The most famous trails among these 8 trails are trail number 3 and 5 which has beautiful small streams and picnic points. Margalla trail is the perfect place for adventurers, travelers as well as locals. You’ll also find many restaurants and viewpoints here where you can stop and enjoy the beautiful view of Margalla hills.

Daman-e-Koh & Pir SohawaDaman-e-Koh & Pir Sohawa

Daman-e-Koh is a beautiful viewing point located at the center of Margalla hills which gives a panoramic view of Islamabad. Monkeys are very common in this area. You can drive or hike up through Margalla hills to reach Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. This is a popular site for both tourists and locals.

Pir Sohawa is Islamabad’s highest tourist spot which is on top of Daman-e-Koh. This place is 17 kilometers away from Islamabad city which is actually part of Haripur District. The government has renovated this place with many modern restaurants and cafes to make it an attraction point for tourists.

Shahdarah Picnic PointShahdarah Picnic Point

If you want to enjoy a good meal while dipping your feet into icy cold water then the Shahdara picnic point is a place you need to visit. What makes this place so attractive for visitors is its cold streams and scenic views of Margalla Hills in the surroundings.

Moreover, this place also offers many entertainment options according to everyone’s taste. There is a play area for children where they can play and have fun on swings and rides while adults can enjoy trekking and delicious food. This picnic point is famous among locals as well as foreign tourists and you should definitely visit it.

Fatima Jinnah ParkFatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad

Fatima Jinnah Park is a recreational park named after the youngest sister of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This is a very beautiful park located in the center of Islamabad. The park is covered with greenery with a couple of man-made structures like status, small lakes, jogging tracks, and a play area for children.

Moreover, there is also an entertainment mega zone there which offers a variety of modern games to the visitors. You can go and have a fun time with friends and family there.

Lake View ParkLake View Park

Lake View Park is also known as Rawal Lake Park. It is an amusement place and wildlife park. Its location is at the bank of Rawal lake and near the territory of Bani Gala and Margalla Hills. Situated near Rawal Lake, this recreation park consists of beautiful green gardens. It has many beautiful flowers, a playing area, rides, swings, and other amusements options.

Moreover, Lake View Park has the third-largest birdcage in the world. The park also offers a fishing area, boating, horse riding, a swimming pool, and many more fun things to enjoy. You’ll definitely miss something if you don’t visit this place in Islamabad.

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