Journalist, Melinda, Famous Places of Pakistan

Pakistan’s hospitality is gaining popularity as more foreigners are coming, vlogging and talking about its warmth and generosity. Recently, a group of foreign press visited Pakistan. They came to cover Pakistan’s cricket series, but ended up adoring everything about the country. From this group of journalists, Melinda Farrell has loads to say and tweet about Pakistan every time she visits any famous places in Pakistan. She has been updating her followers regularly with her daily activities in the country and every single time, she has showered the country with praise and love.

During her visit to Islamabad, the capital, she drew similarities between it and Australia’s Canberra. Both places, according to her, had grandeur, green pastures and wide roads. ‘Welcome’ was a word she heard the most everywhere which, for her, was a symbol of Pakistani hospitality. She noticed how people place their hands on their hearts while welcoming her and her team. Such behavior of the Pakistanis in various famous places in Pakistan won her heart.

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When Melinda visited Rawalpindi, she admired the contrast the city had to offer. She enjoyed seeing how this city has organically developed into a busy, connected and mingled community. Her visit to Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium became memorable because of the pleasant weather, tasty food and wonderful locality.

While visiting Lahore, Melinda went to the Wagah border and was utterly surprised to see the amazing place. She also mentioned enjoying her trip to the Lahore fort and Badshahi Mosque. Every update of her resonated the fact that the country is extremely safe for foreigners to visit and spend time.

Lastly, besides the whole tour, Melinda was also impressed by the Pakistani cricket team’s quality performance. She mentioned the brilliant batting of Babar Azam who scored 196 runs and remained not-out. All in all, Melinda was awestruck and wanted to visit the country again to explore it completely and visit many other famous places in Pakistan.

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