Life does not seem to be moving in the right direction without a nice cup of chaitea. Chaa Peeso is an expression that is used almost every day by individuals of varying professions and this indicates the significance that this drink possesses in every field of life. If you have not tasted tea before then a mere cup of tea will suffice and you will see the difference that the drink brings in an individual’s life. In this article, we will highlight the significance of tea as a medicine, luxury and the way it is now available in different forms. You will get a vivid picture of the most famous forms of Pakistani chai liked and taken by Pakistani chai lovers and what they consider as the most authentic form of Pakistani Chai.Chai, Kashmiri Chai, Masala Chai, Doodh Patti

Historical Background of Chai

The history of tea dates back to the Shang Dynasty of China and was generally used as a source of medication to protect the body from infectious diseases. Therefore, it basically originated from the East. However, the West got an influence of tea and its medicinal value through the Portuguese merchants and priests in China. When the British became aware of its advantages, they initiated mass production as well as consumption of tea in India and hitherto a similar trend prevails in terms of consuming tea leaves as it has become an essential part of our breakfast and supper. Some of us even prefer to take it after every meal. Whereas, the others prefer to consume it only in winters or during some ailment.

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Types of Chaidoodh patti, Kashmiri tea, Masala tea

There is no limit to the variety that exists in the flavors, colors and medicinal value of tea. People tend to consume tea in various forms. Let us discuss the different types and styles of making tea so that you can try each one of them after becoming more aware of their positive effects on your health.

Karak Chai

Firstly, we have the strongest form of tea also known as the Truck wali chai most commonly available on dhabas. The reason behind its name is that most truck drivers prefer to drink a strong cup of tea so that they are able to transport goods from a long distance without any sign of dizziness. The recipe is simple. You have to add tea leaves or patti into boiling water and continue boiling it to darken the color of the liquid. After pouring milk into the black tea, continue boiling it for a while to darken its color even further.

Use a ladle to take some part of the tea and take it higher to pour it back into the main dish. This will add extra flavor and more oxygen into it visible in the form of bubbles appearing at its surface. Don’t forget the sugar. Otherwise, you will not be able to take even a sip of it. It is generally liked and taken by people who have a sweet tooth.

Black Tea

Another form of tea consumed and also preferred by many individuals is without any addition of milk into the mixture making it appear pure black and thus the name black tea. The basic purpose of taking black tea is to avoid headache and to avoid any stomach problems which might be triggered by milk. Patients with Diabetes generally prefer to consume black tea in the style discussed earlier.

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Green Tea or ‘Kahwa’Qahwa, green tea, elaichi,

This type will not be new as you see it in most of the commercials and is generally recommended to be the best in terms of its nutritional value. It is not even as hard or strong as the black or the traditional tea which is why it is generally taken after a feast or a heavy meal for effective digestion. In case you are new to the name. Just try the recipe. Take some water and boil it. Add some cardamom and cinnamon sticks to the boiling water. Let the mixture boil for a while to change its color. Add some green tea leaves at the end and turn off the stove.

Cover the dish with a lid and now let the tea get finalized with its own steam also known as dum. Serve the green tea after 5 minutes and you will not regret the taste once you take the first sip. pour in some drops of lemon to enhance its flavor even further.

Traditional ‘Dood Patti’

Our last in line is the form of tea that is cooked and prepared purely in boiling milk and thus named as the Dood Patti. Many people prefer to add a light flavor of tea with the dominant flavor of milk and thus this form of tea came into existence. The recipe is quite simple. You take some warm milk and add patti into it. Start simmering and mixing it with a ladle and make the milk boil. You can either add sugar or use brown sugar according to your own preference. Add some cardamom and cinnamon for an extra flavor into the traditional drink. The tea is ready. 

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Pink Tea or ‘Kashmiri Chai’Pink Tea, karak chai, pakistani chai,

Our next category in line is known to originate from the beautiful valley of Kashmir and thus the popular name Kashmiri Chai. However, it is also known as the Shir Chai, Noon Chai or the Gulabi Chai. It stands unique from all the other tea forms due to the unique pink color formed with the addition of pink tea leaves, baking soda, salt, sugar and of course the milk. People generally prefer to take the pink tea during winters. However, you can always try in any season.

Just remember to boil the water with pink tea leaves for quite a while as this will produce the authentic pink color that you are looking for. After pouring the milk into the mixture, continue boiling and add some salt and sugar in accordance with your taste and preference. Serve in cups after the addition of crushed pistachio at the top. That is our Pink Tea or the Noon Chai.