KSBL Financial Assistance Process: A Journey Towards Success

KSBL FA program, study help, Qarz e hasna

KSBL Financial Assistance Process: An Introduction Acquisition of knowledge, skills and values is something that demands proper educational methods that teach and train the individuals to refine them and to turn them into a gem. Karachi School of Business and Leadership is one of the names that thrive to facilitate students with Business studies. KSBL […]

Moor: A Pakistani Film by Jami

How the Pakistani Movie Waar Changed Pakistani Cinematography When the movie Waar by Bilal Lashari first displayed around the country, it was an endless moment of joy. Pakistani people were seen queuing outside cinemas waiting to get the ticket to see this Pakistani film, which had taken over the social media by storm. This film […]

The Wonders of Handmade Rallis (Quilts)

Colorful quilts with contrasting patterns, themes and fabrics have been quite trendy in Pakistan and across its various cities since ages. The rural areas have all the rights to wear the crown for being the hub of handicrafts, which not only build significance for Pakistani locals around the world but the amazing handmade creativeness of […]

Summaiya Jillani: An Overnight Star from Pakistani Art World

Besides the saddening and distressing notoriety that Pakistan possesses in front of the world, there still occur some pleasant junctures that always thrive to bring a positive light to our country’s name. Every now and then we witness a particular achievement or a talented person from our country that helps us to hold our heads […]

Pakistan Onyx Handicrafts: A Unique Blend of Tradition and Culture

Pakistani Onyx Marble is Among the Best in the world Pakistan has the distinction of being among that handful of countries in the world that have been blessed with numerous minerals and marble varieties. The most famous and exclusive of these precious stone marble is the Onyx; which is predominantly found in the gas cavities […]

S. Iqbal: The Only Poster Artist Left for Lollywood

Pakistan seems to be yet too backward when it comes to talking about painters, sculptures, and artists. There are not many that were blessed enough to engrave their names in the minds of people, excluding Gulgee, Shazia Sikander, Ahmed Pervez, Amin Gulgee, Sadequin, and a few more, who became eminent by luck and education. Whereas, […]

Ali Hassan: When There’s a Will There’s a Way

If you are or were a student of Karachi University, in the past few years, you must have noticed a guy on a wheel chair selling stationary near Arts Lobby. A polio victim whose appearance is ordinary but heart is kind. Who speaks as if a genius is talking, and who, with all the disabilities, knows how […]

‘No Hunger Hunza Bread’: A Health Miracle From the Hunza Valley

Introduction: Hunza Bread is a primitive bread recipe as prepared by the Hunza people of Pakistan. The bread itself dates back nearly 2000 years and has been known with some variation or the other throughout the wider Himalayan region. The Hunza people are among the oldest civilization still living in these regions and are known […]

Darbar Mahal Bahawalpur : An Architectural Masterpiece

Darbar Mahal Bahawalpur

Introduction The Darbar Mahal is a historic fort located in the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur; this city is deeply rooted in Asian history and is considered to be one of the most important trade and cultural centers in local history. The Mahal itself is under the control of Pakistan Army, but its grounds are a […]

Local Art Scene at T2f

PeaceNiche, an NGO that gave birth to the creative hub of Karachi, T2f (formerly known as ‘the second floor), has been working constantly to organize various events, such as a musical evening, art exhibitions and a few literary lectures. All the events are a result of a collective effort of the staff. They aim to […]

Historical Art in Pakistan

Pakistani Paintings

Art as a Cultural Phenomenon Art is a collective term used to signify a vast array of cultural as well as historic traditions that signify a certain civilization, or era. Art can be considered the single richest phenomenon that distinguishes different aspects of a culture from each other, as well as differentiating it from other […]

Artpreneurs for Change – A Great Initiative

Artpreneurs for Change

Artpreneurs; What are they? Artpreneurs for Change is a socially empowering initiative that is designed to bridge the gap between individuals from the US and Pakistan; especially after 9/11 there was a lot of inherent hostility in the way citizens from both countries had perceptions for each other and it was this hostility that is […]

Zindagi Trust Brings Art to the Street Kids

art project zindagi trust

Art  and the faculties of its promotion has been tremendously been neglected in Pakistan, but things are changing for good as a number of social change makers are promoting it through different mediums. Today, we will be discussing about the well reputed NGO, ‘Zindagi Trust’, which is doing a great job in creating awareness about […]