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Babar Azam believes that the familiarity with UAE cricket ground and the previous 10 match win streak gave them an edge over the Indian cricket team. Pakistan has so far failed to win a match against the Indian team during a T20 Cup. 

Babar’s statement emphasized that the team has never been in better shape before, as Babar alone scored two centuries in 2021 alone. 

This is bound to improve the team’s confidence and not be scared while facing any country. 

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The Match was held on October 24, where Pakistan absolutely annihilated the Indian cricket team. 

The Indian team underestimated the Pakistani team due to the previous track records, and the fact that they had played a total of 36 T20 Internationals in the Dubai International Stadium and won 21 of them.

According to Babar Azam’s statement, the goal was just to win the T20 World cup, they eventually had to face the Indian team, and defeating them with a good record would be a spirit and confidence boost for the team. 

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Virat Kohli, when asked about the match against Pakistan, stated it as being “Just another game” whereas Pakistan took it more seriously. Virat continued on how the only reason the hype exists is to boost ticket sales.