Are you a cinema aficionado and want to watch analyze films? If yes, give this article a read to watch a movie like a pro.

Movies are a great medium for both amusement and art, and studying them thoroughly only adds to their enchantment. If you’re writing a film review for a newspaper or a paper for class, you’ll need to break down the film’s aspects and explain what they mean to you. You will provide a comprehensive and nuanced critique by attentively viewing, investigating all elements, and focusing on the topics that resonate with you.

Writing a film analysis necessitates considering the film’s composition—the different components and decisions that come together to form the completed product. In presenting an argument, film analysis extends beyond the examination of the film as literature to encompass camera angles, lighting, scene design, sound aspects, wardrobe choices, editing, and so on.

In this article, we will tell you 4 easy and effective ways to analyze a movie.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Analyze Films

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There’s a lot of information out there about writing film reviews from a critic’s point of view, all with varying degrees of advice. We’ve been critically assessing films, and I’ve discovered that reviews don’t have to be difficult. Rather, they must be forthright and open to debate.

What Is The Distinction Between Cinema and Literary Analysis?

When comparing cinematic and literary writings, there are several parallels. For example, critically analyze approaches, evaluate how the composer transmits meaning, examine themes and ideas, and much more! The main distinctions between cinema analysis and literary analysis, however, are in mode, media, and form!

So, what are the film’s mode, medium, and form?

The film, as opposed to literary writings, is an audiovisual medium.

This means that films convey messages by mixing visual and audible elements.

So, when analyzing a film, you must look at a variety of various components, such as:

This implies that you must be familiar with all of these aspects in order to analyze them in your evaluations and tests. Moreover, this also indicates that you must be able to assess the most effective and appropriate approaches to support your thoughts, as there are numerous to pick from.

What Is the Main Goal of Movie Reviews?

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The primary goal of writing film reviews is to give viewers with information about the film and its concepts. In doing so, people frequently make the typical error of commenting on all of the events that occurred in a certain movie. They express their personal feelings regarding the film. Remember! Whereas such a review allows writers to convey their personal perspectives about a documentary or film, it also necessitates an impartial and unbiased approach. Recognize that a perfect review incorporates both components.

Your review debates whether or not someone should watch the film. Make careful to write your review with the assumption that no one has ever seen the film or documentary before. This greatly aids in the analysis of events that have transpired on the screen. The movie synopsis should be informative enough to provide aid to the reader while maintaining a truthful and accurate representation of the film.

Now without spending more time reading movie reviews of other’s let’s jump to the next level and write your own reviews!

How to Write a Movie Review?

Writing a proper movie review can be an intricate procedure. It is important to divide this process into some sections for a clearer understanding.

Avoid Presuppositions

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Before you begin watching the movie, you should keep a neutral perspective. Experts advise that at this stage, you should avoid doing research or reading other people’s opinions on the movie. When you view a movie from an unfamiliar perspective, you are able to grasp the whole experience in the fullest sense.

If you are not familiar with the director or actors then it is even better. You can also avoid watching its trailer or teaser. This will help you keep an unbiased perspective on the movie. It will make your entire experience wholesome, first-hand, and enjoyable.

Well, many movies share juicy insights about the movie or spoilers in their trailers. This can spoil your first-hand experience of the film. Moreover, if you read other people’s opinions on the movie, you might be influenced by their words. This can cause you to not have a unique opinion on the movie. Ultimately, this can cause your review to be just a replica of what people have already said. Your originality and voice are extremely important in writing a good and effective movie review.

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Pausing and Revisiting

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Movie review experts recommend not to watch a movie too many times. They say it can make your viewpoints weak and confused. It is recommended to just go for a maximum of two viewings only. When you are watching the movie, you should watch it with complete attention and try to avoid interruptions. You should watch the movie in one go to get the entire wholesome experience.

If you take too many pauses and revisit scenes then you are spoiling the entire movie experience for yourself. A movie is meant to be watched in one go. This is why it is recommended to watch the whole movie without any pause. Experts also recommend avoiding too much note-taking while viewing the movie. This, again, interrupts the raw involvement and experience of the movie. It is also recommended not to scribble things while watching the movie because it can make you miss some significant points of the story. This can affect the outcome of your view.

At the end of the day, your evaluation should be unjust, fair, and unbiased. For this purpose, we recommend associating with the movie emotionally and unapologetically. This will build your basis for a critical review of the movie.

Writing All Your Thoughts Down

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As you are done with watching the movie, we recommend writing your thoughts on a piece of paper. It is okay to be chaotic at this stage and just randomly jot down everything that’s coming to your mind. You can do the sorting and placement later after writing. Presently, the purpose should be to vent out all the thoughts going through your head.

If you have a proper checklist of what things to talk about in the review, you are good to go.

Important Components to Analyze Film

Here is a handy list that tells you about the significant components to include in your review:


How was the plot? Did you find it different from usual? Did it make you think about the topic in a newer way? Was it predictable?


What was the central topic of this film? What was the end purpose of the movie? Did the movie intend to educate, inform, or entertain? What was the effect of the themes on you?


Did the actors perform their roles well? Was there some unique characteristic in the main characters? Were they typical characters?


What has the director accomplished as compared to his/her previous movies? Was there suspense in the movie? Was the story linear or complicated? Were the sets believable?


Were the sound effects compatible with what was going on in the movie? Were they too typical or unique? And Also were these sounds timed properly and did they add more meaning to the story?


Were the lighting and color effects used appropriately? Were the locations shot appropriately?


Did you notice any special effects added to the film? Were the transitions choppy or smooth?


Were the conversations making sense in accordance with the context? Were some conversations too long and dragged the movie?

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Complete the Review

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Once your checklist questions have been addressed, you can now work on connecting the ideas with each other. Make sure to give time to this process. This requires great focus from your side. You need to make sure that your audience is able to understand the flow of ideas thoroughly. At this stage, you can also deliberate on what ideas are significant and need to be included and which ones can be discarded.

At this stage, you should also check that your personal voice should be visible in the review. It should be entirely just a descriptive essay on the movie or a summary of it. Good reviews with the author’s personal voice are more likely to be read and appreciated. If you don’t incorporate your voice into your evaluation, your audience will struggle to comprehend your point of view. Also to connect with you as a reviewer, and, most significantly, they may not be entertained.

“The most essential aspect of a movie review is how it made you feel”. We are glad to know about your reviews as well! Let us know….