Before we talk about how you can become rich or poor via the power of investing and investment in Pakistan, let’s take a minute to answer the question on your mind, “What is investing?” Good question, Investing is the process of putting money into a project for a specific period of time, and are expected to give you a high rate of return. The amount of return depends on the type of project you’re thinking of investing in, if you’re looking to invest in real estate it will produce rent and capital gains as you’ll receive quarterly or monthly amounts. Investment basically allows people to grow their money over a specific period of time.

Investing in PakistanInvestment, Places in Pakistan, Business

Pakistan has a large potential for investors both local and international, many aren’t aware but there are several areas to invest in Pakistan, and earn a good amount by doing so as well, for example, people of Pakistan have stock exchanges, properties, and mutual funds. Now let’s take a look at the best areas where you can start your investment journey in Pakistan.

The country itself provides investors with a “Geo-Strategic Location” as its Asia’s premier trade for energy and trade, it also provides a connection to energy-rich States of Central Asia, the liquid Gulfs, and the Far eastern tigers that are economically advanced, these factors truly make Pakistan into a gold mine of opportunities.

The next advantage is Pakistan’s population and workforce, in Pakistan the average amount of workers starts at the age of 19 approximately 55% of the population is either that or below which also provides reliable economic growth in the long run. A large sum of the labor force is proficient in the English Language, can perform extreme tasks with little difficulty, and are also intelligent, as the saying goes “a smart man is one who hires people smarter than him”.

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The country also offers experienced and trained bankers, traders, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals who have made their mark in the local and international markets. The market also has a high pace of growth as it has reached more than 150 million. Now let’s look at the “economic outlook”, Pakistan’s economy has shown both resistance to shocks and spikes in financial levels, as well as maintained its regional and global system.

As of now, Pakistan has maintained a reputation in international reports as ahead of other countries. The country’s investment policy is a comprehensive framework that allows you to create an executable business environment. The trends have shown to be in Pakistan’s favor as they have maintained consistency with modernization, free trade, and nationalization. Pakistan has Special Economic Zones that the government has designed to meet the global demands and challenges of various competitors to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

The law basically allows anyone with liberal incentives to create a cluster of industrial impulse, economic development, and services for the facilitation of investors which enhances the productivity and decreases the amount of doing business to reduce poverty and develop the country’s economy.

5 Best Places to Invest and Get a High Potential ReturnInvestment, Places in Pakistan, Business

The main place for investment in Pakistan which offers the highest rate of return but also the highest risk of loss is in Real Estate. Yes, even though it is a gamble but many Pakistani residents opt to invest in land for a certain period of time. It gives them the advantage of either the land will appreciate over time which will give them a huge profit. Or in case of a loss, they can sell the land for a huge sum. Now let’s explore the different cities to find the 5 best ones for you.

Kicking off our list, we have the hustle and bustle city of Karachi home to the father of our nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his family. The city welcomes locals and foreigners with its top class standard of living. It offers exquisite beaches, gated communities, tourist attractions and landmarks, restaurants with dishes that’ll make you reminisce upon the very thought. It has educational institutions with high quality studies and experienced teachers to give students the best of the best.

The city is famous for its diverse and delightful fusion of high, middle, and low income neighborhoods. So if you’re looking to earn a high sum from your investment then below are some places in you should look into.

DHA Defense, KarachiDHA Defense, Karachi, Business

DHA has maintained its position as the popular and safe options to secure your investment in the market. It’s no mystery that Defense Housing Authority’s housing schemes initiatives are notable for being amongst the highly secure residential areas to live in the country. Thanks to the efforts of vigilant rules and regulations against the expansion and invasion of territory. The housing projects in this area come with a guarantee by default of appreciation.

Karachi’s Defense is mainly famous for its almost perfect location. It’s where major parts of the city are stretched within the area. Thus, it provides greater accessibility from each corner of the city. It is situated in close vicinity to Clifton and Sea View. Defense Housing Authority consists of several phases and each has its unique offerings.

Schools, hospitals, mosques, shopping malls, commercial and local markets, family parks, and other such facilities elevate the standards of life for residents. And these are spread out in every part of the community. Each of the scheme’s phases connects to others. It provides an extreme navigation and availability of facilities in nearby phases.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi

Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Business

Those investors who are looking for investment opportunities, look no further. In Karachi’s line of real estate market, many have shown great interest in investing in the majestic area of Gulistan-e-Jauhar. It’s not something unexpected. Since the housing project has always ranked among the cities top searched areas for investing.

The area expands near Jinnah International Airport. Undeniably, it is popular for its very affordable housing and opportunities for investment. Along with that, the standard framework and perks ensure the residents an equitable lifestyle. The plentiful supply of domestic utilities such as electricity, water, and gas makes it an attraction for all.

In addition to the basic domestic facilities, Gulistan-e-Jauhar also provides an abundance of schools, leisure facilities, sports grounds, and family parks. It also has commercial and local markets. All this has made it one of the most reliable projects to have developed in the city.

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Next, we have Lahore – the Heart of Pakistan, a beautiful and well-developed city as another great option for investment

Brimming with history in every stone, every inch of the city has a piece of the past embedded into it making it the very heart of the region of Punjab. Emerging as the most profitable areas in Pakistan in terms of real estate and investment. The new developments in the city to adapt to the changes in the economy have made it an attraction for investors with both affordability and variety. In fact most of the businesses have opted to relocate to the historic city for this reason.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town, Lahore, Business

Known by the locals as “The embodiment of Perfection” as its offered residents with the highest quality of lifestyle, with parks that span for miles, sports complexes with grounds for football, cricket and basketball, indoor and outdoor gym facilities and swimming pools, leisure clubs, educational institutions and commercial and local markets, shopping centers and basically it just gives more and more reasons not to leave the gate.

The housing scheme is most popular with its state of the art schools and hospitals. Making it a place for families to enjoy the many amenities. Further, in terms of an investment, it’s a pretty safe bet that this place will give you a pretty penny.

Now, let’s talk about Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan! It is another great option if you are looking for investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, even though it’s not one of the most crowded cities. It also the second most beautiful capital in the world. Living in Islamabad is basically a dream these days. The city is home to international diplomats and embassies, with greenery of majestic proportions. And not to mention the safety in these streets will let you sleep like a baby. As the World Crime Index declared the capital as the most secure area to live in.

DHA Islamabad

DHA, Islamabad, Business

The top ranker for best places to live and invest is DHA Islamabad. It offers a picture perfect style of living with educational institutions, hospitals, parks, carpeted roads. It also provides 24/7 security and housing at both affordable and lucrative prices, giving investors fair room to work with.

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Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg, Islamabad, Business

The next in our line of investment opportunities is the gated community of Gulberg. It is situated in the borderline of the Islamabad Expressway. Thus, it gives exclusive packages to buyers and investors. The units offer a fusion between both international amenities. So let’s say you want to go abroad but miss your mother country. This place will give you the feel of it, all the while keeping you close to home.

The housing scheme offers a connection of roads designed to keep traffic smooth and streamlined. It has parks for families to enjoy, restaurants, banking facilities, sports complexes, educational institutions and hospitals, shopping malls and commercial markets. The area’s strategic design offers residents everything they need.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion,the best cities for investment in Pakistan are Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. These cities have great potential for growth and development. There are many opportunities for investors to make a profit in these cities. These are well-developed and full of scenic beauty. So, if you are thinking of investing in Pakistan, these are the best cities to invest in.