If you have landed here, you are certainly wondering what is the point of having a weekend if we start our routine with the same bread and toast. You can’t possibly imagine staying indoors. When the scenic mountain views are waiting for you in summers and the outdoor sunbathing resorts during winters. Well, you are no different from others and definitely on the right track. Weekend, if utilized, spending quality time with family and friends, would give you an adrenaline rush that would keep you active and alive throughout the upcoming week.

Now let us talk about the next question in your mind. How to effectively spend a perfect weekend. There are many things that you can do depending upon your unique personality traits. Some of you would simply think of taking some deep sleep missing due to your over occupied routine. Another group among readers would like to have virtual gaming sessions with their friends. We can never miss out on the grocery, quite essential to keep the house running usually done on weekends. Your friends have been contacting you for quite a while and you told them to hangout on the upcoming weekend.

Seems like you have a waiting list of friends and family and you wish to make your rendezvous worth remembering. The journey would of course begin from a delightful breakfast where Lahoris surpass the other Pakistanis.

Breakfast Places in Lahore

Lahore Lahore Hai is an expression popularly used to define the culture, beauty and history of the capital of Punjab, a province of Pakistan. Recognized as the second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi, the origin of Lahore goes back as it has remained under the control of various empires. However, the height of splendor was reached during the Mughal Dynasty as it became the capital of governance.

Later on, it’s central position was maintained during the advent of British rule and continued to stay in the limelight for several historical events such as the Independence movement, Lahore Resolution and several riots occurring before the Partition of India. Resultantly, it was declared the capital of Punjab and hitherto presents the diversity of norms, customs, traditions and culture that prevails in its vicinity such as Walled City, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

In addition to all these historical sites as a source of inspiration and attraction for tourists, Lahore is also known for its diversity in terms of culinary delights that it tends to offer. If you go deep inside bazaars and markets, you will identify an array of dhabas and cafes offering nihari, pae alongside nicely baked tandoori naan and roghni. Many of you have already started to feel hungry despite not mentioning halwa puri and channay. The traditional paratha served with fried or scrambled egg is also loved and taken by majority of the Pakistanis.

However, if you are in for some intercontinental experience during your breakfast hour, Lahore is full of surprises offering cinnabon rolls, pan cakes, crepes, muffins, blueberry and raspberry cheesecake slices.Therefore, if you are a foody and love to try traditional dishes of an area, these top Dine-in restaurants should be your starting point to have the breakfast of your interest.

Sadiq Halwa PuriHalwa Puri, Breakfast

The residents of Lahore would be aware of Sadiq Halwa Puri but in case you are visiting Lahore for the first time then you need to reach Shama station of the metro bus service. Go to Ferozepur road where you will easily identify the place from the crowd and customers waiting in long queues to get their parceled breakfast. Although the site seems archaic, when you compare it with the taste of your breakfast, you would definitely overlook the scenario. The puri is soft and channay are served with a teaspoon serving of pickles. Our meals in general are incomplete without dessert. The halwa served by Sadiq Halwa Puri is one of its kind and would certainly make you return again either on the next day or at least on the forthcoming weekend.

Jade cafeJade cafe, Breakfast

Many of you would be wondering regarding the experience of having a waffle in your early breakfast time. No need to any further as we would recommend Jade cafe as the best site to enjoy a yummy breakfast. It is located in Nishtar Town Lahore and remains in the list of outstanding restaurants in terms of serving a delicious breakfast. It provides a wide variety of options starting from the Belgium Waffle and moving ahead with Southern and Western variants of Skillet with Baked Eggs. If you are looking for a combination of eggs with french fries, spinach and mince chicken then Poutine Shakshuka is a must try for you.

If you want to keep your breakfast simple, just go for Simple & Fit Pakistani Omelette also available with its variants such as Mediterranean Omelette and Chicken Fajita Omelette. Imagine yourself sitting along with your friends and family enjoying the delicious scrambled eggs alongside lacha paratha. Turn your dream into a reality at Jade and have fun.

Lahore ChatkharaLahore Chatkhara, Breakfast

We have another exciting place for the lovers of traditional foods and breakfasts especially naan. Nowadays, we see a lot of variety in the options available in a simple tandoor. It ranges from ordering a plain naan advancing to kulcha, roghni, vegetable naan, beef naan and pizza naan. Thus, you got the idea of how advanced a simple naan has become with the increasing demand and request of the public. Lahore Chatkhara is our top recommendation for naan lovers. As the name itself suggests, you can find a spicy touch in most of their specials. It is located at College Road in Gulberg.

If we talk about the breakfast options available at the place, tandoori naans are their speciality. The options range from Kandhari Naan, Kalwanji Naan, Garlic Naan, Lahori Kulcha and the famous Tandoori Paratha. Your Sunday would get even more special with halwa puri, warqi paratha, achari keema, omelette, lassi and tea. You are certainly going to love your very first visit and your friends may encourage you to even have your dinner at the same place.

Capri restaurantCapri restaurant

In case you are familiar with the liberty market in Lahore, check out the delectable dishes offered by the Capri restaurant Gulberg. Although their team claims halwa puri as their specialty, if you are in for trying a range of parathas being somewhat different and unique in taste from the traditional one, then you have arrived at the right place. If you are going along with your friends, do try their chicken paratha, aloo paratha and the tawa paratha. Furthermore, you will also love their daisy dishes such as nihari, paya and lassi.

Polo loungePolo lounge

Some of you are always searching for an open field where you can enjoy a game of golf right after your breakfast and a nice cup of tea. If that is the case then check out the Polo Lounge especially designed for golf lovers. It is located in Lahore polo club, golf lane. The interesting thing to note about polo lounge is the variety of omelettes that you get in one place such as spinach and feta omelettes, cheese omelettes and mushroom omelettes. Furthermore, waffles, oatmeal and buttermilk would certainly act as a nice dessert to complete your breakfast package. In a nutshell, you are going to have a quality time during your breakfast and it will give you a boost to have a successful match ahead.

Chaaye KhanaChaaye Khana

How can we expect a breakfast to be complete without a nice cup of tea? This became the inspiration behind Chaaye Khana, one of the leading and popular cafes in Lahore. It is located in M. M. Alam road catches the eye of almost all the visitors and travelers passing through that region. If you are a person who really wishes to get something special in one’s cup of tea then Chaaye Khana is your hub offering almost seventy blends of tea from different parts of the world.

Furthermore, the main course alongside your tea cup is also quite diverse. Some top rated omelettes are cheese omelette, mushroom omelette, spanish omelette and of course a plain omelette to enjoy the traditional flavor of a simple breakfast. Moving ahead, you can make your meal extra special by ordering from a range of sandwiches and desserts. Red velvet and cheesecake would take you to another dimension. The rest is for you to explore and cherish some good memories hanging out with friends and family.

Bundu KhanBundu Khan, Breakfast

Some of you are looking for an all in one experience at a place where you can enjoy indoor as well as outdoor dining. If that is the case, then Bundu Khan restaurant is totally your place. It is quite popular in Lahore with its beautiful interior design and a spacious sitting area for enjoying outdoors. You can determine its success from its branches opening and various cities. In case you are wondering about the menu, well you need to decide from the various options provided. You can enjoy the traditional halwa puri alongside channay and murgh channay.

If you wish to make it even more special for your family, then go for their Nihari and try with Sheermal and Taftan. You can not miss their Qeema Pura which provides an experience of its kind. There is always a doubt when you are purchasing a daisy anda from the market. Bundu Khan makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the quality of anything ordered from the menu. Sit back, order and enjoy.

The Urban Cafe YogliciousThe Urban Cafe Yoglicious

We can’t expect everyone to be a regular fan of paratha and egg early in the morning. Many of us are looking for something different to start their day including steaks. If you are the same reader, then you should know and explore The Urban Cafe Yoglicious. The place is located at Ghalib Road, Gulberg and provides some good choice to enjoy your customized breakfast. If you are in for beef steak, you can order it here. Moving ahead, the cafe also serves sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, chicken fillet, Motel eggs benedicts-poached eggs which are stuffed on English muffin and served with pepperoni.

In addition, the option of enjoying daisy breakfast is also available. So you can order your favourite paratha with chana, alo tikki, shami kabab and the regular omelettes. If your mouth has already started watering and you are near, get your friends ready and enjoy some quality time.

English Tea HouseEnglish Tea House, Breakfast Restaurant

In case you didn’t know, you will get some quality breakfast and a worth remembering time at the English Tea House. If you are thinking that we have just translated Chaaye Khana for your readers, that is not the case. We have a competitor in Lahore which has its two major branches in Gulberg and DHA. Since the day it was established in 2010, it has gained some good attention from foodies providing a good variety in the menu for kids as well as adults. If we talk about the options provided for the young lot, you can order fruit cups and cereals.

On the other side, the Tea House also provides some good options for selecting your favourite omelette from the Mexican, Spanish and French variants. If you are looking for something sweet, you can always order some pancakes, waffles and french toast and all these are just a few options from a big variety available on their menu. Time is right to give it a try.

Cinnabon bakeryCinnabon bakery

If you are looking for something intercontinental, then look no further. Cinnabon bakery would answer all your questions related to culinary delights. It is an American chain founded in 1985 and now has branches in almost fifty countries around the world. You can of course anticipate their specialty to be a cinnabon role. However, the cafe includes a lot of variety of food lovers of all sorts. You can order their special Belgian waffle to make some sweet memories or try their top selling sausage egg and cheese sandwich. Their beef and cheddar panini is also quite popular. Furthermore, a visitor can find some good variety of coffees including the trending espresso, caramel macchiato, caffe americano, cappuccino and caffe latte.

Taj Mahal SweetsTaj Mahal Sweets

If you are the admirer of history and rich culture scattered in the beautiful city of Lahore, then it is time to give you a taste of tradition near the fort road. Taj Mahal sweets has something special founded by Muhammad Akram in 1967. Their specialty is the delicious halwa puri. Which becomes even more extraordinary with two variations of halwa that this restaurant offers. According to the owners, they use thickened milk to ensure that the customers enjoy the best taste of puffed puri with halwa without missing the spicy flavor of channay.

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Butt Sweets and BakersButt Sweets and Bakers

In case you live near Ferozepur road, then we have some good alternatives for you. One top trending bakers also renowned for their sweets are the Butt Sweets and Bakers. The place is not just famous in Lahore but also serving people in other cities of Pakistan. Once again, their halwa puri and Pheni are the most popular items from their menu if you are coming to enjoy a heavy breakfast in the morning.

Muhammadi NihariMuhammadi Nihari

If you want a nihari and want to start your day with something extra spicy then you need to visit Muhammadi Nihari. The place is quite popular in Lahore because of a rich variety of niharis offered according to your choice. The spicy magic simply makes you have another plate of nihari right. And even compels you to rearrange your next trip very soon. The best part is the ginger, onion and lemon topping alongside coriander leaves. Do try their mutton and beef nihari served with maghaz.

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Amritsari hareesaAmritsari hareesa, Breakfast

Some of you may find it something unique and heard of for the first time. But hareesa is not something unusual for Lahoris. It is one of the traditional Lahori item made with desi ghee, mutton and wheat. The important thing to add here is trying it from the most authentic place and here we would like to present Amritsari hareesa, the favourite of citizens. Up till now, it stands among the top contenders serving hareesa. If you are going for the first time, try their fried mutton hareesa with a kabab plate. You will have a finger biting experience.

Phajja siri payePhajja siri paye

Next, we have Phajja siri paye, quite famous in Lahore for serving the best bowls of siri and paye. Their paya pyala and maghaz pyala are at the top of the list. The place has maintained its position and remains quite crowded on weekdays as well as weekends. If you really wish to get a good spot and enjoy the pyala, then you have to schedule your trip waking up early in the morning.

Waris NihariWaris Nihari, Breakfast

We have another exciting place for a mouth watering experience for nihari lovers. Waris Nihari awaits your visit providing a wide variety of options. In terms of this heavy breakfast loaded with meat and desi ghee. Some people say that the place is over occupied and hard to find space but if you go early, you can enjoy it to the full. Do try their nalli nihari and machli boti which are simply the best.

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Mocca CoffeeMocca Coffee

If you are in a mood to have a nice cup of coffee. Alongside something light and sweet then pay a visit to mocca coffee. The place has some good options ranging from stuffed crepes, waffles and ice creams. You can also order some fresh fruit served with low fat yoghurt and granola.

Gloria Jeans CoffeeGloria Jeans Coffee

Another nice place to enjoy your morning coffee is Gloria jeans coffee. The best part is that this cafe provides you the option of picking from hot as well as cold coffee versions. Expresso chillers are quite popular among visitors. You can mix it up with panini sandwiches, pattesse and pastries available at the place.

Second CupSecond Cup

Let us give you some extra options to choose from a cafe. We are referring to Second Cup. The cafe is also quite famous among Lahoris for enjoying a nice intercontinental breakfast different from the traditional style. If we just talk about the top rated beverages. Do try their candy cane white hot chocolate, pistachio latte, pistachio frappe and peppermint mochaccino. You would certainly plan to visit the place again.

Butlers Chocolate CafeButlers Chocolate Cafe

Lastly, the residents of Gulberg should definitely plan a visit to Butlers Chocolate Cafe. You will love the exquisite variety of sandwiches, cakes and other bakery items at the place. For your first visit, we would recommend trying crumbed chicken breast alongside hot chocolate lava cake. If you are looking for some options in beverages, try butlers signature chocolate milk and you will end up saying it was totally worth it.

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