Unemployment is increasing steadily in Pakistan. The dream of getting a job as soon as you graduate seems a far-fetched reality. However, your entrepreneurial skills can set you apart from the rest and help you earn a stable income. If you have the mindset of working hard, starting up your own business and have some amount that can be invested, then we have the best 25 business ideas for you. 

Business Ideas in Pakistan With High Profit and Low Investment

Here’s a list of 25 best business ideas to start with in Pakistan. Some business ideas no investment or very less amount of investment at all.

Bridal photoshoots

If you love taking photos and have expertise in Adobe Photoshop, then start shooting photographs for your family events. Gain expertise, create your page and keep sharing your work. Your only investment will be in your training, your camera accessories, and a good system for photo-editing and final printing of an album.

Event Management

If you have some experience of arranging events at your institute and those events were always acclaimed for the way they were executed, then you are born with a skill that can be turned into a business. Event Management in itself is a demanding task, you should have contacts with relevant resources that can provide décor, food, and labor force. Once this is done, you can start with smaller events and then market them to gain bigger bookings.

Catering Services

You probably would have attended multiple occasions where the series of events end up with some refreshment or lunch. Most of the organizations do not prefer to rely on their cafeteria meals and seek the services of some catering services. If you have space and expertise, then this could be your targeted business as it will lead you to profitable returns.


If you have been teaching your siblings or your classmates, then you have honed sufficient pedagogical skills that can be utilized to initiate your own academy. You can begin by tutoring your siblings’ friends who will do the pertinent marketing regarding your teaching strategy attracting more students to take tuition from you. You can either allocate one room of your house to launch your own academy or if you want to invest some amount you can take a portion on rent, purchase some chairs, and a whiteboard.


Everyone nowadays is becoming more health conscious. The influx of families towards parks and recreational areas has increased as they prefer outdoor activities instead of adopting a stagnant lifestyle. One such healthy activity, becoming conspicuous, is the gym culture which is gradually increasing in Pakistan. If you have a free area in your house, your investment would go in purchasing the essential machines for kick-starting the operations of your gym. With proper maintenance of all the equipment, you will start receiving a return of investment on a regular basis.

Gaming Zone

The gaming culture is witnessing exponential growth. Many people are now fond of developing their own gaming PC solely meant to play online games through networking. You can turn this into a business by setting up a Gaming zone by taking a small commercial area or using a portion of your house. Your setup would require the purchase of few consoles, PCs, refrigerators and snacks. Once the gamers would come to know that they all can play at one place and have fun as much as they like, they would love to sit for hours.

Salon and Hair Stylingfashion, clothing store, Consultant, online teaching

If you are good at makeup or hairstyling, you can start with your own little setup. This initial area can be dedicated to either providing services to customers or training little girls in different salon skills. Of course, you would require a space where you can develop a requisite setup including chairs, mirrors, shelves, and much more. Nevertheless, this investment would give you the perfect start gaining the attention of all the girls living near to your salon.

Pick and Drop Services

If you own an extra car that is just parked in your garage and has not been in use for a long period of time, just take it to your nearest workshop. Once the automobile is fixed, circulate some flyers regarding your own pick and drop services. You can also hire a driver to do the duty with a negotiated monthly salary. Try to target all those vicinities which are not being covered by other service providers.

Driving School

The excess of cars can be utilized in another smart way if you love driving and love to teach driving, then this is a good option. You can launch your own driving school, get it registered and start teaching the aspiring boys and girls out there anxious to enhance their driving skills and pass the test for getting their license.

Renting a Portion of the House

Renting your house or a portion of it is a simple way of earning a good amount of money from the tenants. In case you find it a little risky, the property dealers are here to assist you with a small fee as their commission. Once the portion is rented out, just calculate the return of investment that you will receive on a monthly basis. In a short span of time, you will have the amount to renovate the area further.

Selling and Purchasing Commercial Propertyproperty dealer, broker, property investor

If you have some savings and wish to invest the amount to keep circulating for some fruitful results, then investment in commercial projects can be one of the business ideas. The commercial shops of varying sizes are available either completely or can be purchased in the form of shared space. You can look for some trustworthy developer groups and invest in their forthcoming projects.

Plant Nursery Business

If you love gardening and spending time in your lawn filled with beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables, this skill can be expanded into a business by setting up a nursery. All you require is a land, the initial amount to purchase all the variety of plants. Being familiar with their names will prove to be beneficial while purchasing these plants from wholesalers.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is recommended by many experts. The best part is that you can initiate this project in your backyard. There is no need to purchase a separate land for this. Just purchase a few hens and cocks and set an appropriate nest for the chickens and they will start giving organic eggs.

Biryani Business

Many people are of the view that an investment in traditional foods, sweets and bakery items gives the best interest. No need to work on all the aforementioned items. Just carry out a small survey of your vicinity to determine the kind of dishes usually preferred by the inhabitants. For example if you reside in Karachi, no one can resist the aroma of the famous Sindhi or Karachi Biryani. Just identify a place densely covered with visitors or travelers. You can prepare the biryani at home. Just put it in your vehicle alongside some disposable plates and spoons. Your mobile biryani center will definitely catch attention.

Kulfi Businesskulfi business, food business, food startup

As the summer season arrives, everyone is searching for the best ice creams to get rid of the seasonal heat. But if you would present these customers with the option of purchasing a kulfi, they all will forget the other variety in your refrigerator. That is the magic of a kulfi and all it requires is milk, sugar, dry fruits, and ice to keep it consistent. You can expect to earn 33% of profit on each purchase. Furthermore, you will get a complimentary supply of desi ghee and lassi that can be sold as well. Imagine the profit that you can make with this small item if prepared and sold smartly.

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Honey Farming

You probably would have heard that honey is considered and used to cure multiple problems and ailments. Furthermore, it is also used as a sweetener. Honey farming is where you will be managing all the worker honey bees to prepare all the honey for you to sell in the market. All you require are few honey boxes that are quite cheap in winters. A consistent supply of sugar is one essential component to keep the bees alive and working. The return of investment would come in three seasons of the year excluding the autumn as the bees do not collect nectar from flowers in that season.

Lemon Soda Bar

Another nice business idea for starters particularly entrepreneurs is opening a lemon soda shop. It is the cheapest business idea which would give you a huge return on your investment. Initially you require a setup. Next, your expenses would be nothing more than purchasing disposable glasses, straws, lemons, ice, sugar, and the most important soda water. Start mixing and start selling.

Fried Potato Chips

These are everyone’s favorite snacks. Although purchased throughout the year, winter is an ideal time to kick start with your own sale. All you require is a gas cylinder or an electric fryer, potato, masala spices, and chatni.

Mini Golf Clubs

Most of the retired men have a hobby to spend some quality time with their fellow colleagues playing golf. However, they all cannot afford the heavy fee of joining different clubs. As they just want to play the game as a leisure activity, their hobby has opened a gate for you to start earning. All you require is a piece of land. Install Astroturf over it. Buy a few golf balls and clubs of varying sizes. Use an auger machine to make small holes and your setup is complete. That is your total investment. This will be followed by your earnings once the customers will start coming to your mini golf club.

Table Tennis Clubsports, tourism business, Consultant, online teaching

Many teenagers are big fans of ping pong being light as well as an entertaining game for them to have some quality time. However, they usually do not have the set up at their homes. So, setting up table tennis could be one of the business ideas to follow in 2021. If they are provided with a space filled with few tables where the rackets and balls are also available in excess, they would surely come. You can make it even more interesting for them by offering few refreshments.

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Home Cooking

If you do not have enough amounts to start a restaurant despite excellent culinary and cooking skills, you can launch your home based restaurant and start delivering services from your comfort zone. Just connect with various online delivery services available and start cooking and selling. Just think of the dishes which have always paved the way for appreciation from your guests, relatives and friends. That is your specialty and, so just start from these items.

Travel Agency

YouTube has broadened the vision of Pakistanis to explore the arts and crafts of different countries. Furthermore, most of the Muslims are anxious to visit the holy cities of Makkah and Medina. This opens business ideas for you to start a travel agency guiding, assisting and facilitating all such Pakistanis in attaining visas of their country of interest, booking their hotel rooms in advance and the arrangement of transport to and from one city to the next. Your commission will continue to generate revenue from your clients.

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Tourism Agency

Pakistan offers beautiful scenic views in its North that go down in the South covering various world heritage sites. The contemporary government is also trying its utmost to promote tourism in the country as a result various traditional and international travel vloggers have started to visit and explore the beautiful places of Pakistan. It is time for you to step forward with an Agency offering tour guides that can provide a comprehensive tour of all these sites.

Fish Farming

As people have become more conscious regarding the consumption of meat preferring fish over the other variants, it is time for you to invest some of your savings on opening up a fish farm. Trout is everyone’s favorite in northern Pakistan. You will find visitors coming at your farm to purchase the fish in abundance to take it ahead at the picnic points.

Selling Parrots

Selling parrots is one of the low investment business ideas in Pakistan. Parrots are adored by children and adults alike due to their appealing chirping, variety of colors and sizes. You just have to set up the cage of appropriate size, a pair of parrots alongside their favorite nuts and seeds and leave the rest to the couple. They will breed the next generation that will continue to flourish and will be ready for sale within no time.