There are certain things in life that bring so much happiness and joy in life and one of those things is ice cream which is universally liked by everyone. Undoubtedly, ice cream is something that everyone loves. Some are very choosy about the style and flavors of ice cream and some love every flavor and style of it. This classic frozen delicacy is something that nobody will say No to and is loved by kids as well as adults. Since the competition has increased, you’ll find many ice cream parlors in Islamabad in every other corner of the city. 

Thus, it often gets difficult to find new good places to try out the new ice cream flavors from different ice cream parlors. 

But no worries. We’ve got you covered!!

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Ice Cream Parlors in Islamabad That You Can’t Get Enough of

If you’re bored of your go-to ice cream parlors in Islamabad and want to visit new ice-cream cafes or if you’re new to Islamabad and are looking for some good ice-cream parlors then keep reading because we have compiled a list of ten best ice-cream parlors in Islamabad that you must visit.

These top ten ice cream parlors in Islamabad are the superstars of this classic frozen sweet treat. 

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Kaspas Dessertsdesserts, sweets, islamabad, isloo spots

Kaspas is a perfect place where you can treat yourself to some fresh and delicious ice cream in a variety of creative flavors. It’s a wonderful dessert house that offers the world’s best sweet treats under one roof. The environment of the cafe is commendable which will give you an unforgettable experience.

This ice-cream parlor will definitely change the way you view desserts with its irresistible products. Their menu includes a mouthwatering selection of frozen sweets, but in reality, you are only here for their yummy ice-creams. You should definitely give this place a try with your family, friends, and loved ones.


They are situated at Agha Khan Road, Super Market F-6 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The Ice-Factoryice cream factory, food delivery, food in pakistan

The Ice Factory is another best one-stop cafe in the capital that offers many customizable icy treats. They offer all the yummiest and funky ice cream flavors. So, whatever flavor is your favorite, Ice Factory has got you covered. You have the option to choose from many different available flavors such as frozen yogurt sorbets, fat-free, soy-based, Nutella, chocolate, and cream-based ice-creams.

Moreover, they also offer various options of delicious toppings to finish off your ice cream look with chocolate chips, cookies, jams, and fresh fruits. Also, you have the option to choose from cones or cups in a countless range of flavors that are of superb value for your cash. This ice cream parlor is a must-try refreshing treat especially when the heat strikes the capital.


They are situated on the Second Floor, The Centaurus Mall, and also at Food Court, Giga Mall, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The Hot Spotice cream in Rawalpindi, islamabad eat, islamabad feast

The Hot Spot is a wonderful ice cream cafe, nestled away in a quiet corner of the capital. It’s one of the best ice cream parlors that offer some great choices of ice cream in a wild interior and matchless ambiance. They offer some delicious and fresh dessert treats and ice cream. 

Their warm chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla is a must-try refreshing treat that you must not miss on your next visit to Islamabad.

You have the choice to sit in and enjoy the ice cream of your choice in a cup full of fruits and different sauces or grab a cone and wander the stunning streets and markets of the city.


They are situated at Old Bogie, F7/3, Gol Market, Islamabad

Cold Stone Creamerydessert places, BunBurry Club, smoke ice cream

The cold stone creamery is another wonderful place to visit especially for those of you with a sweet tooth. They play and experiment with different ice-cream flavors and present the freshest, creamy, and delicious ice-cream flavors. They are situated in the food court of Safa Gold Mall as well as Giga Mall, Islamabad.

Nothing beats treating yourself and your loved ones with yummy ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery on a hot summer day. A complete experience of pure joy!


Manolo GelatoF-6 Islamabad, restaurants in Islamabad, islamabad dining

Manolo Gelato is a wonderful place to come for those of you who love gelato ice cream. They offer a wide range of colorful, fresh, and yummilicious gelato ice cream flavors. Manolo Gelato has 17 branches all over Pakistan where they serve 150,000 customers daily. 

Where they once served customers on the streets, now they welcome their customers in the loftier ambiance of their parlors and cafes. The reason for their success is their commitment to providing quality ice cream and a great experience to their customers. 


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Baskin Robbinsbaskin robbins, dessert places in islamabad, restaurants in islamabad

Baskin-Robbins is one of the largest chains of ice-cream parlors and cafes in the world with 7800 cafes in more than 50 countries of the world. It was started by two ice-cream enthusiasts whose passion for ice cream led them to build this amazing place for other ice-cream lovers to serve them various delicious ice-cream flavors.

They offer some of the world’s yummiest ice creams and cold desserts such as custom ice cream cakes, frozen beverages, sundaes, and ice-cream flavors like chocolate chip, blueberry, chocolate with Nutella, mango, cotton candy bubblegum, and many more.

Moreover, their ice cream and desserts are served so beautifully that you might find it difficult to decide; to stare or to eat.


Guilty Pleasuresfood, foody, food places in islamabad

Guilty pleasures is an exciting dessert parlor that offers a variety of sweet treats; cold, hot, and a combination of both. This is the best place to seek all your guilty pleasures. This café has brought some next-level trends to the ice cream industry. Alongside ice cream, they also offer some tempting bakery items in their cafe.

You’ll find this mesmerizing ice cream parlor on the 3rd floor of Centaurus Mall, right next to the Agha Noor store. Their idea of setting a dessert bar interior is fascinating. Every part of the café’s interior has been given special attention to make it an aesthetic place for the visitors.

Their ice cream rolls are what they are famous for the most. With a mixture of 30 flavors and funky toppings, this sweet treat is super delicious. For ice cream rolls, the cream and toppings are poured on an icy tray, mixed together, and then get straightened, rolled, and placed perfectly into a cup. These super delightful and creamy ice rolls are a must-try.


They are situated at the Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

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Sooper Scooperz Ice-creamfood pictures, food photography, ice cream lover

Sooper Scoopers offers some very rich flavored and delicious authentic homemade dairy ice creams. They also offer a wide variety of sundaes with the most delightful flavors and textures. They transform an ordinary cup of vanilla ice cream into a satisfyingly sweet treat by decorating it with brownies, candies, nuts, and yummy flavored syrups.

No doubt that their prices are a bit high as compared to other ice cream parlors in the capital but it is worth the investment and you should definitely give it a try.


They are situated at F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Supermarket, opposite Hillview hotel Islamabad, Pakistan.

Gelato Affairfood of the day, yummy desserts, delicious sweets

Gelato affairs is another great place that offers a delightful selection of original gelatos with an immense focus on fresh fruits. They are some serious ice cream professionals in the capital who will change the way you look at ice creams. Their ice creams are pure, delicious, and rich in flavor.

Their yummilicious ice creams have the power to change your perspective about ice creams and no other scoop will taste so good once you taste the ice cream of Gelato Affair.


They are situated at Street 8, F-7/3 Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Savour Ice-Creamice cream parlors, food of the day, savour pulao

Just like their food, their ice creams are also delightful and yummy. One lick of savour ice cream and you’ll understand why their ice cream is considered one of the best ice creams in Islamabad. They offer a wide variety of flavors which include chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, kulfa, and much more.

 They offer some super creative and delicious flavors so you can visit the place again and again to try a new flavor every time. Their flavors are seasonal that rotate in and out, depending on what is available. And no matter what flavor you choose they are all smooth, silky, and delightful.


Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.