The television industry of Pakistan owns some of the most amazing dramas ever. Several plays have been translated and aired in numerous other countries of the world as well. This field of entertainment is assuredly participates in creating a positive name for Pakistan around the globe.

If you have not seen any Pakistani drama yet, then let me tell you that you are definitely missing out on a lot. Today, we will be sharing some of the top-notch Pakistani dramas with you. So, the next time you are in the mood to watch a television series with an attention-grabbing story, amazing actors and wonderful performances, then make sure to check out this list of some of the most brilliant Pakistani dramas that on-aired and swept the audience away into their magical world.


On airing year: 2011

On airing channel: Hum Television Network

Themes: Married life, love, hatred, jealousy, passion, betrayal, lies, parenting.

Plot: The drama talks about how a couple ends up together in an arranged cum forced marriage. Initially, sharing a lot of resentment against each other; the couple starts falling in love. However, circumstances get changed as the boy’s mother plans to destroy their marriage by creating a chain of misunderstandings between them, in order to bring a girl of her choice as her daughter-in-law. After several years of separation, the couple’s daughter’s illness brings the couple back together and they, ultimately, discover the truth and evil plan of the boy’s mother.

Appreciation: Humsafar received abundance of praise from its national and international audience. It was on aired in several countries around the world. Furthermore, it was translated in Arabic language for the Middle East audience as well.

Dhoop Kinare

On airing year: 1985

On airing channel: Pakistan Television Network

Themes: Medical profession, married life, love, hatred, relationships, humor.

Plot: This serial highlights the medical profession and the personal life of two doctors, in particular. Coincidences bring them together. It provides an insight into how these two develop feelings for each other, despite having quite opposite personalities.

Appreciation: Dhoop Kinare received a lot of positive feedback from the Pakistani audience and since its on airing, the serial continued to be telecasted again and again for several decades, making it a classic. Forthcoming Indian serials also adapted this theme and story within their plots.


On airing year: 1985

On airing channel: Pakistan Television Network

Themes: Siblings, relationships, love, family

Plot: This drama is about the lives of two stories, who manage to learn to live after the death of their parents. It reveals how the two sisters find love and how life’s cruelty dawns upon them and how they end up fighting against it for fulfillment of theirs and their loved ones’ happiness.

Appreciation: Tanhaiyaan affirmative reception from people all over Pakistan. It continued to appear on-air numerous times afterwards and people continued to watch it with the same zeal and zest as the first time.


On airing year: 2010

On airing channel: ARY Digital

Themes: Siblings, relationships, friendship, hatred, love, poverty, class differences, betrayal

Plot: This story is about two best friends who, despite their class differences, continued their bond. However, one of them falls in love with the other’s brother and that breaks their friendship. The best friends change to worst enemies and end up hurting their loved ones.

Appreciation: Daam gathered great admiration from its audience due to its out-of-the-box story criticizing man-made class differences prevailing in the society.


On airing year: 2012

On airing channel: Hum Television Network

Themes: Spiritual alliance with god, relationships, friendship, hatred, love, betrayal

Plot: This tale is about a girl’s insane passion for a guy, who never acknowledges back her regard. After a series of dismissals and disappointments, the girl’s loss of faith in worldly love, brings her closer to her creator’s love.

Appreciation: Shehr-e-Zaat obtained immense approbation, also, in the form of various television awards. The series was a refreshing change from the usual themes and brought the audience closer to the spiritual side.