It is hard to believe but we all have a connoisseur inside us. This hidden persona is an expert and can select the best art, food and music from the rest. The only problem is that the task was simple if we look back. There were very few restaurants and you had to travel all the way to visit one and enjoy fast food for a change from the regular home cooked meals. So, it was not such a mammoth task. The dynamics have gradually shifted. There are more competitors in the market creating a lot of variety for food lovers out there to pick the best and nearest restaurants from the market. The competition has gotten even more interesting with the launch of delivery services such as food panda, cheetay, food runner, russh delivery, superman delivery services and many more.

Popular Burger joints in Islamabad

Consider this as a gateway to new opportunities. You don’t have to go anywhere and taste some of the juicy burgers and sandwiches which are popular and on fire in terms of rating and customer feedback in Islamabad. In case you already are excited for a mouth watering experience, read ahead as we provide a list of top 15 rated and trending restaurants where you can summon the expert food critic inside you. And you can never skip the enjoyment of eating all the burgers and sandwiches to the full

Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFCKFC, burgers

Let us begin our journey of exploring the different outlets of burgers and sandwiches from the renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken abbreviated as KFC. It is the second largest restaurant chain right behind the famous McDonald’s which is next. But before that, let us talk about the crispy and juicy KFC. This American fast food restaurant has its headquarters in Louisville. But now, the chain has expanded across 150 countries with over 22000 locations.

You can clearly imagine the success that this restaurant has attained with its unique Kentucky fried style chicken. Now you have to decide along with your friends and family whether to have a dine-in experience or you just wish to get it delivered at your home. And for those readers out there who would like to have it at a picnic spot, yes, you are included in the list also. But you have to pick it also from the nearest outlet.

So let us jump to different locations. KFC has successfully established its branches in sector F-6, F-10, F-11, Centaurus Food Court, I-8 Markaz and E-11. You can witness the popularity of this fried chicken from the long queues in which you will wait for the order. You may have to wait for your turn if all the tables are full and there is no space available for you to dine-in with your family. If you have reserved your spot, congratulations. The menu provides a wide variety of options but their specialty is the famous zinger burger and kentucky fried chicken pieces. The crispy layer right above the tender chicken pieces makes it so appealing that you enjoy every bite of your burgers and chicken pieces. KFC provides a variety of combo deals serving a single person, two, four and even a group.

The family deal is quite popular in KFC with four juicy zinger burgers, four Kentucky fried chicken pieces, buns and soft drinks. You always get the opportunity of customizing your menu by replacing the zinger with value burgers, another alternative of the famous zinger burger. In case some individual finds the burger a little smaller than their expectation, then you would certainly love the mighty zinger which is 2x the size of the normal zinger burger. In case you are not in the mood for burgers, you can always order a bucket meal of Kentucky fried chicken pieces. It seems your mouth is already full, order your zinger burger from your phone and enjoy reading about the rest of the restaurants.

McDonaldsMcdonalds, burgers

In case you are not familiar with the names of Richard and Maurice, these two are the founders of the famous fast food chain, McDonalds founded in 1940. The brand is well known for a wide variety of mustard and cheese filled burgers and sandwiches served with hot and cold drinks. If we talk about its location in Islamabad, you can have a dine-in experience at three outlets. The major location is adjacent to F-10 Markaz at the South West corner of Fatima Jinnah Park. The second outlet is on SriNagar Highway adjacent to PSO Petrol Pump. The resident of G-13 Markaz would be aware and probably would have visited the place while refueling their automobiles.

If you are a fan of an all inclusive experience then the third outlet is at the right place in the food court of Centaurus Mall. McDonalds serves its fans right from breakfast till dinner. The menu is quite diverse.

However, McMuffin Meal and Hashbrowns Wrap are meant for all the fans of burgers out there. It’s a must try to have your happy brunch on Sunday. Let us take you through the collection of meals adding value to your experience. McRoyale, McArabia, Spicy Chicken burger, Chicken Chapli Meal and Bun Kabab are some of the best burgers to try and serve during the day time. Add extra taste and value to your collection with McDonalds Extra Value Meals. You can’t miss out their crispy fish burger served with mayo, garlic and mustard sauce. No need to worry. You have plenty of days to try out each one of these options mixing along with other outlets. Keep reading and filling your cart.

Hardeeshardees. burgers

Our next fast food chain is also quite renowned for its burgers especially the Angus Beef Burger. Hardees has its major outlet in sector F-7 Islamabad. However, you can also enjoy its delightful taste in the food court. At the outset, we would recommend the newbies to try out their best sellers starting from the secret Super Star Burger. It is topped with double American cheese alongside a thick layer of vegetables. Thus, you get a perfect combo of protein and vitamins. Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thickburger follows the star burger in the most popular hardees burgers.

It provides a perfect combination of Philly Cheese Steak and juicy all beef patty. Imagine the mouth watering experience you will have with a single bite of this monster. In case some of your friends are in a mood to have some sandwiches, no need to look any further. Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich and Hand-breaded crispy chicken sandwich are the top rated options with best reviews from the majority of the visitors.Just give it a try and you will return to relive that finger biting experience one more time.

Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets,

It seems that you have already ordered a lot of burgers from the above list. Keep some space as Jonny Rockets comes with an exciting collection of juicy burgers. If you wish to enjoy a dine-in experience then visit Centaurus Food Court. No need to feel surprised. It is true. That is why we recommended to get an all in one package in the food court. You can try out any outlet quite close to the next one. Johnny Rockets provides a wide array of burgers ranging from the simple The Original to the most spicy Houston Burger. In addition, The Streamliner is a good option for vegetarians. Furthermore, Route66, Smoke House and Rocket are some of the best they got and literally worth trying. Just make a plan and try any one of these juicy burgers. You would love to relive the experience again.

Burger LabBurger Lab, islamabad

You probably would have heard about laboratory or lab in short for a place to carry out experiments and come up with solutions, discoveries and inventions. Well, Burger Lab has reintroduced the concept and given you the opportunity to become a culinary scientist and try out their burgers as specimens.If you are totally new to the place and would like to try out the best collection, go for Doppler Buerger, Dynamite Burger, Big Bang, The Boss and All American Double CheeseBurger. These burgers would make you stay in the lab forever and become a good critic and scientist for real. Fire House would set on fire with the extra spice it has to test your endurance. Imagine taking this burger with a sip of sprite. You already know what will happen. All you need is a camera to record your experience.

HowdyHowdy, foodie

For this one we certainly would recommend that you start working on your jaws. The next in our list of top rated burgers is no easy burger to eat on your own. You probably would have heard from your friends to try out Howdy. Well you surely missed a worth remembering and mouth watering experience if you have still not visited the place even once. Howdy is located in sector F-7 in the famous Gol Market right under the beautiful view of margalla hills. It has a sitting arrangement for both outdoor and indoor dining. If we talk about the variety of burgers available, well you will be amazed starting from the popular amazingers list where the most top rated burger is Yay Cheese.You already got the idea from its name that it gives you a perfect juicy experience of a burger filled with cheese.

Moving ahead, if you are looking for a perfect beef burger, then tell the waiter to serve you the Son of a Bun Beef Burger. The two layer of steak with cheese and Turkey strips would keep you full till your breakfast time. You might be planning to simply skip it for real. Though it’s heavy, it’s simply delicious. For the chicken lovers, Rango Tango, Fandango Stay Mild and Wrangler are the most popular and best selling chicken burgers at Howdy. Furthermore, Howdy provides a good collection of sandwiches namely John The Don Beef Sandwich and Django BBQ Chicken Sandwich. If any of your friends wants to try out their burgers made with white meat, then Classic Prawn Star Burger is recommended for you. Rest is for you to discover by visiting the outlet.

Burger KingBurger King, islamabad

The owners have named it right. Every burger appears as the king of all burgers due to its size, taste, color, texture and filling. Burger King is located in Centaurus Mall where you can dine in and enjoy burgers galore from the long list. Burger King has its own collection of Deluxe Chicken Sandwiches in case you are not in a mood for beef. However, if you are a beef lover then the list is long. To put it in a nutshell, the most popular ones are the Whopper, Bacon, Hamburger and the famous Rodeo Burger. You always get the option of adding an extra layer of beef patty, cheese and sauce for an enhanced flavor and delightful experience. Go through the menu and try out of the recommended collection. You will simply love it.

Burger ChikkBurger Chikk, foodie

It appears that some of you would be thinking that these burgers would be expensive and may go out of your range. You might be right while referring to the menu of some outlets but not all. The next is quite economical and the size of the burger is almost equivalent to the giants of Howdy. Burger Chikk is quite popular in F-7 Markaz. You can find some traffic jams during peak hours but after tasting any of their burgers, you will end up saying that the experience was worth it. For your first experience, we would recommend the most popular collection that this restaurant offers.

Chicken Volcano Burger, Chicken Epic Burger and Beef Jalapeno Burger are the top choices of most customers visiting the place. In addition to Beef Mushroom Burger, you will find a challenger of Howdy’s Son of a Bun. Here you can’t miss out on the Sun of Sun Burger which is as juicy as its nemesis. Furthermore, you can also try their Jhonvins Burger and of course the popular zinger burger. Have a bite and you will be unable to stop yourself till it finishes.

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Doka MoccaDoka Mocca, sandwiches

The competition goes as the next outlet is located in sector G-8 but certainly worth visiting. If you are in a mood to take away, go for it. The outlet provides a wide variety of options including burgers, sandwiches and panini. Crazy Panini, Jalapeno Panini are the top rated. Moving ahead Crispy Cheesy Sandwich and Crazy Club Sandwich are quite popular and loved by the visitors. Lastly, if you want to check out their burgers, Bulls Eye Burger and the Mexican Grilled Burger are the best ones. In addition, you can also try their Crazy Decker Burger.

The Guy Who CooksThe Guy Who Cooks, islamabad

We have another one, a neighbor to Doka Mocca but certainly worth visiting. The Guy Who Cooks provides a great variety of burgers and sandwiches. The most popular ones are the Thicc Zig Burger, Beef Smash Burger, Classic Beef Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger and the favourite Hulk Smash Burger. In addition, Sloppy Beef Sandwich and Grilled Chicken Sandwich are also quite popular and rated by the visitors of this restaurant.

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BabloozBablooz, islamabad

If you are a resident of F-8, you are located at the right place to enjoy a great variety of taste. Placed inside a bun that may transform you into a bablu bacha. If you are in for it, try out Bablooz located in F-8. The Cafe provides the best collection of juicy burgers. The most popular and top trending are the Chicken Chubby Burger, Chicken Cheeto Cheese Madness Burger, Beef Signature Smashburger which you can take as their signature collection. Besides, the restaurant also serves Chicken Fillet Burger, Beef Smoked Burger, Beef Jalapeno Cheese Burger. As a side menu, you can order their Jalapeno Chicken Breast Sandwich which makes a perfect combo meal for you and your friends.

The Capital GrillThe Capital Grill, islamabad

This continental restaurant is also among the top ranked restaurants in terms of their burgers and sandwiches. Check out their Classic Cheese Burger, Western Cheese Burger, Mushroom Chicken Burger, Buffalo Burger, Cordon Blue Burger, Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Burger, Mushroom and Swiss Burger and Explosion Chicken Burger. You will certainly feel an explosion in your stomach once you have it.  And you will enjoy its taste in the meanwhile.

CannoliCannoli, islamabad

Create some space in your stomach to enjoy and fill yourself to the full by the juicy and creamy burgers and sandwiches of Cannoli. It is located in sector F-7 and offers a super variety of burgers. The most popular ones are the Mushroom and Swiss Chicken Burger and Beef Burger, Beef Beer Cheese Burger, Juicy Lucy Chicken Burger and Beef Burger, Classic Char grilled Chicken and Beef Cheese Burger, Mushroom and Swiss Chicken and Beef Burger. In other words, you will get two variants in each choice offered by this outlet. You can pick between chicken and beef. Another extra juicy choice is the famous Michelangelo Beef Burger served with marinara sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella. No need to imagine it. Just place your order and dig in.

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Texas ChickenTexas Chicken, foodie

In case you are only interested in chicken burgers then Texas Chicken is awaiting your orders. Some of the popular meals include Classic Burger, Tender Wrap, Crunch Burger, Double Classic Burger, Tex Supreme Burger, Tex Wrap, Mexicana Burger and the famous Mexicana Wrap. The restaurant also provides the options of ordering a combo or family deal to enjoy with your loved ones.

RayyansRayyans, burgers

This restaurant located in Al-Babar Center F-8 is a competitor of KFC and other fried chicken serving restaurants. Their burgers are quite filling and you can also order a bucket filled with fried chicken pieces to have alongside sauce and soft drinks. If you are going for the first time, then do try their helper burger. The best part is that the restaurant provides a special discount after 11 PM. So the wait is over. The whole list is ready for you. Bon Appetit.