.Lahore Lahore Hai is an expression popularly used to define the culture, beauty and history of the capital of Punjab. Recognized as the second largest city of Pakistan after Karachi, the origin of Lahore goes back. As it has remained under the control of various empires. However, the height of splendor was reached during the Mughal Dynasty as it became the capital of governance. Later on, it’s central position was maintained during the advent of British rule. And that continued to stay in the limelight for several historical events. Such as the Independence movement, Lahore Resolution and several riots occurring before the Partition of India. Resultantly, it was declared the capital of Punjab and hitherto presents the diversity of norms, customs, traditions and culture that prevails in its vicinity. Such as Walled City, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Best Restaurants in Lahore

In addition to all these historical sites as a source of inspiration and attraction for tourists. Lahore is known for its diversity in terms of culinary delights that it tends to offer. Therefore, if you are a foodie and love to try traditional dishes of an area. Following ten Dine-in Restaurants in Lahore should be your starting point to explore the dishes which stand as the specialty of Lahore.

Haveli RestaurantHaveli, food

The name of the restaurant says it all. If you like to enjoy the food sitting at a place where you can get a scenic view of your surroundings. Then Haveli Restaurant provides a perfect platform to have a worth remembering dine-in experience at Lahore. Lying in the famous food street of Lahore, Haveli Restaurant offers a perfect site from its outdoor sitting area and the roof. Here you can get the perfect shots of Badshahi Mosque and the Walled City altogether at one place. This restaurant is meant for you to enjoy food along with a perfect panoramic view of your surroundings. This is one of the restaurants in Lahore that offers a combination of various fried and grilled dishes.

Some of their highlights include family platters, handis, Chinese express, continental food alongside desi food such as takka tak, tikka, fried prawns, grilled prawns and gravies. Furthermore, different types of fish are also served whether you prefer a grilled style or a fried fish along with naan. In addition to ordering separating dishes, Haveli restaurant offers a Haveli Prawn Platter. To give you an all in one package to test all their dishes in one single order. Therefore, it’s a must try for all the lovers of food and scenery at one place.

Monal RestaurantMonal , foodie

If you wish to have a sky scraping view of Lahore city then Monal Restaurant is an ideal location. The restaurant is located near the roundabout of Liberty Chowk and offers a beautiful and majestic view of Punjab’s capital. The modernity alongside the vivid description of ancient civilizations is evident from the high rise view provided by Monal Restaurant. Maintaining its tradition and standards of service, the Lahori outlet offers an extra layer of flavors. To attract the desi food lovers of Lahore at their sky viewing restaurant.

The menu of course begins from the general starters and appetizers. However, the international flavors are provided in the ‘From Around the World’ section. In addition, the Tawa section adds more variety into the available dishes. By adding Tawa champ, tawa qeema and tawa chicken boneless. Furthermore, grilled food lovers will also be delighted to have their own separate section of available dishes. Fast food has a myriad of dishes where the Manchurian served with almonds is acclaimed by most of the visitors and tourists. No need to worry, whether you are coming with your friends preferring to try different sections or coming with your family as Monal offers various family platters of your interest. So, it is time to get your ready and give it a shot.

Qabail TribesQabail, lahore, kpk

Lahore’s MM Alam Road provides a great opportunity to all those foodies who are eager to try the Pashtun dishes of tribal regions such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. If you avoid spices, then Qabail Tribes is from the list of your dream restaurants in Lahore giving you a chance to taste the renowned dishes of Peshawar and Quetta in a fine dining style. In general, the restaurant gives the taste of dishes from all the regions of Pakistan. However, tribal dishes are their specialty. Their platters gain the attention of all the food lovers and critics including Dum Pukht, Balochi Sajji, Kabuli Pulao, Chicken Afghani Tikka.

In the traditional food, they offer Shinwari White Lamb Karahi, and Dumba Karahi. The BBQ corner provides some eye catching options such as Sheesh Touk and Chicken Angara. Pakistani option also provides a wide variety of options ranging from Rajastani Handi to Afghan Desi Murgh Karahi. Dishes made by cooking on Tawa are also their specialty. Don’t forget to order rice along with your main course offering Matka Biryani and Kabuli pulao of several variations. The tandoor section maintains its own attraction offering an eye-catching variety of Uzbaqi naan, Kandhari naan, Irani naan, Shahanshahi naan, Peshawar naan and Qabail Special naan.

Andaaz RestaurantAndaaz Restaurant, lahore

Shahi Mohallah offers another beautiful site for all those looking to try new and traditional flavors of Lahore. Andaaz Restaurant stands out from all the other restaurants in Lahore providing a chance to take cinematic shots of Minar e Pakistan, Walled City and Badshahi Mosque from a dine-in experience at its roof top. The serene environment alongside the taste of culinary delights makes that moment stop for a while so that you always remember the food with a beautiful view. Some of their specialties include Bewazni Paneer Tikka, Tandoori jhinga cooked in an unprecedented style. Kandahaar Kabab is a must try for the first time visitors to enjoy the combination of tomatoes, mushroom and lamb fat.

Another interesting item on the menu is lemon flavored basmati rice known as Nimbu pulao. It is a wonderful flavor of tradition at the best place. One interesting sweet dish that catches the attention of visitors is Dahi ki Kheer. The interesting part is its way of making from yoghurt and pistachio pudding. In a nutshell, Andaaz restaurant has much to offer. Just pay a visit and you will return with a desire to visit it again.

Nando’s RestaurantNando’s Restaurant,

If you are a lover of fast food and in for a flame grilled chicken served with spicy sauces, then the Afro-Portuguese Nando’s Restaurant is the place meant for food lovers like you. With its increasing fame, Nando’s has opened various outlets across Lahore. The menu in itself teases you starting with the appeteasers. Where you can find the dishes with the  peri peri spice sauce that adds a special flavor into the taste of most of the offered dishes. Such as chicken wings, festa fries, appeteaser platter and the famous peri-peri bites.

Furthermore, peri-peri sauce is available in various variations that you can pick as an add-on alongside your main course, usually chicken served as Espetada, Chicken and Veg Tigela, Trinchado, Cataplana and Carnival. You also have the opportunity to select your own meal based on your choice and preference. Various side meals are also served such as burger and rice that can make a perfect combination of fast food desi meals. Thus, the restaurant awaits your mind blowing visit. Have a wonderful dine-in experience.

Spice BazaarSpice Bazaar

The name of the restaurant has said it all. If you are a fan of Punjabi dishes due to their usage of spices in most of their dishes. Then Spice Bazaar is not a restaurant that you can miss out in your hunt for best restaurants. Located in MM Alam road, Spice Bazaar offers a combination of cultural dishes where the spices dominate in most of the recipes. However, the lovers of tribal recipes can also find the flavors of their choice. This is one of the restaurant in our list of restaurants of lahore that offers a wide variety of options. Starting from the soups including Daal shorba, Desi Murgh Yakhni followed by BBQ section offering Beef Khoya Kabab, Haryali Boti, Murgh Angara and Raan tandoori.

The Khyber corner offers the favourite foods of our pakhtoon brothers and sisters such as Rosh, Dumba Karahi, Landi Kotal Karahi and Khyber pulao. Some of the specialties of this restaurant include Murgh Musallam and Shahi Raan. You are surely looking for some separate options for kids as they prefer burgers and sandwiches over all these traditional options. Well, the restaurant offers a list of kids’ favourites so suit up and check out these delights awaiting your visit.

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Urban Kitchen

Our well known college road has a place for all the lovers of urban cuisines.Those who prefer to enjoy the food accompanied with contemporary artifacts. Urban kitchen offers a myriad of flavors. Just pick one of the several flavors in their diverse menu. And you will continue to taste your fingers with a mouth-watering meal at this restaurant. The variety is clearly evident from the options of Caesar salad and Thai salad. You will keep on wondering the category of fried to order out of so many options such as Montreal poutine, Chilli Con Crane Fries and Alfredo fries. The main course offers several options in terms of picking chicken. From picking in the form of Tuscan polo, chicken parmesan, Cordon bleu. And the famous Nawab’s Butter chicken that you can see with a royal presentation.

You can also select cheese as your main course available as Beef basil, Mac and Cheese. Furthermore, Urban kitchen offers options to pick from sandwiches, burgers and paninis. Therefore, you can also enjoy a wonderful dish of fish and chips alongside your main course. In addition, if someone among your family or friends wants to get his or her hands on a pizza slice. Well you have arrived at the best place as the restaurant with the option of ordering pizza as well. Just give it a try and you will give it a thumbs up.

Arcadian CaféUrban Kitchen

If you are looking for a place to have some steak alongside sandwiches and burgers. Then Arcadian Café is the place you are looking for. Located in Sir Syed road, Arcadian Café offers a perfect combination of fast food and Chinese dishes. In other words, you definitely need to try this place if you like to have Manchurian along with egg fried in general. Or chicken fried rice in particular. The restaurant shall treat you as an esteemed and long awaited guest. And that would be the start of a wonderful experience of tasting their fast food as well as the famous desserts. Make sure to recommend it to your friends. You can even plan a reunion with your fellows as it will be a spot where you would always love to revisit and reset your rendezvous.

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Cosa Nostracosa nostra

Cosa Nostra, as the name itself suggests, is an outlet for the fans of Italian cuisines. This is the restaurant in our list of the restaurants from Lahore which offers an auspicious experience. From dining at a place that has a diverse variety of dishes to selecting the items as per the diet plan that you are following. In other words, the menu covers dishes made from dairy items, fresh vegetables, sea food and serving it all with pasta. Therefore, your visit to this place will be mouth-watering for sure. Get ready; phone a friend and step into the world of Italian culinary delights.

The Poet Boutique RestaurantThe Poet Boutique Restaurant

If you really want to see the impact of different dynasties on Lahore’s arts, crafts, norms, customs and traditions. Then visiting The Poet Boutique Restaurant is a must from the restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant will make you dive into the world of Mughal Dynasty regarding which you have read and a lot. Here, you will actually feel like an emperor yourself. With the kind of services provided and the delicious meals offered in the royal and majestic surroundings. Therefore, if you like to have a dinner royale, then The Poet Boutique Restaurant awaits your arrival.

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