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Bitcoin has remained the largest and most significant cryptocurrency for over a few years now. With the cryptocurrency market maintaining the bullish trends, the capital market of the trade gained an over 3 present incline. This resulted in the asset generation worth 2.6 trillion USD.

It was no surprise when bitcoin rose above the charts with a further rally of almost 2 percent and ended up with 61 thousand USD. Since the monumental rally, bitcoin’s market capitalization is now at 1.15 trillion USD.

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Many other currencies had significant increases in their market capitalization as well;  

  1. The market capitalization of ether reached almost 460 billion USD; with a 2.8 percent price gain to make 3914 USD worth increase in price.
  2. The market capitalization of XRP reached over 115 billion USD, with a 2.79 percent price gain to make a 1.15 USD worth increase in price.
  3. The market capitalization of Cardano reached over 71 billion USD, with a 2.15 percent price gain to make a 2.21 USD worth increase in price.
  4. The market capitalization of Dogecoin reached over 31 billion USD, with a 4.37 percent price gain to make a 0,24 USD worth increase in price.

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The approval regarding the much anticipated first US ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), seems promising considering the current situation of the market. The Crypto investors are holding onto their seats, awaiting the announcements. The approval will be an impressive achievement for the crypto-world, the population awaits the verdict by Wall Street and their investors.