Bookme has heard the call of students who want to go out and enjoy but also keep track of their finances. The company has introduced a new ticketing application. It provides students with a discount-oriented interface to check, store, manage and purchase services and products.

The app allows students to attend live concerts and hotel accommodations for international students. Moreover, they can book bus, airline and train tickets, hotel check-ins, and cinema tickets at discounted rates. Each student is given tickets to PCB tournaments as well. With this new application universities across the nation now have the ability to partner with to offer much better prices for their students.

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Bookme’s Application: Benefits to Both Students & The Community

Students will be able to enjoy unbeatable prices at colleges and chains all across Pakistan. Academic institutes and chains can also offer their own branded apps to students. Bookme will increase market share for street vendors, transport agencies, and all of its existing partners and attract many new partners. With regards to the terms and conditions, the members of Beaconhouse Old Student Society (BOSS) have stated that even if students are abroad and registered they are entitled to tickets for gaming tournaments, concerts, and transport in all manner of vehicles and tourism of any city they are in.

Sometimes You have to Risk it, to Make it

Bookme is among the few companies that have dared venture into the volatile economy. Bookme made it in the wake of the recent recession. And it emerged as a giant of innovation, customer-centricity, and rapid growth. While other companies struggle to maintain their struggles. This company has endured and managed to allocate its resources to stay afloat in the long run.