Intro to the Wondrous City

Lahore city is capital of Punjab. It covers the central position and popularly known as “Heart of Pakistan.” basically, the city is place on bank of Ravi. One can also name it as city of gardens or garden of Mughals and holds a reputation of green city which is highly a fascinating feature. It occupies that site which is in midst of some fertile territorial plains. Lahore has gained glory because it’s that city where artist, film industry and poets dwell. These lively characteristics makes one fall for the great splendor and beauty. It’s known to be two thousand years old. Lahore was Kangra hill colony and it got fame due to Islam in the South Asia.

Precise History of the Evergreen City

Recorded history speaks of Lahore’s existence since 850 AD which was, in 1021 AD ruled by Mahmood Gaznavi. Primarily, Lahore was capital of Ghaznavid Indus and then it became capital of the whole Ghaznavid Empire. During this time, it became the centre of cultural, educational and social activities approaching the peak of glory under Mughals. The Mughals brought life to the city by creating spectacular architecture which included magnificent gardens, mosques, tombs, fort and pavilions. Various antique titles of Lahore are Loh pur, Laha pur, Mahmood pur, Samandpal Nagiri and Lohar pur.

Education in Lahore

Surprisingly, it owns the biggest educational institutions in Pakistan. Many schools and colleges are absolutely excellent and stand on top of the list. The most notable ones are GC (Government College) which is a prestigious institute. In 1950, Allama Iqbal founded Aitchison College and Kinnaird College which are still the leading and most expensive establishments of the country. Punjab University (PU) is largest education center in Asia. King Edward Medical College was and is Pakistan’s biggest medical institution laid in 1870. NCA (National College of Arts) owns various departments in Fine art, design and architecture. So Lahore is loaded with the best institutes and offers ideal education.

Joyous Culture of Country’s Heart

Lahore is intellectual, artistic and cultural center of our nation. It’s bazaars, busy streets, elegance and huge variety of British and Islamic architecture making it the city of enchanting surprise, contrast and atmosphere. The receptive and warm people called lahoris are famous for their amazingly traditional hospitality. Market places and colorful bazaars in Lahore are truly legendary such as Suha, Dabbi, Kashmiri, Anarkali and Liberty. These lifelike markets provide you with everything that is there from copper, cloth, watches, carpets, bangles, chai, chapatis and silverware. It’s impossible to resist all these dazzling things and one cannot just miss the real catch.

Communication in Lahore

There are metal roads made for the convenience of transport. The networks of these roads are connected with other main towns and cities. It’s also linked through Motorway M2 with capital of our country and various other districts. Railway station in Lahore is oldest in Pakistan and also serves as major interacting points for all the rail services. The building of station is also sight to admire because of its architectural beauty. Lahore airport can be said as the busiest airport next to Karachi international airport. The wisely built terminals named Allama Iqbal International Terminal has greatly facilitated the passengers’ locomotion and improved air transits as well.

Everlasting Glory of Mughal Architecture

The city reached the peak of its richness during Mughal rule especially when Akbar became the controller. Jehangir was buried in outskirts. His mausoleum is that place which is frequently visited by lahorites and the tourists. Akbar constructed the terrific Lahore Fort and the city walls containing 12 gates. Shah Jehan and Jehangir made Shalimar Garden located in Lahore and also built many tombs. Lahore’s most admirable and popular monument Badshahi Mosque has been built by Aurangzeb. British harmoniously combined Victorian, Gothic and Mughal style of architecture. They also laid foundation of important buildings for instance High Court, GPO, Museums, Government College, Montgomery Hall, National College of Arts, Punjab University, Provincial Assembly and Tollinton Market.

Pleasing Festive Time

The cattle show and national horse is highly famous festivals carried out in Fortress stadium every year. Week long events involve camel and horse dances, livestock, striking folk dances, tent pegging from all areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, tattoo shows and mass band display are held in the evening. On 14th august, the independence days is celebrated extremely delightfully since the time of British Raj. Lahore lights up and earns more charm than ever mostly on this special day.

Life on Streets of Lahore

Life is absolutely enjoyable on lahori streets specially food street which offer traditional desi food. Lahore is widely known for its love of eating and food. Lahore is filled with many modern and traditional restaurants including the western food chains such as Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds, Nando’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dunkin Donuts. There are multiple places in the city meant for food trends but Badshahi, Anarkali and Gawalmandi have emphatically charmed the tourists from around the globe. Numerous latest cafes with historical, traditional and old touches are opened. There are dozens of lavish outlets on M.M Alam Road that range from traditional franchises to western, theme or ethnic restaurants. Lahoris are crazy after food due to which new restaurants have been opening. Here, food business seems to be very competitive. Lahore’s unique café is called Coocoo’s Den situated in old city behind Badshahi Mosque.

Sprightly Life in Lahore

The institutions, history, clothing, food, fashion, liberal lifestyles and music attract many people. Lahore is very happening as people are fond of celebrating festivals as a religious tradition. Lahore owns a massive Muslim population so the major religious events enthusiastically celebrated are Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr. People on this special occasion decorated their homes which candles and flowers to brighten up houses, roads, streets. This exuberance keeps the city full of life and vigorous.