Pakistan, safe, safe-country

The British High Commissioner recently recognized Pakistan as a safe and secure country. During an interview with the Pakistani news channel, he expressed distress when asked about the cancellation of the cricket tour and visit of the cricket team. 

He, himself, deems Pakistan a safe country to travel to, where he has travelled himself many times. 

As stated by the ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations); In a meeting between the British High Commissioner, Dr Christian Turner and Pakistans Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa – security improvements and implementations were discussed. 

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Pakistan is recognized as improving, and the efforts towards prioritizing peace and stability were acknowledged. Dr Turner talked about pledging to encourage better relationships on both ends.  

General Qamar Bajwa stated:  “Pakistan values UK’s balanced role in global and regional affairs and we look forward to optimising [the] strategic potential of our relationship based on convergences”.

Both countries agreed on the influence on the security status since the COVID-19 pandemic and the improvements in Afghan peace. 

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Later on, General Bajwa spoke about preparing for future threats; and how the army would work to progress the artillery corps. It would require immense effort and the need to refurbish. 

He went on; to regard his troops in high honour for maintaining high standards and presenting exemplary behaviour in all regards. Later he appointed Commander-IV Corps Ly Gen Muhammad Abdul and the Colonel Commandant of Artillery Corps.