Call for Proposals: ‘Film Talents Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan’

by Hajra Saeed
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Film Talents ‘Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan’: Goethe-Institut and the Prince Claus Fund Collaborate

Goethe-Instiut, Pakistan; the Prince Claus Fund, Goethe-Institut, Afghanistan; award winning filmmaker Till Passow and other professionals from each respective region have joined hands to offer aspiring film-makers in Pakistan and Afghanistan the opportunity to be mentored in a series of 5 workshops (each of two weeks duration) to be held at Goethe-Institut, Karachi during 2017-18.

Final year students of art, film and multimedia, recent graduates as well as anyone who is training in film-making can participate. Selection of proposals will be made based on their uniqueness and those which could have a powerful social impact. Selected individuals will be provided funding for travel and lodgings.

Aim of Film Talents: Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan

The aim of this program is to help the talented youth in Pakistan and Afghanistan strengthen their foundation and to cultivate their production and storytelling skills. It will focus on screenwriting, execution of an idea, producing a trailer and presentation of the film.

All in all, it looks towards enhancing their career opportunities both locally and internationally, because films are an excellent platform that can not only give voice to all the issues that are being faced by a society but also connects people through stories.

The deadline is till 13th August, midnight PST or AST. To apply, click on the following link:

What is the Goethe-Institut and the Prince Claus Fund

The Goethe-Institut is a nonprofit organization that is working in 159 countries with an objective to promote the study of German language and to encourage cultural exchange at a global level.

The Prince Claud Fund was established in 1996, named after Prince Claus of Netherlands and is based in Amsterdam. Its goal is to promote culture through collaborations especially where cultural expression, creative production and research is limited.

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