Remember when we were in school and some of us planned to be scientists, some of us were going to join the military and some brilliant minds among us thought we would be flying an airbus someday. What were we thinking? We were not thinking at all because we were too young to think it through. Now we are in our late 20s and 30s and some of us still have not figured out the direction of our career. Though you should be planning, you shouldn’t worry as we are going to discuss some of the best career counseling services and their providers in this article.

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Reasons Why You Haven’t figured it Out Yet

Before we get right into it, let us discuss why we couldn’t achieve what we thought we would. There are several reasons why we fail to hit our target. When it comes to building your career there are many things you could be doing wrong.

Pursuing a Wrong Career

Not everything you think is for you. Many of us who thought to be astronauts changed our career direction. Sometimes you need to switch directions to get to a career that is best suited for you. There is nothing wrong with hoping for careers to find out your hidden talent. However, if you stick to a career your heart is not into, you will never be able to make something great out of it.

Researching is the Key

Some of us pursue a career of our choice yet we fail to achieve success in it. The reason why this happens is that we do not do our homework before we start with a company. It is likely that the job you are doing is of your liking but the firm you are working with is not up to your expectations. This can cause you to lose interest even in the work you like.

Fear of Failure

As human beings, it is our first instinct to avoid something that we think we would fail in. This is never a good choice to make. If we go through our history and even today, every business tycoon, every successful entrepreneur got success after hundreds and thousands of failed attempts. If we wish to achieve greatness, we have to overcome the fear of failure.

Letting Others Get into Your Head 

You and only you should be in charge of your career choices. We tend to listen to others a lot, which often interfere with our own personal choices. Now we are not saying you should not be taking advice from your seniors but you should always stick to your interests and to the job you like. Do not switch careers because someone told you that career is going to be a great pick for you. You choose your own career and you work to make good things happen.

Less Work More Excuses

You might not want to hear it but often circumstances are not the reason for our failure. Often it is us and only us to be blamed. Someone needs to tell you that you are making an awful lot of excuses while thriving for a great career. You do not test your whole potential when it comes to working. You like to work to a point where your comfort is not compromised. You need to get out of your comfort zone, put yourself to the test and explore your hidden potential.

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Top Career Counseling Services You Should be Looking into

Career counseling services itself is a professional career. People who are offering career-counseling services spend months and years mastering the art of putting people in the right direction.

If you are having trouble figuring out in which direction your career is going and if it is not forward, you seriously need to consult a career counselor.

Let us be mindful of the fact that in the end, even career counselors can only send you in the right direction. You have to make the journey on your own and it is your effort that counts.

Here are some of the great career counseling services you need to avail:

 MapMyTalentcareer counseling services, talent map, talent opportunities

MapMyTalent is an online platform that provides career guidance to students and to people who have just started in their professional life. It takes an online aptitude test to analyze your skills and abilities. Based on your performance, it suggests different options that you can look into.

 CounsellingXswitch careers, career guidance, online platform,

CounsellingX is a Pakistan-based online career counseling service. It provides its expertise on a platform through several options in career counselors. It is particularly designed for Pakistani students keeping their needs and budget in view. This career counseling platform will not take a heavy toll on your pockets and you will be able to consult some of the top professionally trained career counselors online and in person.

You can search for career counselors on the portal and pick the one that best suits your needs.  

 EduVisionstudents of Pakistan, information technology Pakistan, academic

EduVision is a unique platform with not only counseling services but other courses and training as well. There are many educationists present on the platform. If you are a student and you want to plan ahead you can consult a counselor on the platform. A counselor can recommend training for you that you can easily find on EduVision.

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 Uni-GuidePakistan-based website, Pakistani students, Pakistani jobs

Uni-Guide is an online bridge between students and the top universities of Pakistan. It is designed to help students with the best options by providing them with information regarding universities in Pakistan.

Pakistan has one of the finest institutions across the country. When you get out of high school, Choosing between universities can be a tough decision. While every university has something great to offer, you should be picking the one that best suits you.

Uni-Guide in that matter helps students to a great extent. It matches their academic background with universities that are offering programs in similar fields.

ThinkFacultyhidden talent, personality traits, top career counseling platforms,

ThinkFaculty is an online platform that not only offers career guidance but also helps with training and business consultancy. Hence, at ThinkFaculty, it is not just a matter of the right education or the right university. It is a wholesome package that offers its counseling services in every aspect.

 Afaq Career Counselingafaq website, human development platform, afaq career services, is a website that can help you in exploring your hidden talent. Before you opt for a career, it is vital that you should realize what you are capable of. This online platform helps you with that and brings out your skills and interest.

It also suggests different careers based on your aptitude and personality traits. If not the best, it is in the top career counseling platforms that our students should be looking into right now.

Mindlercareer library, Upwork, career counselors,

Mindler is another great career-counseling platform that can help you to pick the right career. The online platform has the best career assessment programs that help in depicting the perfect career for you.

On the platforms, when you register, you can find experts who have been in the career counseling industry for quite some time now. You can also find stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and job professionals who are available for online suggestions.

Kestral Educationfreelancing platform, online training hub, career guidance,

Kestral Education is an online international career-counseling platform that acts as both a career counselor and an online training hub. The platform works towards human development through career counseling, online writing sessions, and interactive classes.

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EduMilestonesonline writing sessions, student couseling, student counselor

EduMilestones is another Pakistan-based online platform that has gathered professional career counselors from across the country. On the website, you can find counselors from your own city and can consult them online or in-person too.

The platform also has a career library that has many options for the students. Therefore, if you are not looking into spending too much nor you are comfortable consulting someone, you can just go through some recommended books that can help you to find your way.


Your last resort to seek guidance can be Upwork or any other freelancing platform where professional career counselors are offering their services at the least rates. As there is a lot of competition on these platforms, people are willing to offer their service at a minimum rate so they can get more clients and get good ratings. Often some people do not care about money but the ratings and good reviews.

The trouble with these freelancing platforms is that you are never sure which one to hire. Sometimes good ratings are just a number that people have collected through promotions and collaborations. You need to do a bit of research on Upwork or any other website before you start consulting someone.

These 10 ways to get career guidance are going to be your best chance against others. You can look into many other methods. For example, if you are not comfortable or you do not trust online sources much, you can search professionals near you. You can even seek guidance from your seniors. But before you do that, give these platforms a lookup and you might like what you find.