How to Get Started on Fiverr?

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Fiverr is a remarkable platform that has revolutionized the freelancing landscape, offering numerous opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Fiverr operates as a freelance services marketplace, providing a space where skilled professionals can offer their services to a global audience. The aim of this comprehensive guide is to navigate you through the initial steps of […]

How to Join the Pakistan Army? A Comprehensive Checklist Guide

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Every patriot wants to join and serve the army of their country. So, it is a matter of honor and pride for anyone to be able to do that. Hence, with your training, you get respect, dignity, and acknowledgment. The Pakistan army itself is a strong name. Our country’s army manages and helps in worldwide […]

Work From Home vs Work From Office: A Statistical Comparison

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Let’s Talk Numbers The debate between; working from home vs working at the office, is taking place more often since the pandemic. All offices had to shut down – to reduce the spreading of the deadly disease. Initially, it was temporary but, two weeks turned into a month, a month turned into two months, and […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start a Career in Data Science in Pakistan

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The advent of information and communication technology has simply transformed world dynamics. It bridges the gap between the buyer and seller, diminishes the geographical boundaries, and builds a hybrid identity. Now, we are able to reach any part of the world within seconds with just one click. Those who are interested to start a career […]

Top 10 Career Counseling Services You Need to Avail

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Remember when we were in school and some of us planned to be scientists, some of us were going to join the military and some brilliant minds among us thought we would be flying an airbus someday. What were we thinking? We were not thinking at all because we were too young to think it […]

Private Jobs vs Government Jobs in Pakistan: What is Best for Your Career?

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The selection of an ideal career seems to be a daunting task for the youth of Pakistan keeping in view the various options available in the public and private sector. There are a myriad of factors determining the path you wish to carve out for yourself. Some of us idealize our parents, particularly the profession […]

E-Rozgar Program will Provide Training to over 31000 Youngsters

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Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Information has told the media that more than 31 thousand participants, out of which 55% are women have been trained through the E-Rozgar program. The government is focused on Information Technology in every department to increase the efficiency of the governance. The Purpose of […]

How You Can Make Yourself More Marketable to Employers in Pakistan?

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Making yourself marketable is all about building your personal brand and becoming indispensable to the employers in your industry.  It is a commitment to continue working on your personal and professional development. It is a constant effort to learn new things, polish your skills, and build a strong personal brand to stay competitive in the […]

KSBL Financial Assistance Process: A Journey Towards Success

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KSBL Financial Assistance Process: An Introduction Acquisition of knowledge, skills and values is something that demands proper educational methods that teach and train the individuals to refine them and to turn them into a gem. Karachi School of Business and Leadership is one of the names that thrive to facilitate students with Business studies. KSBL […]