Handmade Carpets of Pakistan That Can Change the Look of Your Home

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Pakistan has a long history of carpet making. The earliest carpets made in Pakistan are known as “Ghiya” and date back to the 15th century. These were usually made from wool but also included cotton and silk. History of Carpet Making in Pakistan 16th Century – Use of Wooden Loom In the 16th century, carpets […]

Pottery and Other Handicrafts of Sindh

Pottery, Handicrafts of Sindh

A land of aesthetics The land that begins with water and ends with high peaks, Pakistan has seen it all. Our culture, our people, have signified the preservation of our heritage. In ruins like Rotas Fort, Taxila, Mohenjo Daro, one this is common, the colour in their art. The well-thought architecture, even now, can be […]

Top 10 Traditional Markets to Explore in Pakistan

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Top 10 Traditional Markets to go for Shopping in Pakistan Preserving the natural cultural heritage and beauty is the fundamental thing to do for an individual. Pakistan serves to be a hub of all of it’s unique and equisetic traditional stuff. Pakistan is a land full of diversified cultures and heritages along with distinct colors […]

The Beautiful Craft of Handmade Basketry in Pakistan

Basketry: An Age Old Tradition Throughout the ages one finds basketry as a widely used skill in every human culture. However the age of this craft cannot be ascertained because the items could not be preserved as they were made of natural materials. The oldest known baskets date back to 10,000 to 12,000 years. Basketry […]

Baluchi Rugs: Epitomizing their Culture Beautifully

The majority of Baluchis live in Pakistan. However they are also live in the western area of Afghanistan and in the South-Eastern border of Iran, thereby Baluchi rugs have a flavor of all three cultures. They make an excellent addition to the décor of the house because of their rustic allure . They take up […]