Most Popular Podcasts From Pakistan That are Must-Listen

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Pakistan is a country with a rich culture and diverse population. The people of Pakistan come from different ethnic backgrounds and speak different languages. Pakistani podcasts are a great way to learn more about the culture of Pakistan. They offer a variety of topics that cover everything from current events to traditional Pakistani music and […]

Top 10 Pakistani Social Media Influencers to Follow

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Pakistan is a country with a rich culture and social media influencers play an important role in promoting Pakistani culture. There are many social media influencers in Pakistan who are followed by people all over the world. Read the full article to find the top social media influencers to follow in Pakistan. Social Media in […]

Top 10 Online Stores to Buy Gadgets in Pakistan

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Is it true that you are saving your pocket money for buying on the web? On the store’s website since you found your dream gadget?  In any case, to get various gadgets, buying from an online store is the best choice. Rapid advancement makes scanning the web for Pakistani people easier than ever. Also, the […]

How to Start Blog Writing for Beginners?

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Are you an aspiring blog writer? Read this article to know the expert tips on succeeding at writing resonating blogs. Looking for inbound marketing? Business blogging is the right option for you. It helps your business in gaining popularity, online visibility, and larger reach. Many well-known organizations don’t realize the fact that blogging as a […]

Pak Truck Driver: A Pakistani Driving Simulation

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The average count of applications on Android and the App store exceeds one billion. You can expect a soaring profit increase in the app development industry. One such app is Pak Truck Driver – a great app for truck simulations developed by Pakistani company Crown Art Studios. Read this article to know more about the […]

How to Select Blogging Niche in Easy Steps?

If you have clicked on the article, it certainly means that you intend to start your own blog very soon. But the actual question is what to talk about? Well, you are not the only one bewildered to find the answer to this question. Many people struggle to find a particular blogging niche to target […]

Official Microsoft Electronic Software Delivery Available Exclusively on Daraz

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Daraz, one of the leading marketplace and e-commerce companies of Pakistan has recently partnered with Microsoft Corporation to provide the software across the country. It has also been announced that Scaptox is the reseller for the initiative and the authentic distributor is BPS.  Related: Mikkelsen Appreciates Daraz’s Contribution to the E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan Buying […]

10 Reasons Why Telegram is Better Than WhatsApp?

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Is Telegram giving WhatsApp a run for their money? Whatsapp is a well-known messaging application from the Zuckerberg empire. You use it, your mom uses it, your dad, your aunt, and even your grandma use it. Whenever our parents would tell us a new tip or superstition, we already know they saw it on WhatsApp; […]

Pranks in Pakistan: Entertainment or Harassment

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A good way is to make people laugh with trouble-free acts. The crux of pranks often revolves around the ideology of making someone’s day. i.e. turning their doom into a spontaneous gloom. As it is said, the act might become a cheerful memory with the right intent. Sometimes, it may bring out the worst no […]

PUBG Vs Free Fire – 10 Reasons Why Free Fire is Better than PUBG?

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In the world of games, people are always looking out for new and advanced techniques to spice up their free time. With the inauguration of mobile apps, the gamers saw their dreams realized as they came with all advanced techniques and visuals just fit to make the best of recreational moments. For those who are […]

Facebook Launches Its E-Commerce Marketplace Platform in Pakistan

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Facebook has finally decided to launch its Marketplace platform feature in Pakistan. The Marketplace allows categories like customer-to-customer and business-to-customer. Facebook has been working for several years to promote and enable small businesses in Pakistan to sell on the world’s leading social media platform. Facebook Marketplace has partnered up with Pakistan’s leading online marketplaces from […]

Emerging Stand Up Comedians in Pakistan

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The ability to make good jokes, spontaneous humor and brilliant stage theatrics are a few of the most essential ingredients of a good stand-up comedian. Pakistan is blessed with some mind-blowing comedians who always make the audience laugh hard with their fantastic performances. Related: Emerging comedic talent of Pakistan Stand-up Comedians in Pakistan Who Make […]

Top 10 Snapchat Tips & Tricks

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videoSocial media has been around for quite some time now. We can still recall those times when Facebook was launched and it got us all excited. The 90’s generation populated the platform and from then people found different ways to socialize digitally on different online platforms. A few years later, an app with an interesting […]

TikTok Surpasses Facebook as most downloaded app in the World

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Chinese video-sharing social application TikTok has surpassed all the social media platforms including Facebook and its partner apps, to wear the crown of most downloaded applications in the world. Data was compiled by Nikkei Asia using the analytics app called Annie, according to the analytics, TikTok was ranked number 4 in the year 2019, but […]