How Sleeper Buses are Changing the Traveling Experience

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No one likes traveling in a bus, with the long hours, uncomfortable seats that don’t even recline to that sweet comfort point, food service that keeps getting worse every time, the stops that take up half the time of the journey, and horrible entertainment system. Well, someone finally checked the customer complaints box or had […]

Pakistan’s EdTech Startup Outclass Raises $500,000 Investment

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Outclass was established in March 2016 with the aim of providing free online educational content for students and teachers in Pakistan and all around the world. Pakistan’s EdTech Startup “Outclass” This website offers high quality learning resources including educational video lectures, games, and tests which are all free for students. In addition to the website, […]

Dastgyr Celebrates Two Years of Success by Fulfilling 1M+ Orders

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Dastgyr is a company that has been in operation for two years now and has already fulfilled 1 million orders. Customers appreciate the quick shipping times and the high quality of the products. Dastgyr is a company that has been in operation for two years now and has already fulfilled 1 million orders. This success […]

Pakistani Startups: How They are Killing it and Paced for More Growth?

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The Pakistani startup groups continue to strengthen their position in IT for professional use with the big acquisition being made almost every month. The American online distribution giant Amazon is interested in expanding its services to businesses. A new program is aimed at Pakistani startups. There were 180 Pakistani startups in 2019 looking to the […]

Markaz Technologies Raises $2.4 Million in Seed Funding

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Markaz Technologies is a new firm situated in Islamabad with a group of dynamic young people who are determined to deliver quality to micro-entrepreneurs. The startup just announced its receipt of $2.4 million in initial capital. Markaz Technologies was established in the year 2021. Shoaib Khan, Fawad Hussain, Sameel Hayat, and Umair Aslam, the founders, […]