Chitral – Land of Gorgeous Great Mountains

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Introduction to the Luminous Area

Chitral is situated in North of Pakistan. It’s a striking valley existing in Hindukush range of huge mountains. This has been the most vital route for various invaders including Mangol Changez Khan, Alexander and many others. Basically, Chitral is a very small town owing one bazaar and few hotels for the tourists. Where the bazaar ends, along the river side, there’s Palace of Mehtar and Chitral fort. Chitral is in the province of KPK bordering Gilgit-Baltistan and Afghanistan at distance of 365 km from Peshawar and about 405 km from the city of Gilgit. The valley which is full of charm in every way is the most preferably visited places by not only the locals but also the foreigners.

History of the Spectacular Place

From the ancient times, Chitral had been a necessary for trading from Afghanistan and Tarim Basin towards plains of city Gandhara. Nevertheless, Chitral stayed independent for centuries having its own language and culture. In the nineteenth century, it turned out to be a major portion of British India. Chitral was princely state in year 1947, which headed towards the inception of Pakistan in the same year. Mehtar’s rule was put to an end somewhere in 1954. After this, the power was exercised by political agent who was posted in Chitral. In 1969, the state got fused into Pakistan. Chitral’s recorded history has been divided into at least six epochs which include Iranian Rule, Chinese Rule, Kushan Rule, Rais Rule, Kalash Rule and Katur Rule.

People of Chitral

People living in Chitral are known as Khow was present a vast ethnic diversity. Chitral stands at junction of Indian Empire, Old Russian and Chinese Empire and Afghan kingdom. The British Empire has an eye on the state after smelling the danger from Russians end. So, British government in India hunted new acquaintances in the tribal belt and mountainous range. Major John Bidulph paid a visit to the country in year 1876 reporting to the India’s government regarding the utilization of Chitral. Therefore, friendship between Chitral and British began that resulted in popular chiltral incident which took place in 1895.

Qaqlash Festival in Chitral

The colorful festival is celebrated during the month of April. It happens every year with great enthusiasm. The festival is known as Jashn-E-Qaqlasht which dates back into the immemorial time. However, few local historians are of the opinion that this festival is at least 3000 years old. Noteworthy point here is that the event was organized by Rais rulers in Chitral and it was lingered on by the noble Katoor family. After the emergence of Chitral in Pakistan’s federation, holding the festival as calendar event was put to an end. The foremost aim of the festival was preserving and protecting Chitral’s currency to culture of coordination, tolerance and cooperation and uniquely fascinating cultural heritage.

Delightful Places to Visit in Chitral

There are multiple eye-catching places in the Chitral to visit. These places will create the best place in your minds which you can cherish for the rest of your life. The natural and serene atmosphere of Chitral compels one to live there forever. The evergreen charm of the area is highly captivating and makes the viewer praise the wonders. Let’s have an amusing reading of the places one must visit in Chitral.

Chitral Museum

Near the famous Shahi Masjid of Chitral on river’s right band stands the magnificent Chitral Fort. The fort has been going through many terrible times. The Museum is stuffed with weapons, antiques and other historical things from the era of monarchies providing an overflow of knowledge regarding the culture and history of Kalash and Chitral people.

Tirich Mir

This is a haughty mountainous peak which is highest in Hindukush range. In a beautifully clear weather, Tirich Mir is sighted from the higher place of town. It can be viewed from Chitral King’s palace as well. The mountain is largest in the entire world next to Karakoram and Himalaya ranges.

Shahi Fort or Shahi Qila

Shahi Fort is located beside Shahi Mosque of Chitral. The fort is apparently the best for kingly residence as it depicts a touch of royalty. Unfortunately the fort is private property due to which one needs permission for visiting it from the inside.

Shahi Mosque or Shahi Masjid

The great Shahi Mosque was constructed in 1924 A.D. the structure was impressively built by Mehtar of Chitral called Shujaul Mulk. The Shahi masjid has massively popular for its powerful and cultural style of architecture.

Governor Cottage

This is one another enchanting building that exists in Chitral. When the weather is not foggy, one can conveniently view the mountain’s peak “Tirich Mir” from this place.

Polo Ground

Surprisingly, polo is the most favorite and famous games played in Chitral. That is why many polo grounds are made in Chitral. The most popular ground is situated in Chitral town. Visitors pay a visit to the ground and gather information concerning the interesting game and you might turn out to be the lucky one to enjoy and win the match.

Garam Chashma

Charam Chashma when translated in English comes as “Warm Spring.” It’s largely popular around and outside the country for its warm waters in spring. The wonderful place is famous for trout fish, heavenly environment and precious stones.


This is a charming and exquisite resort. It’s located at a distance of 14.5 km from Chitral. The attractive place is definitely worth visiting.

Goleen and Koghazi

For about 14 km from Chitral, Goleen and Koghazi are said to be pieces of heaven on the planet earth. The valley glows with lush meadows, colorful spring, canals, adoring landscapes, bright flowers and fruits.

Ayun Valley

The marvelously catchy and most suggested tourist site is known for its stupendous beauty. Ayun Valley is located between Kalash and Chitral Town. It’s sited at bank of Chitral River. The people of this dazzling valley are extremely hospitable, cooperating and welcoming just like the unique people of Chitral.


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