Coca Cola 2016 MENA Scholarship Pakistan

Coca Cola continues with its endeavors in promoting education amongst the talented young generation of today by announcing its MENA Scholarship Pakistan Program 2016.

Details of MENA Scholarship Pakistan 2016

The US Department of State together with Coca-Cola Company are partnering for a continuous period of 5 years in order to sponsor around 100 university students across 7 distinct countries in Asia, North Africa and Middle East. The purpose is to ensure their participation in a business program that is one month long to be held at Kelley School of Business which is a reputable venture of Indiana University. This is ranked amongst the top most US business initiatives.

List of Countries for 2016 MENA Scholarship Program

The 7 countries chosen for this year’s program include:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Jordon
  4. Morocco
  5. Egypt
  6. Palestine
  7. Tunisia

Objectives of MENA Scholarship Pakistan

The objective behind this captivating and dynamic venture is to provide a group of students belonging to different nationalities an opportunity to avail quality knowledge regarding the field of business from an enhanced prospectus. The MENA Scholarship Pakistan program is entirely sponsored that consists of travelling to US, accommodation, touring, food, visa and university fee.

Beginning of the MENA Program

The program is all set to begin in July 2016. Since this will be held in the month of Ramadan there will be no amendments in the travel dates. Moreover, the Indiana University has complete knowledge of Ramadan and has ensured that they will provide accommodations for winners of scholarship.

We are extremely grateful to US Department of State and especially Coca Cola Company for their generous endeavors in facilitating the MENA Scholarship Pakistan program for enhanced education for the young generation of 2016. This initiative will allow the youth to come together from different nations and develop and reinforce links with one another. This will in turn strengthen the efficiency of human networks.