tote-bag-pakistanProduction Facilities For Cotton Tote Bags in Pakistan

Bags are used every day to carry one thing or another and good strong bags, of the likes of cotton tote bags, can therefore come in very handy for anyone.

The trend of using cotton tote bags has increased as their production has seen a rise. Also, the fact that they are more easily available in the market now, relatively speaking. Pakistan is home to one of the biggest textile industries in the world and is a big producer of cotton tote bags.

Faisalabad, known as Pakistan’s Manchester, is home to an innumerable production facilities for cotton tote bags.

Spinning and Weaving Of Cotton to Create the Cloth for the Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton from the lush green agricultural fields of Punjab is passed through the process of spinning to create thread which is locally known as souturr. This thread is then woven to create the cloth necessary for making cotton tote bags called qora latthha in the technical language of the industry.

The term latthha is used to refer to rough quality of cloth made from cotton. While the word qorra refers to cotton cloth which is rough and tough in nature, raw, to be exact. This means that the cloth does not undergo any processing such as streamlining or pressing to make it seem smooth and plain.

Cotton tote bags Made in Pakistan are one of the best in the world because of the pure cotton used in their making. Since Pakistani cotton is renowned the world over for its high quality, that is why Pakistan made cotton tote bags are one of the best around.

A Good Idea to Keep the Tote Bag Cloth Rough and Tough

The streamlining processes are reserved for cloth used in bedsheets et cetera. The cloth used to make cotton tote bags is coarse in nature and hence the term used to describe it. One reason why that is so is that there does not arise a need to streamline cloth that is used to make bags only. Second, if it is done, it would inevitably raise the cost of the bag so produced from the smooth material.

Cotton Tote Bags Versus Cheaper Plastic Alternatives

Overtime however, cotton tote bags have taken a hit in the Pakistani market virtue of their high price. This is because of their manifold high price relative to cheap plastic bags. Therefore, buyers have shifted their focus on plastic made bags instead of cotton tote bags. However, the tote bags have not disappeared from the scene altogether, they continue to be used for other purposes for which they are much more affordable, relatively speaking.

Uses of Cotton Tote Bags in Pakistan

For Purposes of Staple Food

In Pakistan, a good use of cotton tote bags is for the sale of staple food as they are strong enough to keep a sizable quantity safe and sound inside of them. Rice, which is one of the famous crops from Pakistan, is an ideal example of the case.

Basmati Rice is sold in 5 KG, 10 KG and probably even higher quantities, packed in cotton tote bags printed with the company logo and information. If the same quantity were to be packed in plastic, there is a very high probability that the plastic would have been breached during handling.

Reusable Feature of Cotton Tote Bags

A very cool feature of cotton tote bags is that courtesy of the cotton material with which they are made, they are reusable many number of times. Better still, if any part of the cotton tote bags gets worn off, it can be stitched and fixed very easily. If it gets a stain, it can easily be washed away. In Pakistan, you can get your cotton tote bag stitched for a pittance so that is an added benefit of the bags.

Strong and Hence Long Term Service of the Tote-Bags

In contrast to this, plastic bags are neither as strong nor “fix-able” like cotton tote bags, and hence this makes the cotton tote bags very beneficial comparatively.

Virtue of their strength, cotton tote bags can serve you in the long-term. Therefore, cotton tote bags have a high cost to benefit ratio as a result of this feature. These bags can help you carry things easily for years on end, without any kind of distortion in their shape.

One disadvantage of cotton tote bags however is that courtesy of their strong built, they are expensive to make relative to plastic bags. This means that they have a higher selling price in the market as compared to plastic bags.

Therefore, companies in Pakistan that require bags to transfer their agricultural produce or medicine give priority to plastic bags instead of cotton tote bags when they are looking to save costs. This is because the plastic bags can be used in transportation and then thrown away as they have no further use.

If the companies were to buy cotton tote bags in their place however, it would cost them dearly and they would have to adjust the differences in their net income as a result.

Can Withstand Heavy Objects Weight with Ease

In addition, the cotton tote bags Made in Pakistan are very strong in their make, they can therefore withstand the load of heavy objects put into them.

Plastic bags would most probably rupture if load beyond a certain limit is put into them, so that is another good benefit of cotton tote bags.

If you are out for shopping In Pakistan such as buying grocery items, then cotton tote bags can serve your purpose very well. Even if you intend to buy in bulk for a whole week’s food consumption, cotton tote bags would be able to carry the entire load of your purchases easily. You won’t have to worry about the cotton tote bags rupturing from anywhere as their strong make would allow them to manage the load without much strain.

Printed Cotton Tote Bags Appealing To Look At

Moreover, printed cotton tote bags are very appealing to look at. They look very colorful with the different designs printed over them.

Also, they are available in both plain singular colors as well as printed with designs and they all look pleasing to the sight.

This is how cotton tote bags are printed for the companies which sell their merchandise packed in cotton tote bags in Pakistan. Rice as well as insecticide companies are good examples of this. The cotton tote bags in which their products are sold in Pakistan are printed with the company logo, with the specifications of the products inside as well as necessary information about the company.

Cheap Cotton Tote Bags

For retailers in Pakistan, cotton tote bags can come in cheap given that they buy in bulk. There is a long list of uses of cotton tote bags and so buying them in bulk can be doubly profitable.

  1. One is the cost benefit of buying them cheap from suppliers.
  2. Second is the profitability from the high demand they can fetch from customers who can derive multiple uses out of them.

So many retailers in Pakistan can make a good profit from the sale of cotton tote bags as the bags are a worthwhile purchase for anyone.

Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Interestingly, it is also possible to order custom cotton tote bags in Pakistan, which means that you can get any design for your bags that way. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to custom cotton tote bags that can be ideal for a giving a gift to a near or dear one. Even for regular personal use, it can be an innovative idea.

If you are looking for ordering custom cotton tote bags from say, a company based in Faisalabad, then it should not be much of a problem for you at all.

In fact, that is how big businesses order the cotton tote bags in Pakistan as they intend to use them for their products and so want them customized for their product range. The size of the bags as well as the design to be printed over the cotton tote bags is made by the client and sent to the company.

Therefore, it is not much of a hassle to order customized cotton tote bags as per your requirements if you have the design required to be printed on the bags ready with you beforehand.