CPEC Offers Huge Opportunity to Local Logistic Companies

by Amna Masood

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The True Strength of any Country comes from Teamwork

The growing economies of Pakistan and China are presenting logistical industries with incredible opportunities. It has revealed a staggering amount of potential for the trucking business in Pakistan. The CEO of TCS, Haris Jamali, has stated that they are cooperating with the government of Pakistan and the private sector to implement a new road infrastructure. And they aim to improve the logistical network along the CPEC to better reap the maximum benefits of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The government has finalized the framework governing the plan for improving connectivity in the area to start the logistical operations in Pakistan’s companies. These operations focus on the different regions in Central Asia and Uzbekistan. The CPEC offers an enormous economic opportunity to these companies.

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A CEO’s Response is the Face of the Company

CEO, Haris Jamali, of TCS Private Limited stated the following responses:

  • Private cargo transportation services have already been created between the country and Uzbekistan, using various private companies including TCS. That is because to make a cargo transportation successful, it must be conducted with a private company.
  • He spoke about the expansion of his courier company nationwide, also noting that its e-commerce-related growth rate which is close to 6% per year, even in a foul economic climate.
  • Further, to improve the country’s export volume, they’re working with their international partner for improved logistics in various countries. They’re also focusing on Daraz and Alibaba in both domestic and export markets.
  • He also revealed that the operating costs have risen to 50% for logistics operators. This is a result of inflated petrol prices within the country. Haris continued to state that on a local ground the reporters showed only 4% rise in prices.

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