Introduction to the Shining Personality of Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi born as Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi is also famously called Boom Boom Afridi. He came into this world in 1980 on 1st March and is a great former cricketer of Pakistan. The dashing Shahid is widely known for outrageous batting style. The cricketer belonged to Pashtuns Afridi tribe. He is in matrimony with Nadia and conceives four lovely daughters.shahid_afridi, cricketer, famous_cricketer, boom_boom_afridi

Fastest Century of Shahid Afridi

In his very first Cricket match against Sri Lanka, Afridi managed to score a century. He himself confesses that he’s a good bowler than a batsman. Keeping this quality in mind, evidence tells us that he took 350 over and 48 wickets in ODIs. In 2011, Afridi got replaced as a captain. In the following year, he presented the conditional retirement in front of the international cricket as a protest against the unfair treatment by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).

Shahid Afridi’s International Career

When he was sixteen, Shahid got drafter into ODI team as leg spinner replacement for badly injured player named Mushtaq Ahmed. At the tender age, Afridi turned out to be the youngest and energetic player who scored ODI century. After appearing as a young player on international scene, Shahid participated in three match test series in 1998 against Australia. By this time, he had played at least 66 ODIs.

In year 2001, Shahid signed contract for representing Leicestershire. He scored 95 which were the highest score from around 58 balls in semi finals of C&G Trophy for helping Leicestershire defeat Lancashire. Derbyshire cricket club hired Shahid for playing them in first 2 months of English cricket season 2003. Afridi signed contract with the English county in 2004 for playing them in 3 twenty matches along with single tote sport league entry.

Spices About the Brilliant Character

Afridi was completely banned for two ODIs and test match for intentionally destroying the pitch during three test matches against England. Camera captured him scrapping boots on pitch. Afridi therefore begged later as he was guilty on his act. Shahid announced temporary retirement in order to focus on ODIs and particularly on World Cup 2007. Afridi was also charged in 2007 for bringing game into discredit as he thrust the bat at the spectator who actually swore at Afridi after getting dismissed.

The cricketer was given four game suspensions which is considered as the least possible ban on such an offense. This meant that he won’t be able to play first two world cup matches of 2007. Afridi and PCB didn’t go for any appeal to remove the ban though they felt that punishment was extremely harsh.

Return and Retirement of Shahid Afridi

On 30th May, Afridi took conditional retirement in protest which was against the treatment of PCB. PCB suspended Shahid’s contract and fined him around $52,300 and revoked the NOC that allowed him to play Hampshire. He put forward a petition at Sindh High Court for overturning the sanctions. Afridi withdrew the petition after settling his issues outside the court and PCB reinstated Shahid’s NOC. When PCB’s contracts got renewed somewhere in August, Afridi was permitted to lapse.

In 2011, Afridi was the only player who scored half century and took five wickets in ODIs two separate events. In 2014, Shahid played for Rest of World side at Lord’s in Bicentenary Celebration match. He announced his own retirement from the ODI cricket soon after World Cup 2015 when Pakistan got defeated by Australia in quarter final and eventually lost the battle.

The Player’s Alluring Batting Style

Generally, his way of batting is attack oriented as well as ferocious. He hits multiple sixes high and long, favoring over midwicket or down the pitch. Afridi is known as an inconsistent batsman out of the bunch in cricket as his harsh style accelerates and increases the risk of being eliminated. This can be supported by the fact which tells he was capable of scoring 7000 or more ODI runs while staying under 25.

Marvelously, he’s the only cricketer in the entire world who scored 50 wickets and 1000 runs in T20 format. In Indian subcontinent, the balls shine is list quickly, our Hero prefers opening his batting at number 6 mostly.Shahid-Afridi-boom-boom

The Cricketer’s Outstanding Bowling Style

He began as fast bowler and decided to go for bowling spin. Primarily, Shahid started his cricket career as a bowler. However, after achieving highest century in ODI innings, expectations as batsman aroused with him. The player himself claims that he’s good with bowling more than batting. While he’s famous for energized batting, Afridi is also leg spinner who’s potentially great at making a blend of wicket winning balls. He bowls for spinner at an extremely high speed which results lesser turn and relies comparatively more on speed. Occasionally, he sends bouncer to some batsman that is rare for spin bowler.

6 Exciting Facts About the Renowned Shahid Afridi Which You Don’t Know

  1. Afridi reached 7000 runs in about 316 innings which was slowest among 34 batsmen having more than 7000 ODI runs.
  2. His batting average “23.31” is worst among 87 batsmen owing 4000 above ODI runs.
  3. He yielded 12363 ODI runs. Seven bowlers accomplished more wickets than Shahid by making less runs.
  4. Out of 22 bowlers, who took 250 and more ODI wickets, Shahid’s average bowling was second worse at 33.68.
  5. Afridi’s average ODI bowling versus test teams is 38.09 whereas SR remains 48.4.
  6. Shahid went out on the ODI Duck at least 29 times, 2nd most in the one day international.