dawn_newspaper, daily_dawn, dawn_english_paper_dailyPakistan’s English Newspaper Daily Dawn

There is a huge circulation of newspapers in Pakistan as there is a huge demand from people wishing to read about the latest happenings in and out of Pakistan.

The advent of the huge number of news channels in Pakistan however has eclipsed the print media. This is because of the speed with which news is broken on electronic media as compared to print media. However, Pakistani newspapers continue to be circulated in the market as many people have made a habit out of reading them.

Daily Dawn is The Highest Rated English Language Daily

Daily DAWN is considered to be the best English Language Daily of Pakistan in spite of facing tough competition. There is no other newspaper in the country that can be considered to be better in terms of professionalism than Daily DAWN. This has to do with consistent hard work put into the paper by the management to ensure that the quality standards of reporting are not compromised under any circumstances.

The Founding of Daily Dawn

Daily Dawn is an English Language Daily published from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan. The need for the newspaper was out of necessity at the time of the Pakistan Movement.

The newspaper was founded by none other than the late founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to act as a spokesperson for his Muslim League.

The first print of Daily Dawn was published from Delhi back on 12 October 1942. The Pakistani newspaper has been publishing its news ever since.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah the Owner of Daily Dawn

At the time, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the sole owner of Daily Dawn and he ensured that it helped reverberate the voice of Muslim League in British India.

Daily Dawn was to act as the media cell of Pakistan Muslim League to help it in its cause of creating the State of Pakistan.

After Daily Dawn was established, it was the only newspaper of the time that was owned and published under the control of Muslims. Therefore, Daily Dawn under the tutelage of Quaid-e-Azam, gave the Muslims a voice that could be heard very strongly left, right, and center in British ruled India.

Founding Staff of Daily Dawn

daily_dawn_newspaper, dawn_english_newspaper, dawn_news_PakistanInterestingly, Pothan Joseph was the first ever editor-in-chief of Daily Dawn who later resigned from the post. The reason for him quitting the Daily was its support for the cause of the creation of Pakistan!

After his resignation, Altaf Hussain was appointed in his place who served in his capacity as the editor until the ultimate creation of Pakistan in 1947.

Daily Dawn Moves to Its New Offices

In 1947, the offices and senior officers of Daily Dawn shifted from Delhi to their new headquarters in Karachi, then capital of Pakistan. As of today, Daily Dawn is owned by the Dawn Group of newspapers which is the second largest media group in the country. Dawn is the flagship publication of this group. The current CEO of Daily Dawn is Hameed Haroon and its current editor is Zaffar Abbas.

Daily Dawn Inks Agreement with WikiLeaks

In May of 2011, Daily Dawn inked a contract with WikiLeaks that the newspaper would be the first media outlet in Pakistan to publish US secret diplomatic cables relating to Pakistan.

This agreement was made public by Daily Dawn in its daily publications and was something very interesting and intriguing for its readership.

Whenever any of the secret diplomatic cable were made public by Daily Dawn, they created quite a stir within the readers. This is because they delved on information that was hidden from the public eye until that time.

Daily Dawn Official Website

Daily Dawn now also maintains its official website over the World Wide Web with the domain dawn.com. Amongst other features, this website also offers a free e-paper for its eager readers to read even if they are based outside of Pakistan.