Dananeer, The ‘Pawri Girl’, Neer, Skincare Brand,

Dananeer, who got success after her casually-made video ‘Pawri’ went viral around the globe, recently started a new business venture! Dananeer launches ‘Neer’ on her birthday, 27th December 2021. The brand was launched digitally so, presently, customers can buy the products through the website https://neerbydananeer.com/, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb7PYE5jrgR/ or through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/neerbydananeer/

In an interview, Dananeer revealed that this brand emerged after a struggle of two years. She explained that each product for ‘Neer’ has been first personally tested by her. Moreover, she added that the entire packaging and labeling of products were also done by her exclusively.

The brand is paraben-free, which means that the products are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Plus, the ingredients are organic; for instance, the ‘Neer Skin Hydrator’ contains Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Citral – all are natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

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The skincare section of ‘Neer’ intends to make the skin fresh and younger-looking. This range includes products like Bulgarian rose toner, hyaluronic serum, witch hazel facial spray, and skin hydrator serum. Moving ahead, the haircare section is designed to induce healthy hair growth and make hair frizz free. The range includes scalp rejuvenator hair oil, and organic treatment oil.

Overall, the products fall in an affordable price range making it convenient to buy them again. Also, there is a 30 day return policy for the customers in case they are not satisfied with the product, which is an appreciable move by the brand. We hope to see ‘Neer’ by Dananeer excelling further, gaining momentum and bringing newer organic products for its clients. Do browse through the ‘Neer’ products on their online catalog. Happy shopping!

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