It seems that someone has just landed here to start a game changing journey in the world of digital marketing. Well, firstly, we welcome you for taking a huge step. And secondly, your motives are acclaimed as you are moving in the right direction. In general, people tend to think that marketing is all about reaching the audience and sharing the voice of your company. In relation to the products and services offered by placing ads on blogs and videos.

This misconception is obsolete and the trending strategies have become quite advanced in terms of identifying the audience. Gaining their attention, developing their interest and turning them into potential consumers. All this happens through a series of steps and skills. Which can either be learned through peers, experience and the official certification offered by renowned organizations and institutions. At the outset, you may find it hard to differentiate the most authentic and reliable certifications from the usual ones as the internet is filled with content. But, we are referring to the magnetic content that people love to visit as well as recommend. Therefore, we carried out a comprehensive research on multiple companies. Advertising different positions related to digital marketing and we analyzed their selection criteria.

Digital Marketing Certifications

The intent behind this research was identifying the most in-demand certification for successful digital marketing of your brand. Congratulations as our analysis has revealed the top 10 must have digital marketing certifications that will take your brand to the top. Likewise, these certifications would also make you stand high compared to other job seekers in the market. Good luck and here you go.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit CertificationSEO Certification

If you are just starting your business and looking for opportunities to learn without investing any money at the start, let us make it more interesting for you. If you think that everything comes with a price, well there is some cool stuff waiting for you. The best part is that the cost is your time, space and energy. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course is the first free course in our list that is a must and an in demand course for you to learn some useful tips within a few hours. The total duration of the course is around three hours.

However, your dedication to these three hours would simply turn your fortunes. Firstly, the course will give you an awareness regarding the mechanism through which any search engine operates. Afterwards, you will learn the art of exploring short tailed and long tailed keywords, be they informational or commercial. Moving onwards, the course will help you to integrate the primary and secondary keywords within the description of your products and services so that a search engine can optimize your content among the other competitors. After passing this course, you will be able to measure metrics and build campaigns. Thus the course has much to offer for free. Green signal for you.

Google Ads CertificationGoogle Ads Certification

You probably would have realized the manner in which google has broadened the nature of its services to become the top search engine in the market. If you are still unsure, just click on google apps on the top right corner of your tab. You will get an array of unprecedented services including Google Ads. You are getting it right as our next top certification is related to Google Adword. There are multiple certifications provided by Google Ads and the best part is that all of these are available for free. All you require is a learning heart and the passion to create and maintain your presence in the digital world. After completing these certifications, you would be able to anticipate and determine what people are searching online so that you can build some effective campaigns for lead generation and particularly targeting your consumers.

Moving onwards, you will learn the effective display strategies creating an accessible document design for running successful campaigns. Likewise, the certified individuals are able to master effective storytelling and narrative construction keeping the benefits of a brand as the underlying theme. Resultantly, the video ads are much more influential in creating a call to action and thus helping an organization in achieving the marketing goals.That is not all as you will also learn to create and optimize shopping campaigns for successful conversion rate compared with traditional marketing approaches. Lastly, you will be able to understand and interpret metrics which matter the most leading towards the key insights that would turn your marketing campaign into a success story.

Google Analytics CertificationGoogle Analytics Certification

Your digital marketing journey has started and you have started publishing blogs related to your products and services on a regular basis. Thumbs up for you. However, you have to keep a close eye on the metrics and the organic traffic that you receive on your web pages. This is where you need to master the next course offered by google. Google Analytics certification will provide all the essentials of monitoring the web traffic landing on your digital platform.

You will be able to critically analyze the topics, products and services that are mostly catching the attention of your visitors. Resultantly, you can expand the scope of your services to provide an easy access to all the content being searched by your digital consumers. The course will give a big boost to your sales and in-bound marketing strategies for retaining your dedicated customers and attaining the interest of new visitors to avail your services.

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Facebook BluePrint Marketing CertificationFacebook BluePrint Marketing Certification

You will certainly call one a martian without a facebook account. Even kids add a fake adult age for the sake of creating their facebook ID. And to stay connected with their friends through virtual groups and commercial pages. Resultantly, the forum is being utilized for attaining the learning outcomes of different theoretical courses. So, if you are a regular user of facebook, you probably would have observed the ads appearing on different columns and tabs. This is because of the versatility of the audience that you can find at one place eradicating all the geographical barriers.

Resultantly, companies are heavily investing on facebook pages and groups to promote their brand. And the good news is that you can do the same. The forum offers two unique certifications. If you are good at planning successful campaigns, targeting the right audience for maximum reach. Then you can be a Facebook Certified Planning Professional to take your game to the next level. Moving onwards, if you can create compelling facebook ads alongside managing the pages effectively. Then you can become a Facebook Certified Buying Professional. These certifications would upgrade your marketing campaigns. And help you target the right people at the right time using the most influential tools provided by the digital forum.

HubSpot Content Marketing CertificationHubSpot Content Marketing Certification

There is one important ingredient needed for your effective content marketing strategy. We can neither forget nor ignore the content read by your potential consumers. In today’s world, strong content marketing and communications skills are pivotal to create a voice of your company. The search engines will not be able to rank your web content compared to the other products and service providers. HubSpot Content Marketing Course is a must for you to have all the essentials of being a successful content marketing writer.

The total duration of the course is eight hours divided into fourteen lessons. However, these 8 hours, if divided into segments for detailed study, would become a game changer for you and your organization. The course will teach you all the basics of content marketing. Such as content promotion, content repurposing, content creation framework, content ideation, and storytelling. All these skills, when applied altogether, craft an engaging identity of your brand. Which would turn all your visitors into your regular customers. The course is highly recommended for those individuals who are looking forward to starting their new blogs. And to those who wish to promote their brand through guest blogging.

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Youtube Video Marketing CertificationYoutube Video Marketing Certification

Everday in between your routine tasks, you take out your smart phone and search for your favorite video on Youtube. However, you are bound to watch some in-video content before being directed to the actual content. And sometimes, you actually forget about the content that you clicked due to the power of video marketing. Youtube has also identified the significance of these in-video advertisements and offer a Video Marketing Certification. The course has been selected for the list of in-demand courses. As it offers the art of creating an effective video advertisement that can become a Youtube video. Youtube provides courses such as channel growth, asset monetization and content ownership. So that you can successfully transform your general visitors into potential buyers.

HubSpot In-bound Marketing CertificationHubSpot In-bound Marketing Certification

In-bound Marketing is quite essential to attract visitors, converting them into leads and lastly to become your dedicated customers who would also promote your content. If you want to learn the art, then HubSpot provides an In-bound Marketing Certification just for you. The course has the maximum duration of five hours but these eleven classes will help you maximize your leads, nurturing them to become your promoters and spreading the message among their social circles. In this course, you will learn the basics of content creation, social promotion and lead generation so that the delighted customers would spread the word to other potential consumers.

HubSpot Email Marketing CertificationHubSpot Email Marketing Certification

One thing that is essential to any marketing strategy is to maintain the quality of being human while presenting your message to your potential consumers. Email is one such medium of interaction that can drive emotions and feelings if used effectively. That is the reason, investors are willing to pay galore for the Email Marketing of their products and services. Imagine yourself being hired for filling a position to manage Email Marketing. You can turn this dream into a reality by completing the free Email Marketing Certification offered by HubSpot. The course teaches you the art of creating a strong and winning email marketing strategy. Furthermore, you will also learn the basics of managing your contacts and handling their responses. To grow their interest even further. Resultantly, this free course will help you master the skill of adding value to your followers.

Hootsuite Academy Marketing CertificationHootsuite Academy Marketing Certification

The above courses are a good start to give you the basics. And set you up for a successful career in the domain of digital marketing. However, if you want to take your skills to the next level then you need to subscribe to Hootsuite. It is a renowned social media management system. The forum will provide a great deal of lessons for you to test your previous skills and learn the new ones. For example you can use the console to identify the weaknesses of your applied digital marketing strategies and learn from the errors. Furthermore, you can take on the certification based on a course of fifteen lessons and assessments. Then you have to take an online exam. Which on passing will make you earn a never expiring badge as an indicator of your success.

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OMCP Digital Marketing CertificationOMCP Digital Marketing Certification

Our last package is quite advanced but with the before mentioned certification, it will not be a big deal for you to manage. Online Marketing Certified Professional Certification is quite demanding from an individual. However, it offers immediate success in terms of your digital marketing career. OMCP fundamentally concentrates on your past experience before rewarding you with a certificate of completion. Moving onwards, this experience would be handy to pass the complex examination that you have to go through.

In case, you are wondering what this course requires as a prerequisite. You need to be certified in a digital marketing course with a minimum experience of one thousand hours. Also a post secondary degree with two thousand hours experience. The course in itself teaches you the pros and cons of content marketing. Lead generation, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. This is the reason it is an inclusive package.