Dosteen and Shireen is probably the oldest romantic folk tale of Baluchistan.

The Capture of Dosteen

It was a time when the Tataries were destroying the areas where Baluchi Rind tribes lived. Amongst the tribes, Dosteen was the bravest and he was engaged to the beautiful Shireen, who was the daughter of Mard Lal Khan. The marriage of Dosteen and Shireen was to take place soon, but the tataries attacked them by surprise. They could barely defend themselves; so most of their wealth was robbed; many Baluchis were captured; among them was Dosteen. He was taken far away and kept in a small and dark cell within a fort, where he spent several years.  

Waiting for Dosteen to Return

Shireen and her parents had been waiting all this time for his return, but after such a long time had passed they sadly thought that they must have killed him. Eventually a proposal was sent for her from another tribe which her parents accepted. Shireen was not happy, but was bound by the traditions.

Dosteen Impresses the Governor

Far away…Dosteen could only think of Shireen. By chance one day the Governor of that area saw him and was very impressed by his personality. So he appointed him the Sayees of the Royal Horses. He worked under senior sayees and was given two horses. They were very happy with his work, so one of his companions was released from prison and put under his supervision.

Dosteen Finally Escapes

Soon it was Eid, and according to custom a horse race was to take place. The King had heard about Dosteen, so he ordered that Dosteen and his trainee would participate in the race as well. The race began and they rode so swiftly that soon were out of sight. The King wanted them to be found and brought back. But no one was successful in capturing them. The two riders safely reached their home after a long ride.

Dosteen and Shireen get Married

After so many years they were finally free. Dosteen anxiously wanted to find out about Shireen. On their way they came across a sad looking Sheppard, who was sitting alone. Dosteen enquired the reason. He told him that years ago his elder brother had been taken prisoner, and now his betrothed was being married to someone else. Upon hearing this Dosteen recognized his brother and embraced him joyously. Then he went to Shireen’s house where the wedding preparations were in full swing. An area was reserved for poets. Dosteen took a place, and when it was his turn he asked for some musical instruments. As he started to sing, the crowd was mesmerized, whereas Shireen immediately recognized his voice and was ecstatic. When the people also came to know that he was indeed Dosteen, they were all overjoyed.  The bridegroom to be, embraced Dosteen and told him that Shireen belonged to him and they both should get married. This was agreed by all, and some days later the long awaited marriage between Dosteen and Shireen was held.


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