Pakistani Doctors, Amjad Saqib, Nobel Peace Prize 2022

This is the third time a Pakistani citizen is in the nominations for the award following Abdus Salam and Malala Yousafzai.

Dr. Amjad Saqib is a civil servant and the mastermind behind Akhuwat, an interest-free microfinance program. He started Akhwat in 2001 and today the organization has helped 5 million homes in Pakistan. Aside from providing interest-free loans, he has also created several other projects such as Akhuwat College for Women.

Female students from all over the country live there and pursue their career in a variety of fields. Aside from this he created Akhuwat College University where students who can’t afford higher education get a chance to study further. Akhuwat also handles financial support, health care and several other projects under its name. He has nine books under his belt and various honors and awards.

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Dr. Amjad Saqib has been described as a social entrepreneur, for his contributions and he also won the Ramon Magsaysay Award. The Nobel Peace Prize Nomination is a huge milestone in his life. In 2022 Nobel Peace Prize had a total of 343 nominations.

Speaking about his nomination, Dr. Amjad mentioned that he does his services not for the awards but for the sake of Allah Almighty. He also maintains that a foreign official might have recommended his name for the award as he was not aware of any nomination process.

Reminiscing on his journey in an interview Dr. Amjad once said that in 2001 he only had 100 dollars in his pocket which he turned into 10 million dollars in 16 years. He wishes to retire from civil services and wants to spend the rest of his life removing poverty from the country.

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