The Balochi language is a Persian language belonging to the Indo-Aryan language group. It is spoken by more than 10 million people in the Balochistan province of Pakistan but not a single school in the Balochistan province has a sign language interpreter. Moreover It is estimated quarter of the deaf population lives in the Balochistan province.

Dr. Mahwish Sharif

Dr. Mahwish Sharif, Deaf Doctor, Balochistan

Dr. Mahwish Sharif is a pioneer deaf doctor. Similarly She is one of the first doctors in Balochistan, Hence Pakistan who is providing free medical services to the deaf and deaf-blind patients. Furthermore The first deaf doctor in Pakistan was appointed for Balochistan Provincial Assembly in 1972. She was appointed after winning an international competition, organised by the (IAD) for the promotion of deaf people.
Dr. Mahwish is now retired. She served as the chief executive of the NIRMS. Moreover As a professor of Community Medicine in 2008 and served as Director General NIRMS. Dr Mahwish is also the founder of the Balochistan Association of the Deaf.

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Dr. Mahwish was born in Iran in 1976. She got her BSc in Medicine and Surgery from SBUMS in 2009. After she finished her studies, she worked in Deaf Rehabilitation Center in Tehran. She moved to Pakistan in 2013 and started her career as a Deaf Physician in Balochistan. And is now working in Khairpur General Hospital and teaching at BUMS. furthermore, Dr. Mahwish speaks both Persian and English languages .

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In 2014, she participated in Conference on Disability Issues held in Washington DC. During this, Dr. Mahwish also received award for her presentation .
Dr. Mahwish attended the IDEAL Summit in San Francisco in 2015 and 2017. She participated in several conferences and workshops . Dr. Mahwish also presented her research paper in the conference of European Association .